Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Fish Strikes Gold

Since my last poker report I have played twice.

The first trip was one of those where I over played a hand while running into a monster to lose more than I should have and the rest of the night consisted of me either folding pre-flop or folding on the flop.
My percentage of turns and rivers seen was under 5% I'd say because my starting hand selection sucked and when I did see a flop I missed everything and there was action back to me.
Whatever, sessions like that happen.
End result, I lost $178.
This brought my Sock-Roll down to $277 - under 2 buy-ins.

Last nights session originated because I wasn't tired when I got out of work at 10:30 pm.  So, I decided to drive down and hit up a game.  I nearly stopped at the Santa Fe Station because it is the first casino I pass on my way towards the strip but I decided that playing on a Tuesday night in a room with only 1 1-2 No Limit game running with local nits was probably not the best idea.
My mind was not made up where I would end up because I was thinking about Bally's again (but those back to back losing sessions was plaguing my head a bit) or maybe The Mirage or Planet Hollywood.  There is just something about Bally's that I really like that keeps pulling me back in, mostly it's the dealers.
I still hate the new location of the room and I miss the old location. This sentiment was also reflected by a few others at the table last night.
Whatever, you deal with it and play cards or you go to another room.  I like Bally's and as such this is where I end up most of the time when I go out.

While at the table a conversation was brought up over whether or not people thought that Planet Hollywood was involved in any cheating.

Back in 2009 Planet Hollywood was in the news because some of the supervisors were fixing high hand jackpots just to get a little extra scratch in their pockets.  Because that tarnish exists in peoples minds it is a bit hard to shake the idea that they could be up to their old tricks again (even though the entire floor has changed since those past incidents).  For those not aware of what I am referring to, Caesars Entertainment this year established a Bad Beat Jackpot for all of their Las Vegas rooms (which got rid of High Hands) and it has been hit 3 times so far.  Every single time it was hit at Planet Hollywood.  Some people don't like how the percentages work out for something like this to occur at the same room every single time.  I, however, am of the opinion that it's just a fluke.  Lets see if they can take the 4th one as well or if that goes to another room.
Fact of the matter is, when dealing with sums of money this large there is going to be a lot of scrutiny every single time that the BBJ is hit.  When one room hits multiple in a row I feel certain that they look into it and go over all the camera angles to make sure that there was no foul play involved.
In all of my time playing poker I have only ever seen one hand that would even qualify for a BBJ - this adds nothing to the discussion, I just wanted to make that statement.

A floor person last night pointed out that Planet Hollywood has games that are more akin to people hitting jackpots and that is why, he reasons, that they have hit the first three.  Players over there are more aggro and play a lot more loosely and as such you'll have more people all in early on draws that could possibly hit.  He does make a very good point because the games in that room are very swingy at times and I have noticed a high amount of variance when I put time into the room.  I could easily see people getting all their money in with a set vs a straight flush draw based on the aggro nature of the room.
I'm just hoping that the next time it hits I happen to be sitting at Bally's getting my players share (which is currently over $4,000).
Of course, I'd love to be the "loser" who nets over $100k or the winner taking in a measly $50k as well, but I'm perfectly content with just taking the players share and calling it a day.

My time at the table started with an amazing run of cards.  By that I mean that my cards were mostly crap, every hand was raised pre-flop before me and I folded every single time like I have been trained to do instead of playing like a Fish which I call myself anyways.
In my 1st 4 hands I would have tripled up my starting stack (at the minimum) if I were to have seen those 4 flops.  I would have hit 2 pair against two Top Pairs who duke'd it out for a good sized pot.  I would have turned a flush which would have brought home even greater rewards.  I would have had trips and I believe another 2 pair.  Every pot was contested and they were all somewhere in the range of $100-$200 by the time showdown hit.   Oh, I was drooling to hit a hand so that I could get paid off.

The table was pretty interesting because while there was money flying around there were definitely thinking players sitting.  There were well timed raises and a lot of the pots were played above the fish mentality.
With this in mind I got involved in less pots and I picked my spots wisely.  I also tried to play into the thinking players hands to get them to commit chips trying to steal pots on scary boards.  For the most part this worked, but there was an instance or two where they caught up or were ahead anyways.  But, those pots were smaller than the times that I won.

While this was a very successful night for myself there were some hands where I struggled to know what the right play was or if I should have thrown in a value bet instead of checking the river.
While I thought I was good I wasn't happy with the fact that I could have faced a raise from some of these guys that would make me have to consider laying down my holdings.  Also, playing on a limited Sock-Roll plays into me taking the safe way out as well.

For instance, last real hand of the evening for me.  I have TJspades and am in late position.
I limp and we take the flop 4 handed.

Flop comes out KQ3 with 2 diamonds.  It's checked to me and I bet out $10, everyone calls.
Villain A has about $400 behind.  Villain B has about $350 and Villain C has approx $700.  I'm sitting with about $700-$800 as well.

The turn is the 9 of spades giving me the current nuts but there are Re-draws.  Villain A checks and Villain B bets out $20 which is quickly called by Villain C.
It's my turn to act and a quick count of the pot gives me around $80 (minus rake) so after a little deliberation I make it $75 to go. Basically I just counted the red chips and bet the amount I came up with....  It felt like the right amount at the time.
Villain A folds, Villain B thinks about it for about a minute and then decides to fold after counting out the call.
Villain C looks like he wants to fold but after some deliberation makes the call.

The river comes a black 3, pairing the board. After a little thought Villain C checks it to me.  I hate the board paring and I know that he is capable of putting in a check raise here if he thinks I'm weak.
So, I puss out and check it as well.
Can some of the better players out there give me any advice on this hand?  Was checking the right play because we were both so deep?  Should I have still thrown out a value bet?  $50? Another $75?

There were a couple of other instances where I hit a good hand but the board kept getting uglier as it went on so I kept playing to keep the pot small(er) instead of risking getting bluffed off my hand or having to make a really tough decision.

When all was said and done I really only won a couple of big pots for most of my profit (A set vs TP Nut Flush Draw and 2 pair vs Top Pair plus this straight) and other than that it was winning and losing a few little pots here and there.

After 5 hours I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and headed home for a nap.

This was the last pic I took, though I added $49 to it before I left.
In Total I cashed out $951, $751 ahead and am now sitting with a Sock-Roll of $1028.
I officially have 5 buy-ins.
Let the good times continue.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's like Santa Claus for your Vagina

Sometimes you see something so enjoyable you want to share that with the world.

Here it is.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Parental Units Unite

Today was one of those days that was kinda sorta planned in the back of my head for quite a while.  We talked about it and wanted to do it and it just sort of all came into fruition starting 2 or 3 days ago.

Finally we had a big ole family outing where we introduced our parents.
Pretty strange shit.
I wasn't really nervous but I was hoping that everything would go well.
I mean, I'm a pretty F'n cook kid to say the least and I know that my future in-laws love me and I know that my parents love the shit out of my Fiance and her child as well.  So, everything really was already set up for a good meeting - and that is what happened.

We decided to take them to Maggiano's since that is where our reception is going to take place. This would give everyone a chance to sample some of the food that they might (or might not) be eating (depending on what we decided to have provided for everyone).  And, everyone loved everything that they had.

This was the 3rd time that I have eaten there and today I opted to try Mom's Lasagna which turned out to be pretty fantastic.  My Fiance got the Gnocchi and Italian Sausage (that I ordered on Valentines Day).  My old man got the Spaghetti with One Giant Meatball (and it was HUGE) while my mom ordered Salmon.  Her parents ordered two chicken meals - One Chicken Parmigiana and her did ordered something else I didn't quite catch.
He set his order up with "What would you recommend? I like chicken but I don't like the crap my wife orders.." and I might have been the only one to catch that but I laughed on the inside.
The kids ordered Pizza and Chicken Fingers.  I was impressed by how much Pizza came out for a kids meal and also by how delicious the Chicken Fingers look.
We followed it up with desert of mostly cheesecake.
I left very full and very happy.
Everyone had a good time, there was lots of conversation and when we left lots of hugging.

I love both my families, the one I've had for years and the one I'm marrying into.
I am truly living a blessed life currently.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Infinity Escalators

Recently I went to Bally's for a poker session and noticed a behavioral change about myself.
So, while walking to the room I thought it would be a good beginning for this post.  I pulled out my phone and used it as a dictator, but I guess there was too much noise and I was talking too low.
Either that or my phone does hard drugs.

This is what came out.

"The walking state and I would forward to unpack I take this stairs infinity escalators."

What I actually said was....

"The walk I used to hate I now look forward to and I now take the stairs instead of the escalators. The walk invigorates me. It gets my adrenaline pumping. I want to run but fat boy don't do that."

So, since it has been a few days I'm just going to type up the notes that I took.
I don't know how this is going to turn out for readability but whatever - Suffer!

Counting mine there are 7 phones out. 3 Androids and 3 iPhones, one I can't identify from here.
We just had a limp re-raise from UTG and he stairs the table down in disbelief as everyone folds.
I'm one of 2 listening to music, but I'm watching the action and trying to figure out who will double me up.

AQs (hearts) in MP so I raise to $12 and there is one limp-caller.
Flop KQx goes check/check.
Turn is a blank and he bets out $10 which I call.
River is an ace and he Check/Folds.  I should have probably raised the turn.

After that hand I lost a good sized pot when a guy calls me down with top pair weak kicker and rivers his 2nd pair.

There is an attractive Asian chick at the table who keeps having an even more attractive Asian Chick come over behind her, talk to her and rub her shoulders a little before disappearing back to her 2/4 limit game.
Fucking lesbians always taking the hot chicks away from us white guys.
(I was trying to channel my inner TBC there).

There is a 2nd limp RR from UTG (different person). Seems to be a trend as it's happened twice and we are only two orbits in.

Asian Chick has at least 2 scars on her left arm that look like burn marks.
I'm curious what her safe word is.

Last person who limp RR'd from UTG has now button straddled every time she has the opportunity. She is the only other person at the table wearing headphones.

Button Straddle Lady seat changes which would put me UTG every time she does it.  I seat change to the 10 she just vacated, which I like because it's beside the dealers so I can chat and catch up.

3rd button straddle from the BSL and I wake up with JJ.  Someone makes it $16 and I call.  Flop King high and I call a $20 bet.  Turn and river are blanks but we both check it down.  My JJ is bigger of the two pocket pairs and I'm close to starting stack again.

UTG I wake up with Aces and make it $13.  Guy who just sat down and took the seat I vacated calls and flops top pair, turns 2 pair and rivers a boat.
A few hands ago I moved all my chips from the 7 seat to the 10 seat and now I am moving all my chips back to the 7 seat.
I don't think that's a good sign.
$200 re-buy - Might be a quick night.
Maybe I should have tried to limp re-raise like everyone else???

A couple of hands later I button Straddle, call it tilt.
3 callers and I look down and see Rob's Dreaded Pocket Kings! - I make it $30 on top.
One caller who was in the big blind.
How good of a hand can you have to call $5 and then call $30 more?
Flop Q high with 2 hearts.  He checks and I push, he thinks about it and calls.
Turn Blank - River K of hearts.... I set
He flops over J2 hearts for his flush.


52 minutes into my session and I feel like I'm getting prison raped by a guy wearing a sandpaper condom.
My stack is now what they would call short - though it's not quite TBC short yet.

LBS button Straddles again - I have 99 and make it $20 and get 5 callers, wow.
Flop is 6 high and I push - everyone folds, nice pot.

Guy who cracked my AA (and took my seat) just limped my button straddle from UTG +4.  Two guys later raises and UGT+4 puts in a bigger raise.  They are the only two to the flop.
Flop comes out with a Joker, a piece of gum and a picture of someone's ugly baby.  They get all in.
UTG+4 has Aces and other guy has Kings.
Limp Re-Raise with aces from middle position manages to pay off.
Poker Sucks

Few hands later same guy puts in a raise with a gut-shot - Hits his hand and stacks someone else.
Why did I ever leave that seat?

LBS Straddles and I have 52d and really want to raise.  Small Blind makes it $11 and I call.
We take a flop 5 handed.  Flop J23 and SB bets $15 which I call.  Turn is an Ace and he best out $20 and I call.  I doubt my 2 is good at this point but I feel that any 2 4 or 5 gives this pot to me.
River is a 4, he best $35 and I push.  He calls and insta mucks.
$175 to go till even.

At this point I stopped taking notes as the beers were starting to affect my ability to type into my phone.
However, by the time I left I was only down $72 and that's a fucking win if you ask me after that brutal 1st hour that I played.

Current Bankroll $455
Still have two buy-ins so I'm good!
Probably play Sunday and possibly Saturday.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slowly Dying

I know I've complained about it before but this computer really wants to kick the bucket.
It seems to go through phases where it works perfectly fine and then out of nowhere you can't do anything with it.
The other day it decided to crash hard again and wouldn't let me boot up (again).
I went into the start-up repair and it wouldn't even find an operating system.

Some tinkering got it working again and I haven't noticed any problems since then, maybe it just wanted to be turned off for a few days - who knows.

However, it's now running again which means I'll be able to sit down and type up a post or two.
I've gone one semi-written on my phone about my last poker session (which was negative in terms of profitability).

I've seen The Conjuring and Turbo recently.

I've also got to make a major work decision by the end of tomorrow.
But first, off to work where we are doing a mock-inventory and I'm running into issues with a certain product group that were created by corporate!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

38 and XL

For my interview tomorrow I decided a new pair of pants and new shirts.

Pant Size 38 - Still need too lose a little for these to be more comfortable but they do fit.
Shirt size XL.

Most my shirts are double or triple X - I have come a long way.
My pants started at 46.....

Then I came home and went to the gym - and afterwards tried to run (most of) half a mile.
Now heading out to meet up with some friends!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting back on Track (with puppies)

There are lots of little things that have sort of slipped towards the way side recently and it's time to start getting back on track.
It is the dead of summer and I can't tell you how many times I have lifted my shorts next to a fan to get that breeze blowing up to the boys just to make life feel better for a few moments before returning to reality.  This dog to the left is brilliant laying down next to the AC Duct like that.  Too bad he doesn't have any boys so he'll never know the true unadulterated bliss of a nice cool breeze against his scrote.
 I've been wanting to hit the gym but the weather outside is frightful and is making me lazier than I want. There are several times where I'll try to talk myself into it on the way home only to end up talking myself out of it the moment I step out of my car to go to my house and the heat is blaring down on me. It has just sucked all of the motivation out of me currently.  I know that on days like today I really should just wake up and go before heading to work but I've never had the motivation to do that and I probably won't.  So, I've been thinking, maybe I bring my gym clothes to work with me so that I can just stop at the gym on the way home and change there.  I dunno if this is a solution that will work for me but it's worth a shot I guess.

 Wedding planning, scary shit.  Gotta get back on track here as well.  We have both just slacked off recently and yesterday I get a call saying that we need to get our asses in gear because a joke I made about our slacking is giving her some bad voodoo. Said she had this dream that the wedding suddenly was here and we were too lazy to finish plans and everything went to hell.  Women worry too much if you ask me.  Everything will fall in place as it is supposed to, but for now - WE Plan!
 This dog is one bad ass MOFO.  There is not a whole lot to add to that picture in all honesty.
Forget the past and move towards the future.
 Eating healthier.  I'm in no position to complain about anything as I've done a tremendous job and for the last couple of weeks I've maintained well. However, I've snacked too much as a reward for finally breaking 225 and now I've got to cut that back out and focus on getting below 220 and 215 and... you get the picture.  So, I will climb back aboard that train come Saturday.  I know I should say today but work is having a BBQ and I know I'm going to indulge.  So, Saturday it is.
Today I'm meeting my lady for lunch, I'm over indulging at work and then maybe afterwards if I'm feeling up for it....oh... Screw it.  I'm starting Monday.  Tomorrow is a birthday party for a friend and dammit I'm going to drink a lot.
Monday (I see what I did there), I totally promise that I'll do it Monday - you know, unless something else gives me a good reason to put it off until say Thursday or so heh!
I miss my Boston Terrorist 

Now, time to go shower so that I can enjoy a good lunch.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Slowly updating my blogroll as I figure it's time to get rid of those who haven't made a post in a long time and add some new blood to the mix who post more frequently.

So, if you feel I've missed you in error let me know and your name could be up on my wall of shame totally meant fame.

grrouchie thoughts with music and

Just going to start by throwing out a couple of songs that have randomly popped up on my playlist lately that I used to love and now find myself listening to over and over and over.
This is Tomahawk and is off of their first album.  Lead is Mike Patton who is probably my favorite vocalist of any generation.  He is constantly working on his next project and has numerous bands, most of which I enjoy thoroughly.  Faith-No-More, Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom, Tomahawk, Phantomas and some other projects out there as well.
This song just really gets my blood flowing - it's great during a good session at the gym and I like to try and time it so that it comes on when I'm starting to feel like I need to quit.  This gets me going for at least another few minutes.

This is The Mission by Puscifer - which has the vocalist from Tool and Perfect Circle.
While I really dig the groove of the song the thing that really makes it for me is Mila Jovovich as I just totally dig her vocals here and I happen to think she's one of the most attractive people ever created.  Probably the only reason I keep watching the Resident Evil Movies at this point heh.

I'm not able to play any poker again until Sunday but I'm keeping my eye on the prize here.  I know that I need to just settle into a nice little routine and play one night a week, maybe two if I'm lucky, and enjoy it.  However, when I start playing I just have the urge to keep playing all the time.  Every free moment that I get I'm thinking I should just head out and get in some time.  Having a new family around me is going to help keep me grounded there especially after we are living together and I'm going to be responsible for actually watching over a kid for hours on end while she works.  Family life is a weird adjustment to my reality.

Last night I had the fun privilege of finally cleaning up my front yard. The HOA here likes all the houses to have some trees, shrubs and bushes in the front because it makes it look nice or some shit.  These things all require regular maintenance which I do not have the patience for.  I was born a fat lazy white man who craves an office job and detest manual labor.  As such I get to it about once every two years.  I wish I would have taken before and after pics but I wasn't thinking ahead as I grabbed the trimmers and went to town.  I started with 3 shrubs that were going on 5 feet high and one bush that is close to the ground but grows out and spreads itself multiple feet, the diameter on it was probably about 8 feet when I started.
When all was said and done the shrubs now stand about a foot high and just look like some broken sticks poking out of the ground (they will grow back, they did before) and the bush is about a foot in diameter.
I did notice that during this hot summer the water was only hitting them at 8 am for 3 minutes - I need to change that to allow them to have some water in the evening after the sun has gone down as well.
They are still alive so it's not like it's an issue currently.

This is what work feels like - a big no swimming sign next to the desert.  I feel in the last few months I've grown into my job somewhat but I know I still have a lot of room for improvement.  However, until there is consistency in the department with staffing there will never be a time to sit back with a beer or three and enjoy a nice swim in the pool of amazing.
I'm sure I've said it before but this is my 10th month in the position - come Saturday I will have lost my 9th person from my area.  It's not like it's all bad as most of them have been promotions to better areas or even different stores (and in one case) or States.  Only one fired and only one quit.
However, losing an employee every single month that I work sucks, especially when they are never replaced until they have been gone about a month.
I just met my new Plumbing Specialist yesterday, the guy he replaced took off 4-5 weeks prior.
My Electrical CSA is leaving Saturday - there were two part time guys lined up to replace him immediately, but both of those fell through.
I'm now left with (currently) the 3rd highest Shrinking Department (Don't worry, I also have #1 in Plumbing) with not enough staff to cover itself for a day, let alone a week.  This is going to lead to a pretty big increase in stolen shit and pissed off customers I fear.
On top of that the department has been double digit comping all year long while understaffed.
It's a shame that my company basically considers Electrical the asshole of the store.  It's overlooked and ignored until you want to blame shit on it.
Even busier stores with more sales in the department are all understaffed.  I don't get it and really can't wait to get away from it.

I remember these days partying with the Nittany Lion. Oh, back when Joe-Pa was a God.

I'd be volunteering to do the dishes right about now

Monday, July 15, 2013

Four Poker Sessions Briefly Summed Up

I've played a few times lately but I haven't written about it.  Life has me on a frantic pace and I just don't allow myself any me time other than when I'm putting my head on a pillow and trying to get some shut eye.
Case in point, right now I should be doing exactly that because I have to be to work by 6 am and I'm bloody tired because I stayed up too late last night drinking and eating I digress and am getting off track and ahead of myself.

It all started last week when I found myself bored and having to run some errands.  I finished my errands and then spaced out on the drive home and magically found myself pulling into and parking at Bally's Parking Lot.  Sometimes shit like that happens.  One moment you're at a Bank of America in North Las Vegas and then you black out and end up at Bally's.  It's like the good old times when Sam Kinison used to perform there regularly and everyone was fucked up on coke and hookers and trying to party like Motley Crue and not die in the process.

So what I did was borrowed $200 from my life-roll (technically I borrowed $500 just in case I had to re-buy but that situation never forced itself upon me) and started playing a game that I used to love and cherish and actually make some extra scratch at.  Basically I wanted to perform a warm up session before sitting down with Pete P Peters a couple of days later so that I didn't look like a complete donk idiot who only plays penny play money games online and make a horrible fool of myself.  What had actually happened was that I played slow and steady and ended up cashing out a nice little profit for the day without really hitting any big hands or getting myself into any big trouble.   Oh, cashing out with a profit?  Well that's pretty damned weird but I kinda remember what it feels like and I'll be damned if I don't like it.

During this time I got to catch up with some people from my favorite staff and that made life even that much better.  Ron B dealt to me and we had a good conversation going and he also pushed me a couple of my pots to get my stack building going.
A couple of dealers later a face from the past who used to deal at MGM when I started playing there came to my table and remembered me and, again, we had a great conversation.
During the time I was there multiple staff pointed out that I had lost a good amount of weight (ego boost) and this became a recurring theme over my poker sessions this past week.
Ron B now greets me with "hey Skinny" which - while I know I'm not skinny yet - makes me realize that this past year of trying to get healthier is all for a reason and I am getting there!

Fast forward to a couple of days later and Saturday is upon me.  The day I'm catching up with PPP.  I ended up making plans for earlier in the day to see Pacific Rim and was pleasantly surprised with how good and how much fun it was.  I propose that when this movie comes out a group of us get together, each with their own bottle of Jager and we drink every time someone in the movie says Jager.  This will be a lot of fun and the last one breathing wins.

After the movie was over I assumed that Triple P would still be soaking up the sun and the brews at the pool and I decided to check out the Red Rock poker room for a bit.  Normally I don't like playing there because it's local infested but I was there and that's a good enough excuse for me.  I was up and down a bit, mostly focused on the down side when this particular hand came up.

I'm in late position with Pocket Jacks.
There is a limper in early position and then a fold or two.  The Villain in middle position limps and the next guy raises to $12.  I see my Jacks and know that the session has not been too kind to me so I just call.  2 other people call and it gets back to the MP Limper Villain who decides to raise it to $45.
I immediately think this guy is just making a move to try to pick up the dead money in the middle.
Folds to me and being that this is a local joint infested with typical nits and that he limped in MP and that he limped after one other person limped already I just can't put him on AA or KK for the typical limp/re-raise trick.  Maybe a hand like AK or a small/mid pocket pair at best.
With this information in my head I push.  It folds to him and he calls without hesitation and turns up his KK.
I told him that I thought he was just making a move.
Flop comes out 9TQ giving me an open ended draw and also a back-door flush possibility.  I cannot hit my set though as he would straight.
Turn is a King giving him a set and me a straight and the river blanks for me to double up.
I end up winning another hand after that (this was all during my last orbit before I planned on leaving to go visit my fiance which was another reason I was so willing to shove my Jacks in that spot - I was leaving anyways).  I went from down $91 entering my last orbit to up $121 as I cashed out.
I'll take luck over skill any day of the week (so long as it favors me).

I head down for a couple hours with the love of my life and learn that PPP's session at the MGM went from bad to profitable.  He tells me he is drinking his way down the strip and we agree to meet up at Ballys.

As I walked to the podium at Bally's I was greeted by Pete who probably just noticed that I was the most handsome guy in the joint and assumed it was me.  I get the impression that he heard a bunch of attractive ladies talking about me and my prowess....or how I'm willing to pay for what I receive.... or he did that to like 12 other guys and finally got it right when I finally walked by.  Whatever, the point is that we greeted and chatted a bit before playing and then got seated at a brand new table opening up.
Again, I was complimented on the amount of weight I had lost by the dealer who showed us to our new table (and later by a floor who joined the game and was in a big hand with triPPPle which you can read about HERE).

We both stumbled out of the gate a little bit but found situations where we could make money and both, at one point, had doubled up.
Then - the grrouch hit.  By that I mean I got myself into a situation where I went from +$200 to down a little in the span of two hands in a fashion that I like to refer to as retarded.  It just seems to happen to me a lot over the last couple of years and I haven't handled it well for the most part.
Yes, I am willing to admit that I am to blame for the longest downswing I hope I ever go through - I had a nice conversation with Pete about this at one point.
Anyways - back to it.
I make a raise and a shorty pushes all in for $45 on top of what my raise was.  I figure he has me beat and I should just fold my hand and move on, but I already have that $15 in the pot and I'd really like to stack him so I call.  I do not catch up and I double him up.
The very next hand he raises small and I call and flop a flush.  I try to play tricky and just bet out into him, which he raises and then I push which he calls quicker than I'd like.
I say "Sorry, I caught the flush" and turn my hand over and then he says "So did I" and turns over the 2nd nuts which was about 12 hand ranks above mine.  Lesson learned.
For quite a while I make fun of the kid and tell him that he must own my soul and I refuse to play any pots against him ever again.
However, as the evening rolls along I end up in a few spots and take some pots from him to gain some of it back (but most was given away elsewhere).  Finally I hit a couple of big hands (A straight on a scary board and a Set on another scary board) and end up getting most of my profit back.
Oddly enough, at least while I was there, the biggest hand I played and won was against the Bally's floor guy who was playing while his wife was hitting up the tourney and the biggest hand PPP won was against the same guy.
No one ever said Floor could play well :)
(If you read this, I say everything in jest and spent $20 on a lap dance in your honor).

Once again I cash out decent and by the time PPP calls it quits he has a $750 stack.
He never actually says that he had a profit on the evening, just that he built his stack to $750.....
Things that make you go hmmmm

Sunday I wanted to write up a small trip report and ended up putting a little bit on AVP  but ended up at Bally's again.
I played a hand badly early to lose some chips.  Then I lost more when a guy played his QQ overpair weirdly and then I lost even more when a guy played his AA horribly but still managed to take my chips.  So, early on I was down $140 and I just decided to play tight and look for spots to build it back up.
I kept getting to $100-120 and then got QQ and multiple callers (How come I can raise once an hour but get 5 callers?) and the flop comes out AKx with 2 of a suit and action bets and calls before it gets back to me?  This happens 2 or 3 times (all with QQ) and keeps me from gaining momentum.
Finally as I'm nearing the end and about to call the session to an end as a loss I hit a set to get some chips and won a couple of other random hands.
I cashed out victorious for a small profit of $25 (I'll take it) but that was my 4th winning session in a row and it feels bloody good to do it.

Mentally (but not physically) I have taken the $200 out of my poker-roll and put it back into my life-roll (I just need to hit up the bank tomorrow and make that deposit) and I now have a pretty damned tiny poker-roll which I hope I can build by having a couple of more winning sessions before variance catches up with me and forces me to have a losing one.
My poker-roll sits at approx $527 right now and I'm cool with that.
Life is good.
Poker is good.

grrouch out

postscript - it appears as though I also played with AVPer Spitball during one of my sessions though he did not know I was AVP and I (as usual) was clueless.  Hopefully next time he will introduce himself!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Met some former co-workers for drinks for one of their birthdays tonight.
Had a blast with some booze, food and good conversation and of course bitching about work - but that's what friends are for.

So, Happy birthday to you again birthday girl and to everyone else - I had a pretty fucking good time.


It's been a while since I have seen any movies and then just recently I have seen a bunch off them.

Starting of with Monsters University which was simply amazing and held up to everything I had hoped it would be.  The only thing it was missing was an emotional tie like Boo (from the previous movie) but it honestly didn't need it.  It was a fun mad-cap ride through college life and reminded me a lot of Revenge of the Nerds and that is never a bad thing.

World War Z - I knew this movie was going to be nothing like the book and that helped me to lower my expectations and enjoy it.  It was a fun action/zombie flick that satisfied my desire to see dead things deader.

Despicable Me 2 - Another great score for the animated department.  I'll have to re-watch the 1st to see if this was as good or better but the whole thing was enjoyable.  Unlike Monsters University this kept the 3 little girls (specifically Agnes) to keep Gru in check and add that emotional support to the fun and excitement of the movie.  it also introduced a love interest to keep Gru in check.  The main bad guy in this movie was quite enjoyable as well.

Pacific Rim - Sometimes you go into a movie with really low expectations and this was one of those times.  I went with a group of guys from work and they told me it was a movie about giant robots and monsters and I decided that I'd go and just hope I could find some enjoyment out of it.  When I left the theater I was quite satisfied with the mix of action and comedy and how the movie didn't take itself too seriously.  I could have done without them trying to add in the emotional BS mostly towards the end because lets face it - When you have a movie about Giant Monsters and Giant Robots fighting each other you aren't going to get a lot of chicks going to the movies to see it.  If you do get some they sure as shit aren't looking for romantic sparks to keep them tied to the movie/plot/cast/whatever.  No, they are going there because they want to see big set pieces, action scenes and destruction.  Also, Ron Pearlman!

Preview for The Wolverine looks good and there are a lot of movies I want to catch before this season is over.
Turbo, Airplanes (or whatever the movie by Pixar is called), Man of Steel, The Wolverine, R.I.P.D., and a few others that I can't think of.
For the first time in a few years I'm looking forward to the Summer Movie Season!

I'll hopefully be writing up some sort of poker session review shortly.
Unless I decide that I need to head out and play some more poker.....

Friday, July 12, 2013

Time is not on my side

There have been a few things I've been meaning to get to writing but time just has not been on my side lately.
This, much like my last, will be pretty short.  Right now I'm tired as hell.
What's the phrase I'm thinking of?
yeah - tired.

Saw World War Z the other day and while I enjoyed the movie (I was able to lower my expectations because I've read numerous times that the only real thing that this movie shared with the book - which I loved - was the actual title).

I just got back from seeing Despicable Me 2 which was very cute and entertaining.

I played a poker session the other day which I've been wanting to write about.

I've got a lot of thoughts about work going through my head right now that I'd like to get out on the virtual paper as well.

However - I've barely had any time at home with access to a computer.  The last 3 days I've opened and then headed out to see the family - not getting home until late with just enough time to crash and take a nap before heading back into work the next day.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Red Rock with some guys from work to watch Pacific Rim (which I'm told is probably an Asian Porn) and after that I'll probably be playing some poker.
Saturday or Sunday (or both) I'll be meeting up with Pete P Peters for some brews and some pokers and am quite looking forward to that as our timing has been off his last couple of trips out here.

The hope is that I wake up early enough tomorrow to write something - I feel like I've been slacking in that department a bit too much.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Two Twenty Two

point Six, to be exact.

Yes, today (tonight) is Monday and I'm supposed to give these updates on Saturdays but I've been bloody busy lately and I've had some stuff going on that I just don't want to talk about right now.

However, on Sunday as I stepped on the scale it read 222.6 and that's fucking alright by me.
I was going to attempt to get under 220 by my weigh in on Saturday but I think that's a bit ridiculous and I'll settle for anything under 221 and getting under 220 within a 2 week span.

I just got done trying to read Rob's latest post which is a 14,542 word diatribe (what does that word even mean? I just feels that it fits) and thought I'd give y'all a break with something short.


Saturday, July 06, 2013


Do not attempt to adjust your computer screens or phone screens or tablet screens.
What you are about to see is real.
This is not a test.

This is what I'll be doing to end my evening.
Well, not to actually end my evening, but in that couple of hour time frame before the end of my evening where I'm sleeping...
you know what I mean

And of course - the actual end of my evening!!

Pray for me.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

grrouchie thoughts with random pics

My buddy sends me a text today telling me that his fiance has made me an appointment for my Tux fitting on 1/21/2014.
I told him that I was working that night.
He responds for me to take it up with his woman, he's not getting in the middle of this.
I text her that I'm busy that day and she responds with "Don't make me cut you."
I've never met her but I think she's F'n Perfect for him.

This next one has me perplexed currently.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about it or if I'm going to follow through with it.... or, for that matter, if I even want to follow through with it.
Basketball is the one sport where I don't have a team.  The biggest problem is that Pittsburgh doesn't have a team and thus I don't care.  I root for the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates (in that order specifically) and I love my teams, but I have never really rooted for a basketball team.
When I've found myself in a position to watch basketball I've more just picked out players that I like and rooted for them through their careers.  The last such player for me was Dennis Rodman, arguably the greatest rebounder in NBA History.  He was lucky if he got 6 points a game but he made a huge difference when he was in there.  He wasn't flashy (well, his play wasn't, he was fucking flashy beyond belief) and he didn't get a ton of credit but he got shit done and you could look at the stat lines and be like "yep, he made a difference again."
I started liking him back when he was with the Pistons and cheered for Detroit because of him.  When he switched teams I found myself switching teams as well.  When he retired I stopped caring about the game.
All of this is a long lead up to this.

That picture now hangs above my television.  You see, what-had-happened was this.  A few years back this was given as a gift to my sons sperm donor.  He didn't give two shits about it and threw it in a closet to never been seen again.  Lakers are his favorite team but he never showed appreciation.
As Father's Day was approaching the kid wanted to get me something so he brought this out to me.  I told him that it was very thoughtful but I would be better if he put it away and waited until Father's Day and he reluctantly agree'd.   Last night he randomly remembered it and when he asked if it was Father's Day yet we said it already passed so he got excited and ran in to bring my gift out.  I told him that I thought it was amazing and asked him where he wanted me to hang it up.
Their house or my house.  He said my house.
So, today I brought it home and removed the shrink wrap and hung it above my TV - sending him a pic which I'm told he responded with a big smile and "tell serge I love him."

He knows I'm a die hard Steelers fan and I give him shit for liking the cowgirls.  However, when he asks me about basketball I tell him I don't follow it and don't have a team I support.
Now I'm thinking about trying to become a Lakers Fan so that I can share that with him.
I don't know if it's possible or not but I'm going to make an effort to allow the Lakers to become my "team" in this sport and see where that takes me.
Only time will tell I guess.

Work is a strange beast, I feel cursed at times.
June marked my 9th month at this store in my current position.
Midway through July I'll be losing my 8th employee.
Four because of Promotion. One fired. One quit. One transfer to Vermont or some shit and One transferred to another department.  And one was out on Leave for 3 months but is back now.
It sucks having such a high turnover no matter what the reason is.  It's hard to keep a good team together in retail as it is but when people are constantly getting themselves promoted and moving around it makes it even more difficult because now you've got to start all over.
I have one "original" member in each of my departments and the rest have all been replaced with more to come.  I'm waiting on a guy who is a transfer from PA, when he gets here it will have been over a month since the last guy left.  I'm waiting on two new hires for my other department to replace the guy leaving mid-July.  If history is any indication I won't get them until after he's been gone for at least two weeks.

Verizon is the only cell phone company I have ever had a contract with and until just the other day there has only been one big annoyance that I had to deal with because of them.
Now I'm up to my second one.
For the longest time Verizon had a program called New Every Two where they'd give a "loyalty" bonus in the form of a $100 discount towards a new phone when it was time for you to upgrade.  This would get a new phone in your hands but lock you into another two year contract.
They used to allow you to start using your upgrade at 18 months.
Then they took away the 18 month upgrade and forced a strictly 24 month minimum for upgrades, I could live with that.
Then when my last upgrade came about they reduced the discount from $100 to $50 and while that annoyed me because I wasn't expecting it I dealt with it and only grumbled a little bit.  They did allow me to carry over my Unlimited Data plan (they had done away with giving out new Unlimited Data but I was grandfathered in) and all was right with the world.
Now it's time for me to upgrade again and I started reading about new phones but came across an issue where they are forcing people to get rid of their unlimited data.
The way it works is this - if you "upgrade" your phone and sign a new 2 year contract you are forced into a new data plan that is something they currently offer.  They are no longer allowing you to be grandfathered into the unlimited data plan that they are not offering any more.  If you choose to upgrade and sign a new contract you are SOL.
The work around is that you can continue to go month to month but you have to pay full price for any future phones.
The other thing I noticed when I was looking around for a new phone was that the Discount to upgrade is now completely gone and has been replaced with a Mandatory $30 fee for upgrading to a new phone.
So, they want from giving me $100 (towards purchase) every 2 years to forcing me to pay an extra $30 on top of the price of my phone every time I want to upgrade and are saying "fuck your loyalty"  in the form of either losing my cushy data plan or being stuck with a shitty data plan because I don't want to pay $600 for a phone.
The entry level data plan of 2 gigs per month is one penny MORE than I am paying for my Unlimited Data.

What I think that I'm going to do is just keep going month to month.  I have insurance on my phone, so when it gets to the point where it doesn't really work well any more I'll just make sure it meets an untimely demise and then shell out $100 for a replacement.
Sure, it won't be the same phone but it will be whatever they consider an "equivalent" at the time.  I lose the ability to choose my phone but I keep my data.  I feel pretty stubborn about this currently and I don't know what it would take to make me cave on this stance.