Monday, January 27, 2014

another evening comes to an end.

Winding down at the end of the day and attempting to pound ths post out on my galaxy tablet.  The logical thing would be for me to just tote my computer between my two houses and use it as I need but I just don't like the idea of transporting it around.

This is a short term dillema though because my mom has grown tired of her computer and is upgrading to a newer one which means I will inherit her old one to do with as I please.  Then I will have one at each house until my living arrangement changes permanently in 88 days.  Of course I still have delusions of fixing my previous computer and getting it functional but that will probably never come to pass.

Today was my first real day back to work after a week off.  I did have to work an overnight in the middle but working without customers and other employees distracting you really isn't work.  Today was also a short day because I had to take my love to the dentist and pick her up as well.  She was getting some dental surgery where they had to grind down some of her jaw bone to alleviate some infection and luckily they put her under for that.  She has been sleeping since.  I did wake her up so that she could take her medicines and then she turned the tv on and promptly fell right back to sleep.

To keep myself entertained I have been playing some video games with the kid. He has mostly been playing WWE 13 and I have played a bit of Duck Tales on the Wii U.  I tried to play some wrestling with him but I just can't get into the game. Just no fun for me.
So, for the time being I'm sticking to Mario and other actual fun games.  I did bring a ps3 over and hooked it up in the game room so while the kid is playing games I can play on the Wii U game pad without the need for a second tv.  The second tv will come in due time though so that I am not forced to play just the Wii U.  I'm quite sure that I can only take so much Mario before I want to play something more mature like GTA or Borderlands.

 This took a lot longer to type than I'd like but by the end my speed picked up.  I'll do a quick proofread and then read another chapter of Doctor Sleep before I get some sleep of my own.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

For Josie

I don't do this often but everyone who reads here please follow the link.
I'm pretty sure that all my readers are a small cross segment who ended up here because of somewhere else that has already posted the same link, but just in case I can send one person that way who wouldn't have normally found it....

thanks from the bottom of my grrouchie heart

(also, because this is my 2nd post today - a link to my first for those who might have missed it)

Post Wedding Hangover

No, not my own.

Last night I got to witness one of my best friends get married to someone who is actually perfect for him.
This whole week I have spent meeting a bunch of his and her family and doing fun things with people.  I actually played poker several times and my last session mostly made up for the first few sessions where I pissed money away like I didn't know what I was doing.

I actually won a little at craps as well.

Tonight is Sushi for 9 and i'm looking forward to it. What I am not looking forward to is working my overnight after dinner. But at least I'll have off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is a selfie taken after the wedding while I'm taking a leak.  I'm not sure why but I just felt like this was the appropriate time to do it.

Also, after seeing how I looked in the tux I'm pretty happy with my current weight and look.  I'd still like to be closer to 200 by the time I do my own wedding but in all honesty it's not that big of a deal.
Once I get a few pics of myself I'll post a side by side of how I looked at the last wedding I attended and everyone can make fun of the size difference.

Also, the other night we ended up going to the Minus 5 Bar at Mandalay Bay and while the bar was cool I do have a major bitch to type up about my time there.  I'll probably get around to hammering that out within the next week, I'm just not in the mood to do it today though.
Maybe, depending on my level of boredom, I'll get a chance to do that during my overnight shift later this evening.  For the most part I'm just a warm body at the store because an outside crew is coming in to do several resets and they can't be left alone in the building.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Splitting my Time

As time draws on I've been spending more and more time with my fiance an child.
She has a "we do not live together until we are married" clause that is getting harder and harder to actually adhere to.  It went from spending one night every couple of weeks to now where I'm there for at least half the month.  I guess as long as most of my stuff is still at my house and I go there when our shifts are completely opposite then it doesn't count as living together yet heh.

But, that is what is happening.  The other day I set up a TV and my WiiU in the spare room so that some video games could be played.  I don't own a whole lot for the system but it's about the quality of game, not the quantity.  So, last night we started playing New Super Mario Bros U which is pretty fun so far.
It's your typical Super Mario Side Scrolling Platformer and you can't go wrong with that formula.  There are new suits to wear and Bowser is up to his usual no good, and the graphics are simply amazing.
The only downfall is that I'm going to be the one doing almost all of the level beating as my child is just awful at video games.  I know he wants to play with me (and pretty much only plays when someone else is playing with him) and so we use it to spend quality time together.  Well, that is until he gets too frustrated and we have to take a pause before he self destructs and starts ruining controllers.

I also picked up Dynasty Warriors for it off of Gamefly because I figure that it will be a simple hack and slash game that isn't too complicated for him to pick up and play.  Also probably going to look into getting a lego game or two for the system as well.  I'd like to keep him mostly to the WiiU and some of the older consoles instead of him playing on the new systems but we will see how that works out in the long run.

Today, finally, I ordered the wedding invitations.  They should hopefully be in the mail soon and then the ever so fun task of writing everyone's address on the envelope and making it look legible starts.  I suggested we just hand them out at the wedding when people arrive but she wasn't down with that idea.  Saves on postage is not a good enough argument it seems.

I close tonight and tomorrow and as such I ended up sleeping in my own bed, which really kinda sucks to be honest.  However, I played some Diablo 3 before bed and before work.  I'm pretty sure that I'll hit close to 200 hours at least on this game before I finally give it up.

Monday, January 06, 2014


Today I downloaded an app for the sole purpose of having a countdown on my phone screen for days until my wedding.

Wednesday the future Mrs Grrouch and I will be going over the invitation and finalizing the wording and getting them ordered, hopefully.  I'm not an expert on these types of things but I'm pretty sure that we should probably be getting the invitations in the mail at this point instead of just getting them ordered, but it didn't work out that way.

The good news is that our wedding is made up of people we can pretty much guarantee are coming to it.  Mostly family with a few friends mixed in.  I only had one person on my list that I was not sure of if they could make it or not and the other day I got the rejection notice (but not because I'm not awesome and because they don't love me but because of family illness reasons)

Speaking of which, I kind of expected to receive the info that he was not going to be able to make it but even with the expectation it didn't help to cushion the blow when I actually read it.

I've kept very few friends over the course of my life and it depresses me a bit to know that one of them is not going to be able to make it.  I'm sure I'll live and get over it and I'll make sure to send him and his wife a nice care package even though they can't be there - but it's still kinda a drag.

So in one oh nine days I'll be getting ready for the biggest event of my life and it's pretty exciting.  The whole family thing really has me happy and looking forward to living another 40 or so years.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

2014 New Years Revolutions

2013 ended up being a great year for myself but 2014 is poised to be the best one ever.
Last year I proposed to the love of my life and in just 113 days we will be married and a few days after that we will be in beautiful Hawaii.

The beginning of every year is full of people making lists of things that they want to do to better themselves and then a few days later most of those lists are forgotten and ignored.

So, it's time for my annual New Years REVOLUTIONS (and I'm kind of annoyed this terminology was stolen by a crappy commercial).

1 - Continue to lose weight and get into shape for my wedding photos and walks across the beach nearly naked in Hawaii.   I really want to look good in my photos for my fiance so that she can look back on them fondly and realize what a catch I was "back then."  Come March will mark 2 years that I have been on my "get healthier" quest and at that point I should be down One Third of what my weight was at the time.  That is pretty f'n impressive and the fact that I have done everything in a slow controlled manner to ensure that I do not put the weight back on is the greatest part of all.

2 - Play more Video Games.  No specific goal but here at the end of the year I have found myself putting some serious hours into some games that I really love and I want to continue because this is one of my favorite past times.  I've broken the 100 hour mark in Diablo 3 and I plan on breaking that mark in Skyrim as well.

3 - Beat a video game for every system I own.  This one gets to be more challenging as I keep adding new systems to my collection.  I'll also want to make a separate post about this one in particular at a later date so that I can detail what systems I am including in this and what games in particular I am looking to play and beat on each of those systems.  Now that the PS4 and Xbox One are out (and the fact that I want to pick up a PS Vita) it becomes a more daunting task but one that I feel I am up for.  The only problem is finding time to actually get some gaming in especially when I no longer have "free time" and am living with my new family.  It will be tricky but I'm sure I'll find something that works.

4 - Become a Crock-Pot Master.  I'm not sure how this popped into my head or why it has stayed there but for some weird reason I want to learn to make some good tasty stuff via the crock-pot once I am living with my new family.  I've never been much of a cook and I'm a big fan of making something quick and easy when my belly tells my brain that it's hungry.  So, this is going to take patience and dedication to plan ahead and actually prepare things.  The crock-pot is a nice way to do it too because you just throw the ingredients in and set the heat and timer and just let it go until it's ready.  Not a whole lot of tending to the garden if you know what I mean.

5 - Be an amazing father and help further the development of the son I am marrying into.

6 - Figure out ways to spend less money - Budget - etc.  The wedding is going to take a while to pay off but it's all going to be worth it in the long run.  After that there is saving up for college and retirement and other big scary things that life throws at you.

7 - Read at least one book every 3 months.  I want to say one book per month but I know me and I know that it just is not going to happen.  I could read like 8 books in the first 3 months and then next thing you know I just ignore books for the rest of the year.  This is what happened either this year or last year.  However, having received Doctor Sleep for Xmas I really want to dig into it.  I also want to read the last Dark Tower book that came out, The Wind Through the Keyhole.

8 - Get really fucking shit face wasted at least 4 times this year.

9 - Do #8 but preferably not alone :)

10 - Make more time for quiet self reflection so that life doesn't overwhelm me and I ignore the little things.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Santa is an Asshole

The few months leading up to this incident were filled with turmoil.
There was a lot of getting in trouble in school.
There was a lot of fighting with other kids and back talking the teachers.

So, I was planning a little "lesson" to be learned for Xmas in the form of Coal.
Yes, we have all heard the old stories about bad kids who get coal for Xmas but I've only ever known of one incident where someone received some and that was back when I was just a wee lad.  

So, my plan was to get my boy some of the stuff that he wanted but to make sure that the first thing he opened up was his coal from Santa.

Knowing that the only thing he really cares for right now is Wrestling in any form myself and my parents bought him exactly what he had been asking for over the past few months.
We had him two wrestling rings and one of them folded up to be a briefcase representing The Money in The Bank which he absolutely loves.

I put a lot of thought into getting him the gifts and made sure to get him a bunch of his favorite wrestlers as well.

So, the week before Xmas he starts telling me that his sperm donor was going to be buying him The Money in the Bank.  He told me he was going to ask him to get it for him.
I explained to him that he had already asked me and my parents for it and he should just be patient and see what he is getting and he agree'd, initially.

Then, two days before he told me once again that he was going to ask his sperm donor for it.  I explained to him that it was very rude to ask me and my family to get him a gift and then at the last minute asking someone else to buy him the exact same thing.  He needed to just wait and see if he got what he wanted and if not then he could hit up his sperm donor for it instead.

So, quite to my annoyance, the day before we are doing Xmas at my house his waste of life old man picks him up and takes him to Toys-R-Us where he buys him the wrestling ring and multiple wrestlers, completely ruining the gift that I had been working on over the past few months.

The good news is that everything my parents and I had bought for Xmas ended up getting donated to the Air Force base so that some other kids who might appreciate it ended up getting something good and cool for the holidays.

The bad news is this left us without a whole lot to actually give him.  Xmas at my house consisted of him getting a Deadpool T-shirt from me and a few other shirts from my parents.

The next day, Xmas Eve, they always do their Xmas at her parents house.  This is when Santa's present made its way to his hands.  My mom asked that I get video footage of it so she could see his reaction.

After the video ended he stormed outside where his mom followed him to talk to him.
She explained to him that bad boys who start fights and keep getting in trouble in school are not going to get toys from Santa but are going to get Coal instead and this is what happened to him.
His response: "Santa is an Asshole"

happy new year

Happy new year all.

May 2014 rock better than 13