Friday, August 01, 2014

August has Blown in

The year continues to march forward at such a rapid pace and things that I thought I wanted to do have been put to the back burner like playing poker and gambling at real money USA casinos.

I mean, it seems like just yesterday but I guess it was really closer to 2 months ago that I was all excited about getting back into poker (and craps) and I think that lasted all of 5 sessions before the real world bore down on me with its demands and expectations.  A wife, a kid and another on the way have all eaten into my free time more than truly expected.

I have plans, most of them unfulfilled.   Why, this past Tuesday was the PS4 release of The Last of Us and my whole goal was to pick it up and spend my two days off playing it.
Tuesday ended up with a trip to Wet n Wild, taking the kids and some of their friends along as a pre-birthday celebration.  A fun time was had by all (well, except for me because I have always hated pools).  The day was a success and I'm happy it happened.
Wednesday I started to play some of TLoU but then my 8 year old wanted to watch me play.  He can't really handle horror movies and as such I think this game is going to be too intense for him.  Plus, when he watches he thinks we should be taking turns so any time that I die he thinks he should try and I'm not willing to allow that to happen with a majority of the games that I play until he gets a little older.

However, on that same front - we have begun playing Injustice because it was put on sale on PS+ for $8.40 at one point and even though I generally don't get into fighting games that's a price that I'm willing to spend.

Next week we are leaving for California for 5 or so days and this is going to be relaxation time for papa grrouch.  We will be bringing along my wife's brother and his kid plus her sisters kid and taking the 3 of them to Disney for one day.  I feel like we'll spend about 8 grand on that trip and there is where all my poker money will have went to.  But, the rest of the time we will do a little shopping, a little sight seeing and most importantly a little beach time.  While I hate pools I absolutely love the beach.
Hopefully my sunburn from Wet n Wild will have went away by then so I'm not doubling up on the pain.

In other news I'm trying to increase my activity levels as my goal, once August 10th hits, will be to beat my step total every single day for a year (as calculated by my Fitbit).  I've also gone into a weekly competition with a guy from work who just got a Fitbit as well.  We said something minor each week so it will probably be something like the loser buys the winner a Mountain Dew.  I'll be requesting a Super Big Gulp of the Solar Flare from 7-11 which, while delicious, doesn't actually taste like a soda at all.  It tastes like fruit punch just whoring off the Mt Dew name.

And one final thought - it's almost time for football season to begin and as such I'm going to be starting a Pick-Em league made up of co-workers and friends across the states.  This will most likely be $20 to enter and I'm pretty much going to be copying Lucki Ducks format because that was pretty damn fun.
No MoJo's allowed :)

If anyone is interested please email me or post a message.  I am going to have everything set up by the end of August so we can begin week 1.