Thursday, February 28, 2013

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin go a long way back and over the years there have been a few different Robin's come along as side kick to the caped crusader.  This version of Robin is none other than Master Bruce's own son, Damian.

Damian comes into this story after being raised for 10 years by his mother, an Al-Gul, training him to become an assassin.
Upon meeting up with his Father Damian learns how to become a Robin and how to control his killer instincts while battling baddies.
Over the course of the 1st 14 issues Damian changes from cold and heartless to someone more assuming for the role of Robin.  During this run he is also out to prove his mettle against 3 previous Robins who all have current Bat-books out in the wild.

Depicted to the right are all of the past Robin's (maybe all of them, IDK) who have current books out with DC's New 52 line.
Nightwing (Dick Grayson, book Nightwing), Red Hood (Jason Todd - killed by the Joker before coming back from the dead, Book Red Hood and the Outlaws), Red Robin (Tim Drake, Book Teen Titans) and Robin (Damian Wayne, book Batman and Robin)

My current preferred order of these books is Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Teen Titans and then Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Robin sure has come a long way from Dorky sidekick with bad punch lines to what he is today, a well oiled detective machine.

I enjoy the interaction between all of the various Robins when it comes up and I think it's something that they should do more of.  Having various Robins cross over and help each other out.

So, my current Reading Quest is complete.  I've now finished every title associated with Death of the Family  and am ready to finally tackle the story line that is supposed to have sent a far reaching rippling affect through the Batman Universe.
There are some Bat books that I haven't read yet and I think that I'll tackle those after Death  just so that I can be up to date on all of them.  Then I can keep up as they are released monthly instead of having to make huge strides like I have these past few weeks.

Oh Joker - I see you out there laughing at me, waiting to lure me into your story.  I'm excited.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February comes to a close

I find it slightly interesting that out of nowhere my blog is about to have it's biggest month ever in terms of page views.
February being the shortest month and all and randomly I've had spikes of hits for apparently no real reason. I've had my 4 biggest days in terms of views within the last week or two and I know that it's not any of my new content.  It's all old content (with hot chick pics) and a post about Monster turning 6 years old which for some reason is having a huge surge of popularity with the spammers.
In fact, since my post earlier I've deleted another 2 payday loan spam replies.  The post about Monster's birthday gets more spam posts than any other I've put on my blog and I don't particularly get it.
Oh well, some mysteries are best left unexplained I guess.

This evening my blood pressure decided to shoot through the fucking roof.
I'm inclined to blame it on a combination of the medicine that I've been taking and the combination that I've been eating a shitload of chicken noodle soup (which will have a ton of salt).  I had a minor headache most of the day which was ok but after dinner sudden movements and bending over all turned into games I didn't want to play for $1,000 Alex.

I increased my comic book reading over the last week so that I could try to hit my goal of being ready for Death of the Family starting on March 1st and oddly enough I appear to have done a good job.  I'm half way through Batman and Robin which I'm starting to enjoy more and more.  Tonight I'll polish off another couple of issues and then before work tomorrow I'll get in the last few so that I can kick March off properly.

I'm going to re-organize my "now reading" tab and separate it by company instead of the way it currently is.  I'm curious over the course of the year if I'll read more Marvel or DC.  I have a feeling that in the long run Marvel will win out mainly because of the focus on The Amazing Spiderman and all of the back issues of other Spiderman books as well whereas DC I'm pretty much only focusing on current story-lines starting with The New 52.  I know this really doesn't interest anyone but myself, but I thought I'd share anyways.

I found out that my store has hit our quarterly bonus last quarter.  I've heard slight variation on the amount that we will be getting but I'm not really going to concern myself with that as I'm just going to be happy that we actually achieved the bonus.  Rumor has it that this bonus is going to appear on the 1st check in March which is great timing.  I'm already mentally spending it as I type this.

On that Payday, March 8th, I'm taking my almost family to the Vegas Motor Speedway to look at all the Nascar cars.  My lady takes the kid every year and he really enjoys it so there is no reason to stop the tradition.  Should be fun.
Then, I'm setting aside Disney money from the bonus check as well.  The whole tooth thing was a burden that was annoying me because I was struggling to find ways to come up with the money for the tickets in the time frame that we wanted to go.  This bonus cures that problem.

Now if we can just find a way to get at least 50% bonus for the 1st quarter of the year I'll be able to plan the other vacation I wanted to take them on.  Maybe things will work out after all.

Now, it's time for some reading before bed.
my sleep envelope me

Weight Loss Regression

The opposite of Progress.
I've been cruising along lately and have had no major setbacks on my quest to get down to 220 pounds.
I've done quite well over the last year doing this my way and not worrying about "cheating" or anything like that.  I've had bad days and I've had bad weeks but I always right the path after I've gotten it out of my system.

Since my first visit to the dentists office last week where we started my work I have now gained back 5 pounds.
Ugh, that sucks.
5 pounds.
This is the biggest gain I have had since I started changing the way I'm eating.  5 pounds is at least 2 weeks worth of progress and quite an annoying setback.
It also might not be the end of it all since I'm still getting more work done and currently cannot eat tasty solids.  I've been living mostly off Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Noodle Soup which appears to be an unhealthy way to go.

I cannot wait for the day when I can eat my salad every day again, when I can snack on my fruits and veggies and have a sensible meal for dinner and see results.  See this weight come off instead of watch the scale slowly climb back in the other direction.

This really bugs the shit out of me, which in all honesty never happened in the past.

Previously if I were to lose weight for whatever reason, I never thought twice about the weight going back on after I gave up on my diet and/or exercise.  This time it's different.  I constantly monitor myself for changes.  I have been taking pride in my results and going backwards hurts my pride a bit.
I was looking forward to getting down to my goal before Summer hit.
I was looking forward to bragging about hitting that benchmark that I set for myself before visitors started coming into town.
Now here I am adding some back on to make it that much harder to achieve my goal.
Screw you bad teeth.  Just heal and get it over with so that I can start eating properly again and start taking this excess weight off again.

In other news it appears as though I had an attack of the Spam last night.
I just went through and deleted 7 comments posted on various entries of mine and pretty much all of them dealt with payday loans.  WTF?
Oh well.  This doesn't happen very often so I'll just let it slide.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teen Titans

In the picture above we have the core group of the Teen Titans (from the DC New 52).
Red Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy (a clone) Wonder Girl, Bunker, Kid Flash, Solstice and Skitter.

Not depicted is probably my favorite character and one who I hope makes a comeback, Danny the Street.
Yes, Danny is not a person, Danny is a street.  Danny has a long history pre New 52 where "he" was a street, then became a world and was ultimately deconstructed down to just Danny the Brick.
I don't know why this tickles me so much but I'm pretty amused.  If Danny is dead then I so declare my love for the Teen Titans dead as well.

Also, Danny is a Transvestite.
A Transvestite street, Danny.
Danny the Teleporting Transvestite Street.

My least favorite character thus far is a surprise to me, Skitter.  The reason why it's a surprise is because I'm generally anti all things Super which means that I fully intended Superboy to be in my dog house.  However, through 10 issues, an annual and a crossover or two my least favorite is currently Skitter.
Skitter, by all rights, should be awesome.  Skitter is a girl/bug who loses herself when she transforms into her weird bug form.  Skitter appears to have no purpose yet even though she's been around since the beginning.
She hasn't done a whole lot, she hasn't been involved and I'm left wanting more.  It's like after conception the creative team just didn't know what to do with her so she gets a mention once in a while and gets drawn but is just this random background character who normally would get overlooked, but you can't overlook her because she's a great big hulking ugly bug instead of a nondescript extra.  Hopefully that changes.

So, now to my issue.
My issue is not with the comic, I'm enjoying the book overall.
My issue is with crossovers.
Not Events, but crossovers.

Events are things like Avengers vs X-Men.  Big, long, drawn out events that span many months and different comic books.
Crossovers are like little mini versions.

My problem with the crossover is when it's overdone.  In the case of Teen Titans I think they are trying to string a lot of crossovers together with some of their smaller titles in order to get people interested.
I've only made it through Issue #10 and already there was a crossover involving the Superboy comic and Legion Lost, which all ended up leading to The Ravagers #1 (which I haven't read yet).
So, to get the story where they were all involved I also had to read Superboy 8 and 9 and Legion Lost 8 and 9, plus Ravagers #1.
Also, it appears as though every two issues has Superboy doing something and I'm told that if I want to find out what happened I need to check out his latest Issue as well.  Which means that I'm either left using my imagination and filling in blanks or I'm just completely lost on certain people or events because they were explained in a different series.
I guess I should expect this since he plays a big role in both comic book runs, but it's damned annoying and detracts.
So, even though I don't like all things super I'm going to have to go back and read through the Superboy comic book as well just to fill me in.
Maybe I'll do this after Batman and Robin if there is enough time before March Begins and I start Death of the Family.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Suicide Squad

Once again, much like with Red Hood and the Outlaws, this book just didn't really grab me right away.  However, what it did was slowly let me into its world so that I could fall back in love with a character I forgot that I adored so much, Harley Quinn.

For all of the colorful cast of characters that this comic has to offer Harley is by far my favorite.  It's the comments, the antics, the off color humor that really does it for me.  Much like the same reason I love Deadpool so much.

It wasn't until Issue #7 that prominently featured the Joker that I really started to get into the whole book and I am really looking forward to Death of the Family to see how the Joker and Harley tie back together after he's been gone for so long and presumed dead.
The Scene where Harley tracked down his bloody face and put it on Deadshot to kiss, scream and yell at him was just amazing.

There is something to be said for her sex appeal as well.  I do love myself a crazy chick and from the moment I saw her animated in Batman: Arkham Asylum I knew that I was in love.
Crazy and deadly, what better combination is there for the woman of your dreams?

For the rest of the cast of characters we do have some other good ones as well.  Deadshot appears to be the ring leader to keep the group from straying too far out of line.  El Diablo is a crazy guy with fire powers who believes he is answering to a higher calling with his actions.  King Shark is my number two favorite character just for the sake that he is a big F'n Shark and he constantly wants to eat meat.  Nice, simple and easy.  Yo-Yo appears to be indestructible after surviving being eaten by King Shark and living in his insides for a month.  There are some others who have come and gone but those listed are the main ones that I'm willing to type about right now.

So, now that I've avoided the whole premise of the book I'll just sum it up before one more pic of Harley.
The Suicide Squad is a group of Super Villains who have been assembled to fight for good and do dirty work that no one else will.  They way they are forced to cooperate is they all have bombs implanted in their necks which can be remotely detonated any time that they have gotten out of line (and so far one person's head did go boom).  They are given dangerous missions to accomplish with time framed deadlines.  The longer the book goes on the more I'm enjoying it and I think I'm going to start picking up the trades so long as the story arc through Death of the Family doesn't disappoint.

Harley with a captured Deadshot who was forced to wear Jokers Face

Just Another Root Canal

Oh, and just in time for my recovery.
I'm able to eat solids, just slowly and carefully.  However, that was all by my choice.
I could have dragged out this whole dental procedure thing for another few weeks and been better off in the soreness department but I choose to get it over with as quickly as possible.
They gave me the option of just doing one side of my mouth and when that healed to do the other side.  Not me. All or Nothing. No Guts No Glory.  Less to bitch about too!
So, last week when I was in the chair I had them start all of the preparation on all of the teeth.  One tooth had a Root Canal and one tooth was tapped into and drained of infection.  Three other teeth were ground down so that when I make my repeat trip tomorrow they can pull off the temporary's and do the needed Root Canal's or whatever else is left and also pull that last wisdom tooth that is holding back my stupidity.

So, it is fitting that yesterday I had some delicious Homemade Chili (and will be having left overs today) and while it took a while and ended with me being sore as hell it was so worthwhile.
This morning I just ate my first banana without my gums going bat-shit crazy on me. There is a minor irritation just to let me know that there is still work to be done but it's not really bothering me like it has for the last 4 or so days.
Until after work tomorrow that is.
Tomorrow I get the joy of working an early shift and then heading straight to the dentist without dinner so that I can finish round 2 of 3.  Once again I'm going to be cranky and sore and probably have a whole new list of pills to pop for another 3-5 days to help keep infection and swelling down.
Maybe I can get more of those Hydrocodone as well - oOooOoooO.

After that it should be just one final trip to the dentist to get my permanent crown's on and then you'll be done listening to me bitch and moan about my bad teeth and mouth pain for a while.
Well, at least until the 1st bill comes.

Next up for the ole grrouch is a visit to the Eye Doctor's which I should have done in December and a trip to the doctor's office which I should have done in January.
I know I need to get some blood work done so that they can test my levels and see if there is anything majorly wrong with me.  I haven't gotten blood work done in quite a few years (bad grrouch, bad) so I don't know what to expect.
I think other than my asthma I should be fairly healthy.  I've dropped 60+ pounds and thus my borderline high blood pressure should have gone away.  I've never had any issues with high cholesterol or anything like that, so I'm assuming they're just going to tell me that I'm a fat-ass and need to lose some more weight to get healthier.
This is my desired result, anything else will be unacceptable.
But, we'll talk more about those when it happens.
Both of those appointments will be made in March when I have days off during the week.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws

When I first started reading Red Hood and the Outlaws I couldn't get into it very much, but after a few issues I started to enjoy the story and the direction of it.

Red Hood is Jason Todd, a former Robin to Batman.
Red Hood was duped by the Joker and then murdered only to be brought back to life by Talia Al'Gul or whatever her name is.

Red Hood fights along side Arsenal and Starfire
I won't go into too much detail because 1)I don't really care too and 2) you don't really care to read it.
That cuts out a few words heh!

In the grand scheme of the Bats books this is not one of my favorites, I won't buy it in issue or trade form, I just don't have the interest.  I'll probably continue to read it over time in torrent form because it is entertaining, though it's no where near as good as some of the others.

I put it in a similar vein as Batwing - It's good but there is just something missing to make it great.
Maybe it's the art which is definitely not on par with some of the others that I have been reading lately like Catwoman or Batgirl.  Who knows.

My current Ranking for the Bats Books:

1- Detective Comics
2 - Batman
3 - Bat Girl, Catwoman, Nightwing (depends on my mood as to how these get ranked probably).
4 - Red Hood, Batwing

I still have a few issues to go to finish off Red Hood for now and then I have to jump into Suicide Squad and Batman and Robin and finally Teen Titans.
This will catch me up to where I need to be on all of the Comic Books that are in the Death of the Family Event that I really can't wait to start reading now that it's finally finished.

However, the closer I get to the end of the month the more I realize that I probably don't have the time to complete everything to start Death of the Family on March 1st exactly.
I'm either going to blame it on me slacking or on February being a short month, I have not decided yet.

All I do know is that Red Hood will be finished today, before I do anything else.
Then I've got some cleaning up to do in my room and another round of looking at my budget.
Maybe an episode or two of Prison Break.
Maybe an hour or so with some Video Games.

But now, I've got an angry cast of Outlaws calling my name to finish off the current story line.
I've been told they'll allow me to live if I don't put it off too much longer.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Back on the Debt Train

It seems like it was just a week ago that I was screaming about how I'm debt free.
I went to the patio and yelled it to the mountains, literally.

And, here I sit - broken heart'd, with more debt that I care to admit to.

Oh teeth, how I loathe thee.

You can go back over my last few posts if you really want to read about my teeth - I'm fairly certain I wrote about how bad they are.

The good thing is it all happened after I paid off the rest of my debt, so even though this is an abnormally large bill I will be able to pay it off within a reasonable time period.

The bad news is that it puts a crimp in my plans.

I've been playing with my budget like a mad man the last few days.
First to make sure I could afford everything and second to see what I'd have to do without this year.

The vacation to Disney is still on, I won't sacrifice that.
The 2nd vacation might be on hiatus though.  It was originally going to be a summer thing and now it's looking more like a "later in the year" or "next year" type of thing.

Eh, chalk it up to shit happens.
I've still got my spreadsheet out and I'm still going over every bill and every dollar to see what I can make room for.  

Teeth, You will NOT win this war.
I will slowly replace you with fake porcelain replica's of yourself (only less yellow) and be happier about it once you all have vanished.  You cannot beat me!
You cannot bring me down.

I will get the last laugh.
I will get the last scream.
I will be debt free again.
It's just a matter of time.

Snacking or the Lack Thereof

It's really all a testament to willpower, no more and no less.
The whole 40 days and 40 nights thing of Lent.  I know that it's supposed to be a sacrifice, to mean something.  To me it's all about testing my willpower to see if I can last the duration.

I'm not overly religious and I never will be. However I do accept that religion means something to others and I will not disrespect that like I would have when I was younger.
Like I did.
I've matured, it happens.

So, with that said this is the reason I am going through the Lent process with my love.  I was not asked, I volunteered.  This means something to her and I want to share in that and support her the best way I know how - by joining in.

It is with this knowledge which led me to choose what to sacrifice for Lent - Snacking.
You see, since I started the whole weight loss routine last year, since I realized that I was a huge fat ass instead of just a big fat ass, I had decided that I was going to do everything very slow, very deliberately and with great moderation.  I, like a lot of you, have gone through periods of time when I'd "diet" and just go full throttle balls to the wall only to burn out and give up before the process got to get to the point where it sticks.  This time was going to be different.

Here I sit over a year later and down a significant amount of weight because of small incremental changes throughout the course of the year.  I got to hear a lot of people asking me if I was dieting and I'd tell them that I'm just changing the way I eat.  Nobody believed it, they just assumed it was a diet.
Then they'd see me eating a bag of chips or eating fast food for a week and they would ask me why I ended my diet or "how can you eat that on your diet?" and I'd have to reiterate to them that I'm not on a diet.  I'm just changing the way I eat and today I deem 2 chili cheese burrito's and a bag of combo's to be part of my routine.

So, back to my original point before my fingers got me off on two different tangents.
I've been wanting to kick out the snacks for a month just to prove I can do it.
I snack too much as it is even though I did cut back a good deal.  I need to learn to fill up my food choices with healthier points (calories, whatever) instead of junk food.
Fact is that the more weight I lose the less I can ingest to keep up the desired results (more loss) and that means sacrificing something.
I've been making small sacrifices over the course of the year and I can honestly say that there is not a whole lot that I have cut out that I really miss.
Peanut Butter tops the list, but I still have a little now and then to remind me why it's one of my top loves!

However, sitting over there under my TV is a big Heart Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for Valentine's Day that I currently cannot allow myself to eat.  Oh, and I bet it's so delicious.   Probably better than the 3 I ate in the 2 weeks leading up to VD even.
Yeah, I have a weakness for PB Cups and Ice Cream and Chips, a big weakness.
I didn't get fat eating green beans and soup.

My decisions to "Say no to snacks" was not one I took lightly.  I understood the risks and the fact that I might fail.  I understood that I would really need a lot of willpower to make it through the entire 40 days.  I've only been able to do it once prior in my life and once I fell off that wagon I never wanted to get back on it.
Over a week into it and I can say that I've been tempted a couple of times while I was out and about, but the odd thing is that while I have been home I haven't even so much as touched the candy package and stared longingly at it.   I know it's there and I'm happy to know that I will devour it once this test is over.
Just like I know I have 4 packs of Swiss Cake Rolls in my freezer waiting for me to devour as well.

The other day someone handed me two pieces of chocolate and I took them, thanked them and put them in my pocket.  I didn't want to be rude and refuse but I also haven't eaten them.

This is what they call progress.

I feel like I'm harping on it, like I'm talking about it too much.
It's just what's on my mind and this blog is ultimately just a sounding board for what goes through my head on a regular basis.

Right now what I'm thinking is that I really want a bowl of Ice Cream :)
Mainly because of the whole mouth is sore and I can't chew food without being in annoying pain.
I've eaten soup and mashed potatoes and banana's for the past two days.
I want something sweet - I'd also like something solid lol.
Tomorrow I'll eat some Yogurt, a healthier alternative to Ice Cream.
The sweetness will hopefully satisfy my craving.
It will also add some much needed calories into my diet since the Soup and naners don't really add up to a whole lot.

I've got two more trips to the Dentist to finish off this round of my own personal Hell.
On Monday I go in and will get my final Wisdom Tooth extracted.  I will also have probably 4 Root Canal's done.
Any healing done over the last few days will be wiped out and the pain will begin anew.
Pain is only temporary, thankfully.
After that is done another week or so later I will make my final trip in to get my permanent crowns attached and then I can go on my merry way with a better, healthier smile.
And, I'm hoping this gets rid of the headache problem I have been having.

Now I know I'm rambling because this is no longer about snacking.
Good Night...

Thursday, February 21, 2013


So, I was on my phone and somehow got into the template and changed it, then clicked to approve.
And now, everything is all F'd up and I have to figure out how to get the template back to the way I had it before where I liked it and was comfortable.

Stupid F'n Blogger

A Question Relfected

On the last post about my TBC Diet the Author of the Amazing I am Quincy Capers decided to ask how much weight I have lost (I assume in total).

Funny thing is that randomly I actually found an old post yesterday about when I was near the high point.  This is from January 2012, a bit over a year ago at this point.

My high recorded weight was 295 on this day.  I know for a fact that I got up over 300 pounds stark naked in the near future after that post though.  295 scared me enough to get my fat ass to the gym and try to make a difference but I still ate like shit and didn't keep it up.
A short while later after a booty call I ended up back on the scale again, standing around in natures bathing suit and saw the number 303.2.
This is the number that freaked me the fuck out.
Never before have I topped the scales over 300 pounds.
Never before had i not stopped getting close to or breaking the 290's for that matter.

I generally stayed between 270-285 for a period of at least 6-10 years.  It's where I settled and while I knew it was bigger than I should be, wanted to be, I stayed there because it was easy to maintain.

January 24th 2012 - 295 pounds
February 21st 2013 - 236 pounds

What a difference eh?
My goal at the time (and still is currently) was to get down to 220.
This is the weight that I believe I was at some point during my college years before medication expiraments, mac and cheese and chicken wraps took over my body and I balooned up to 260 and was left with stretch marks that make a lady who has been through two child births say what the fuck, man?

I've always wanted to get Flames tatted around the stretch marks to make it look cool.  I never did and never will, but it was a desire when I was younger.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight Loss - The TBC Diet

I've gone and done it now.
I've gone on the TBC Diet of soup and mashed potatoes.
Oh, it's a pretty bloody exciting thing.
Throw in a slowly and carefully eaten banana now and then and you've got a recipe for TASTE!

For those not paying attention I had my 1st of 3 sessions with my Dentist and his lovely assistant.
She put her boobs in my face twice - though I'm just going to believe it was not intended, she just didn't think about what she was doing.

For my pleasure I ended up with 3 prescriptions, one being Hydrocodone.
Shit makes me loopy, I try to not take it unless the pain gets intolerable.

Tomorrow, if my calculations are correct, I'll have officially dipped below 235 pounds.  It still doesn't feel quite right even typing that number out because it's been so long since I weighed so little.
I've always been a bigger guy and have no desire to actually be slender, just healthier - However I don't think I've been this *small* since before the Baltimore Ravens won their 1st Super Bowl.  Oh yes - it was sometime in the 90's!

Getting sick, ditching the snacking and now being stuck on a mostly liquid diet have all accelerated the weight loss a bit.
I have no doubts that tomorrow at Weight Watchers I'm going to get some remark about how I've lost too much weight since my last attendance and how I need to make sure I eat all my points and blah blah blah.
It's like they panic if you lose more than 2 pounds in a week.  They want to find out what you are doing wrong and correct it.  Whatever.  Take my 5+ pounds and deal with it.
The fat boy is become just plain ole husky again.

What I could really go for right now is a big bowl of Ice Cream.
It's my comfort food when I'm going through my dental crap.
In fact, there is a Stone Cold Creamery right beside the dentist office and up until this last visit (and my next two as well) I've hit that place up every time after getting some major work done.
When the numbness wears off it's such a nice delicious treat.
My timing just sucks, royally.

Today I decided that the day after Lent ends I'm making a trip to Henderson to get a big Elvis Frozen Concrete from Mr. D's Frozen Custard.
This is my treat to myself for making it 40 days and 40 nights, surviving the flood and living with beasts.

Now - it's time to go read my new comic books.
I've got some catching up to do.

Tis not the Season

So, if anything I"m beginning to learn that I was not fully prepared for the decision that I made when I chose to give up snacks for Lent.

You see, this is the first year I have ever bothered to partake in this whole Lentacular thing and I didn't do any research.
Do you know that it's Girl Scout Cookie Season?
Do you know that it's Cadbury Egg season?
Do you know that Lay's just released 3 new limited time only chip flavors?

I mean - Ugh.
Giving up Snacking - WTF was I thinking.

However, I'm holding steadfast and I will win this battle.  I have the will power to succeed and the last year of eating better (and less) in order to drop 60+ pounds have proven that too me.

So, I feel like I'm going to make a minor deviation to my original plan.
I'm going to buy a box of Thin Mints.
I'm going to buy a few of the Chocolate Filled Cadbury Eggs. (hopefully not an entire box though).
And I'm going to buy a couple (small) bags of the new Lay's Flavors.
Mainly I'm only interested in the Sriracha flavored chips, and I know that I could just add my own Sriracha to the chips and it would pretty much achieve the same desired effect - but it's not going to go down that way. I really just want to try them dammit.   The chicken and waffles sounds delish as well, as does the Cheese Garlic Bread.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bad Teeth

I chipped a tooth.
Cracked it, broke it, whatever.

Went to the dentist and of course I also need some other work done.
He says it's pretty amazing that I am not in pain because I've got some pretty bad infections.

I've always had bad teeth - I'm slowly replacing them.  Back to the story.

So, he starts the work today.  I'm in the chair for at least 3 hours with my Jaw agape.
Ran into complications because of the infection.
The tooth in the worst shape kept giving me pain.
Was shot up with a TON of Novocaine, it kept wearing off.
That tooth was shot up an additional 4 times, kept wearing off.

I want to go to sleep but I'm in tremendous pain.
I hurt.

I had some tears running down my face not so long ago.
Rocking myself back and forth waiting for the Hydrocodone to kick in.
I just want to sleep.

I took some pills with water and half a banana.
I've got at least one tooth that right now is super sensitive to cold water.
This is going to make the next week or two fun.

The good thing about pain is that no matter how bad it is, once it's gone you never remember it.
Pain is temporary.
In the long run this is all going to be worth while.
I'll have a pretty smile (You got a pretty mouth boy) - a pretty expensive smile.
It will be all fake but it'll still be mine.

I have 4 of the next 5 days off.
I think I'm going to eat a lot of soup.

Between being sick last week and having to watch what I eat because of the dental work I'm dropping weight pretty rapidly.

I'll give a report when I'm back to eating regular meals - but my "goal" of 220 is going to be obtainable before summer.

Maybe I'll take a second Hydrocodone - sleep like a baby.

I'll write something less whiny tomorrow.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Dream in Spiderman

It's 3 a.m.
I should not be awake yet I cannot sleep.
I've still got the remnants of my week long cold, but at this point it's only a minor cough.  So, the theory goes that any day now I'll be back to my normal self.
However, when I lay my head on my pillow last night I was 100% exhausted and thought that I'd be getting a great night of sleep.
The past hour or so I've laid in bed, trying to get my closed eyes to will my body to sleep again but it was not to be.  Counting Sheep does me no good.
I figure this is a good excuse to make a really random blog post right?

Tonight I dream in Spiderman.
I don't really ever remember my dreams, they escape me the moment I wake up but I can remember bits and pieces.  I remember Spiderman.  I remember nondescript bad guys and web-slinging and a couple of KRANTZ's here and there.  It never ceases to amaze me when you emerge yourself in something so much how it affects the brain.

Last night before passing out I finished The Amazing Spiderman #50.  Reading from the beginning like I am really makes me want to do the same for other series as well.  Maybe Series that I would never normally give a try like Daredevil.  Daredevil and Spidey have some interactions over the course of the first few years that I've been reading and of course with the crossovers I feel like I should be doing comics justice by going back and reading at least some of the crossovers. All in due time I guess.  I've got a good 30 more years of life in me to catch up.

Tomahawk is one of many Mike Patton Projects.  Patton is pretty much my favorite vocalist, the man is amazing with his range and what he can do with just vocals.
Some of his other works include Faith-no-More, Mr. Bungle and Peeping Tom.
A few weeks back I was listening to Tomahawk's 3rd release, which I've never really liked, and wondering if there were going to be new music from there.  Their 1st album is by far my favorite and I love the 2nd as well.  The 3rd was probably just a bit too experimental for me but that won't deter me.
So, while not sleeping I noticed a buddy of mine posted the above link on his Facebook - The new Tomahawk album in it's entirety on YouTube.
It's 3:18 a.m. and I'm not really up for listening though the 1st song that played through was enjoyable.
I'll give it a more complete listen some other time, but I wanted to share a band that I really enjoy with the rest of you.

Back to Comics.
The Fleshy Face of the Joker is pretty creepy :)
Now that Batman #17 has been released and the entire Death of the Family crossover has been released I'll finally start reading it.  I love the Joker and cannot wait to see what happens there.  I'm still playing a bit of catch-up with the other titles involved so that I know the cast of characters beforehand.
I think I've only got 4 titles left, Suicide Squad, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, and Batman and Robin.
Obviously it's not necessary for me to actually read all of their New52 story lines up until the point that the crossover begins but that's what I plan on doing.
I'm hoping to knock them out before the end of February so that I can spend a good chuck of February reading two "events" - one from Marvel and one from DC.  The Marvel event being AvX (Avengers vs X-men).  I really wanted to read that one when it was going on but with the crossovers and whatnot it was too much to tackle.  However, I recently downloaded a torrent that has every single issue of every comic that was in the crossover and pertained to the story and I think it's going to make for a fun ride in March.
After that I can then spend time getting caught up on the whole Marvel Now Movement and see what comics I might enjoy from it.

And - continuing on with Comic Books - I guess it's all I have on my mind right now.

I'm pretty close to having the entire set of Variants for Deadpool #1

Speaking of Excessive.
Justice League of America issue #1
1 Variant cover for every single bloody State.
You can buy the entire set for $149.99 if you'd like.
I'm sure there are collectors out there who will do just that, in fact I want to.
I, however, currently cannot justify owning it.  If I could look into the future and get a feel for the future price value of having an entire set of 53 copies of Issue #1 then maybe - but as for right now I just give it a bit WTF man, wtf.
But man, I sure as shit want to do it.
And I don't even f'n like Justice League (thought this is without Superman so maybe that would make it more appealing to me).

Maybe it's just my age creeping in and I have trouble remembering details from my youth, but did schools always close for Presidents Day? Is this an actual, honest-to-goodness, celebrated holiday that we give kids the day off (actually two days off for a 4 day weekend) so that they can think about what Honest Abe and the OG G.W. brought to the table?
Maybe it's just that I never bothered to pay attention in the 3 decades or so since I've been out of school.

3:41 a.m.
Between this and a few Facebook moments I've kept myself busy this hour.
Sleep is not setting back in.
I began to make a list of Video Games to play/beat this year.
I'm going to go with favorite franchises that way I know I already love them.  Nothing new that might not grab me and just make me turn back to....uh.... not playing I guess.
God of War Ascension, Gears of War Judgement, Borderlands 2, Fallout 3 (Need to beat the DLC) and Skyrim are the games that came to mind immediately.
There is a good mix in there as well.  Over-the-top action, 3rd person shooter, 1st person shooter and my beloved RPG.  All PS3 and 360, no handhelds.  I feel as though I should add something from the Wii in there but as of now the Wii isn't even hooked up.
Maybe later this week

The Girl Scouts are Evil.  I suppose it's not really their fault but I like to place blame.  This past Wednesday I agree to endure Lent with my lady.  I think long and hard (heh...good one Beavis) about what I'd be willing to give up and I decided that snacking was perfect.  I've been looking for a way, a reason, anything to cut back on the amount of snacking that I have been doing.  Weight Loss is still going well and I know that cutting back on some more of the garbage that I put into my system will only help and continue to propel me towards my ultimate goal (which, in all honesty, I don't know what my ultimate goal is for my weight.... so lets leave it an open mystery).  So, I give up snacking. No chips, no Combo's and et cetera.  For the 40 days of Lent it's just a diet of healthy snacks like Fruits and Veggies.  It is going to be hard but I didn't realize.
Two days ago the Girl Scouts started camping outside the exit doors at work.  WTF.
I have a weakness for their cookies, Thin Mints specifically.  They are not the only cookie I like but the others I can get at Walmart cheaper and they taste just the same.
I am an impulsive person.
I see Girl Scout Cookies, I want Girl Scout Cookies.
Yesterday I did not pack a lunch for work - I craved cookies.
I went to Fresh n Easy to buy lunch and wanted to buy some PB Cups, some Chips, something.
Instead I went for yogurt with strawberries, grapes and blue berries mixed in.
It was delicious but it was NOT a row of Thin Mints.
In time the cravings will dissipate.
I still have half a box of Swiss Cake Rolls in my freezer.
I'm thinking about buying two boxes of Thin Mints and putting those in my freezer too.
They can keep the pet hamster busy.

Finally, for all of you who actually made it this far (maybe you are just looking at all the pretty pictures and not reading the words?) I give you this.  It's kind of my, "Hey, Rob needs a reason to have kept reading this long" moment. If I ever were to run across this woman I'd buy all of her cookies.  Even the Girl Scout Variety.
4 a.m.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Gift

This is what my lady got me for Valentine's Day.
She decided to surprise me yesterday by showing up to my store unannounced to drop off my gift and so that we could do lunch together.  Well, maybe lunch wasn't in the plans but either way I talked her into it.

This all truly made my day.

Ever meet that one person you are willing to change your life for?
This lady is a keeper and I've got big plans for her.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Last of the Sickness

Last night was hopefully the night that my body finally decided to recover.
Other than my cough and occasional annoyance breathing the whole evening went well.
I started to feel a bit loopy right around the time I left my lady's house and drove home.
My head was going into a fog, like I just woke up from a really deep sleep and my mind hadn't recovered.
I figure'd that I just needed to get to bed as my body was tired.
When I got home I started to freeze.
The house felt like the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  I was shivering.
I threw a blanket on and it felt like it got colder.
I jumped into bed under two big blankets and couldn't get warm.
I added my dog to the mix for body heat, still shivering.
I lay there, curled in the fetal position trying to get warm and 20 minutes later it started.
Heat, extreme heat.
Someone turned the heat on in the house.
It's now 100 degrees, I'm sweating from every orifice on my body (yes, I checked).
I couldn't get comfortable.  My body was drenched but if I moved and got any of the cold air outside the comfort of my blanket it felt like that limb was going to get frost bite.
It was a battle of extremes all night - or at least until I finally fell asleep.
At one point I had to take all my clothes off because they were too restrictive and uncomfortable.

It bloody sucked and I barely got any sleep because of it.
However, I'm going to assume that was my body warding off the evil spirits that invaded it so that I can start the recovery process.

Being Sick Sucks.
But, at least it waited until after my big date.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Down with the Sickness

Forgive my lack of existing as I've been sick.
Probably dying and could go at any moment.

What started as a simple head cold morphed into the beginning of a chest cold.
I picked a random doctor out of a hat and then went to get drugs.
Every day it gets worse.
Today was the coughing and phlegm, and subsequent headache.
Tomorrow is probably an inoperable tumor.
Friday will be seizures and internal bleeding, followed by the end times.

Ash Wednesday

Happy Dirty Forehead Wednesday Everybody!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Grrouchie Debt Snowball

A couple of days ago I made a post about how I have recently reached a multi year goal of becoming debt free.  I then made a follow up post where reader dD asked me what my "snowball" method was as the one promoted by Dave Ramsey was not a "free" thing as he wants you to buy his books and whatnot.

dDFebruary 11, 2013 at 4:37 AM

grrouchie, you mentioned previously about a plan similar to Mr R's "debt free snowball" .. is yours a free plan ? professional, DIY or otherwise ?
I ask because I note that Mr R's "snowball" is not free !!
(wow an American wanting to charge me for odd that this surprises me !)

The reality of it is that it's a quite simple plan.  It has a lot in common with Dave Ramsey's plan and others that I have read since.  The plan itself is not the hard part, the hard part is figuring out your budget and actually sticking to it.

You see, when I first decided that I was going to get out of debt I had my work cut out for me.  I was drowning in extra payments that I was having to make every month and one day I sat down to do my bills and actually looked at the amount of interest that I was paying every month.  That is what sickened me enough to actually make the decision to pay everything off and stick with it.  Interest is a killer.
One of my credit cards (the one with the largest balance) had an interest charge of over $200 per month that I was paying.  And, because I couldn't accord to do more than just the minimum payment my balance wasn't shrinking fast enough to make any kind of difference what-so-ever.

The following is my information as I remember it best.
I made a list of all of my debt.
  • Bank of America Credit Card.
  • AT&T Credit Card.
  • Discover Credit Card.
  • Sam's Club Credit
  • Lowe's Credit
  • Best Buy Credit
  • Student Loan Number 1
  • Student Loan Number 2
  • Car Loan
So, then I organized my debt in terms of which lines of debt had the biggest balances and which had the smallest.
I made the minimum payment on every single one of the above and at the end of the month, whatever money I had left over went towards the debt with the smallest remaining balance.
Once the smallest was paid off I rolled everything over into the smallest of the remaining.
Repeat this process until you are left with just one remaining debt and you are pouring all of your available resources into it every month until it is eradicated.

The funny thing is that the above is the easiest part.  Sorting your bills, paying extra if there is left over money, rolling it over to the next bill, etc.
The hard part is developing the discipline to actually do it month after month and year after year.
The devilishly hard part is being willing to cut out other expenses in order to free up more money so that you can put more money towards your debt.

Dave Ramsey has a saying that I really love.
(paraphrased) You have to be willing to live life like no other right now so that later you can live life like no other.

Basically it boils down to this.  Stop having fun until your debt is gone.  Cut your cable, cut your eating out, cut your entertainment budget and just spend all of that money on your debt.  Once the debt is gone you'll be free to do whatever you want with your money and you'll have a ton more money to do it with.  You will be free.

Over the course of the 3 or so years that I was eradicating my debt there were times when I did more than I should have and didn't pay as much as I could have towards my debt. I consider them moments of weakness, I am only human after all.
However, much like dieting or any other addiction (and spending can be an addiction) you will have moments where you fall into your old routines and habits.  It's picking yourself back up afterwards and getting back on track that defines you.
This is what has kept me going for the past few years and this is what is keeping me going in my weight loss struggles.  Sure I've dropped nearly 60 pounds at this point (by next week I hit this goal!).  But there are months where I lose nothing or gain a couple of pounds and I really want to give up.
There are weeks where I have fast food 3-5 days and just want to stop eating the salads and tracking my Weight Watchers points and just go to the store and buy a few bags of chips and some ice cream and other such nonsense.  However, I saw that by continuing the struggle with my finances - even after a bad episode or two I could get back on track and eventually accomplish my goal.
Thus, with my weight loss, even after a bad day or week I no longer have an issue getting back on track and trucking towards my next milestone which, by the way, will be hitting 240 pounds by Sunday.

Yes Cheryl Crow, every day is a winding road.

I'm no expert in finances or weight loss, I just developed the motivation to put the effort into getting where I want to be and making the sacrifices to get there.
If I can do it everyone can.


Most sicknesses won't keep me down.  I'll get up and go to work and keep on trucking while trying to spread the germ and making other people suffer as much as possible.  What really (I want to say grinds my gears, but won't) gets to me is a good old fashioned Chest Cold.
You see, as a fat boy with Asthma - a chest cold can really kick my ass if I can't get something to get it knocked out before it fully develops.  Of course, having had 2,369 different chest colds over the years I've become familiar with the signals my body sends off pre-cold.

I woke up about 30 times over the evening feeling like shit.  I woke up with a heavy chest and a slightly sore throat.  I was sleepy so I wasn't sure if I just strained myself at work or I was sleeping wrong or I was just dreaming it all.  Upon waking up this morning and becoming functional it all started to click, I truly am coming down with something.

Everyone around me is sick currently (except my family).  Lots of sickness at work and my amazing woman has had a head cold for a few days.  One of my employees yesterday was sitting in the break room talking about how he ever gets sick but must have run into something amazing yesterday because he ended up developing a chest cold out of no where.
Those were warning signs.
I cursed him, gave him the sign of the cross and screamed OUT DAMN SPOT!
It appears as though none of it worked.
I wake up today to find out the Pope is retiring (probably because of me trying to ward off evil in my break room) and that I feel like shit.  Oh haha, good one all mighty deity!  I ask for help and you make the one guy who can grant it step down to "retire" out of the pure blue thus shocking the world and turning all the attention away from what truly matters - me feeling like crap.

So, I'm currently doing online searches looking for places I can go to get the meds I need (since work switched insurance and the place I have gone for the past 6+ years does not accept my new insurance) so that I can feel better in time for my date on Valentines Day.
The good news is that because I am a fat boy with asthma and chest colds are something that can really kick the ever-loving-crap out of me I'm going to request a note saying I can't work for the next two days so that I can stay at home and rest and make sure I don't over do it and really screw myself over.
But, that's getting ahead of myself.  First I actually have to track down and venture out to get my meds.

I need to start taking a vitamin supplement   My natural awesomeness is no longer enough to ward off the cold and flu demons and I guess even a super hero much like myself needs help as he is approaching middle age.  Anyone have any recommendations of vitamins that they take and really like.
I prefer chew-able (it's physically impossible for me to swallow a non gel-cap pill even the size of a normal Tylenol) or liquid form.

Now, off to brave the weather to find happiness in a waiting room.

I'm glad this guy doesn't work for my company

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Responses and some Hodge Podge

First I want to thank you all for the kind words on my last post about becoming Debt Free!
I really do appreciate it all.
I got a lot of great responses whether they were on the actual post itself, through Facebook, Twitter or G+, or, you know, like actual in person conversations face to face - those were the weirdest.  Goofballs.

Last night, in celebration, I took my lady out to her favorite Sushi place and had quite a lovely dinner.  From there we headed down to the Joel Osteen show at the Thomas and Mack center.

Now, I've been corrected multiple times by a couple of different people when I reference this as a "show."
I'm told that it's not a show.

However, I beg to differ.  Here is my theory.
No matter what the subject matter is, whether it's comedy or religion or the Vagina Monologues, to me it is a show.  Last night happened to be a religious person (Priest? Deity  Minister? High Priest of the Imaginary Consul?  Whatever) but the subject which was talked about doesn't change the fact that it's a "show" to me.
A guy gets up on stage and does a pre-planned performance - that's a show right?

Anyways, it wasn't half bad and what I took out of it was that the theme was to be positive and take control of your life.  If it wasn't for the Bible quotes and the religious band playing now and then you could have mistook it for a self help seminar.

Kind of funny how it all works out though.  I pay off the last of my debt not even realizing that it was Debt Free Friday until afterwards and then I go see a guy talk about how you should take control of your life which is exactly what I did.  I stopped being negative about my debt and I decided to act by getting rid of it and freeing myself from the shackles.
What a world we live in.

Now - Over on TBC's end of the world I made mention about my little happening and got this response:
"and now what u should do, since u have good credit now, is borrow $10k so u have a decent starting bankroll for the NL games. im not winning in NL solely because my roll is too low, (buying in so short forces huge variance)"

Oh, where to begin?
First is with the misconception of "...Since you have good credit now...."
Fact of the matter is that simply paying off ones debt does not bestow them with good credit.
It just means that you are no longer paying excessive interest on things that you've already owned for a while now.
"Borrow $10k (for a) decent starting bankroll"
I just paid off over $10,000 which caused me to live in misery and poverty for a number of years and your advice is to jump back in the sack with the devil by running it back up again?
I've said there and I'll say here, the better option would be to just save up some extra money every month until I have that same exact $10k so that I can do whatever I Please with it.
I'd still be debt free and I wouldn't have to worry about paying the money back.
THIS makes a lot more sense to me than Tony's Master Plan. (Addendum - This is DonkeyTax Approved!!!)

Either way I've been hard at work at re-doing my budgeting.
I've got people to do and places to see and I need to fit it all in accordingly.
So, Budget Budget Budget.

Good Night Tokyo

Friday, February 08, 2013

Debt Free Friday

I listen to Dave Ramsey on and off and for the most part I really enjoy his Friday show - Debt Free Friday - where people get to call in and brag that they are debt free finally.

Before I knew who Dave was I started working on my debt in a manner very similar to his debt snowball.  Once I was introduced to him (not literally) I started going harder at everything.

This was three years ago give or take.

Today I was going through the last remaining debt that I have and looking at how I am going to pay it off and when I'm going to pay it off.
I had previously believed that I needed to get my bonus check in order to make that last payment.

Today, however, I found that I had enough money in my accounts to make that last payment.

I just hit submit to pay off my student loan which was the last Debt (other than the Mortgage) that I had.

Three years ago when I decided I could not take it any more I had MORE money going out every month than my Income was.
I looked at the amount of interest that I was paying out every month.  The amount of money that I was wasting every month and I decided that I really needed to make a change before I was stuck in a life of poverty and living paycheck to paycheck forever.

So, it's truly fitting that today - Debt Free Friday - I finally paid off that last piece of strangling debt.



Thursday, February 07, 2013

College Savings Plans

I turn to my vast and knowledgeable ...uh.... you guys.

My lady's kid is 7 and I want to start up some sort of College Savings for him so that by the time college comes around a good chunk of it can at least be paid for.

Does anyone out there know of any good plans out there for this type of investment?
Should I just open a 2nd savings account and stock pile the money in there until college comes around?

I figure a few of you out there had a few happy accidents whom you believe will one day head off to college to better their education and take care of you while you enjoy playing poker in your retirements and whatnot so that I could get some sort of advice.

Thanks a bunch

your friendly neighborhood grrouchieman

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fun at my expense

While the title says Not Necessarily Something, it most definitely is something.
Two other bloggers are preparing to stir up a shit storm with me in the middle, and I'm game.

Anything for a little fun right?

So, feel free to check out the link and let our Hosts know if you have any input.
Or just to give a thumbs up to the idea.

In the days of Olde

So, today I woke up with this song in my head.
I haven't heard it in a number of years so I'm curious why my mind decided to bring it back to the surface today?

I was always a big fan of Skid Row and really enjoyed this particular little EP when it was released.
So, I'm glad that my mind is making me want to listen to them again and quite annoyed because my Blue Tooth headphones (that normally allow me to listen to music on my way to and fro work) decided to have the left speaker crap out on me (and I'm too cheap to spend the money to replace it right now).

Here is another cover with Phil Anselmo from Pantera and proof that you should never ask Big Jim to dive into the crowd.

And finally, my last piece of nostalgia for the day.

When I saw this first thing this morning I was reminded that I need to buy a new set of contacts for my original NES so that I could fix it.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Dear Cleveland

Dear Cleveland,

How did it feel to watch the former Cleveland Browns claim their second Super Bowl Title?

It's gotta hurt especially since you guys never actually got one and I know y'all still bitter over that whole Art Modell  thing.

Oh well.

Better luck next decade.

Over-Indulgence Sunday

Yesterday was the big game.  Pretty much all y'all who read this follow the sport in some sort of manner so I don't need to talk down to you and give a big prologue of information just to describe why the words Super and Bowl have been pieced together to create some sort of gambling spectacular.

I think I've decided that unless the Steelers are in said game that I'll just consider it a major gambling holiday from here on out.  I love all things football and haven't missed a game since I've been old enough to remember watching them but I just don't get into the "watching it at home with friends" thing the way I used to.  Maybe it's because I'm older and the older I get the less friends come over for it.  Work gets in the way of some people showing up (damn you non Monday - Friday jobs) and the reality is I could be doing things like trying to make money at a poker table while semi paying attention to the game and making jokes about both teams and the players.

I watched less of the game last year but I had more fun.  Next year I will reconsider my options and go from there, but if the Steelers are not playing in it then you can expect to find me in one of the big shiny buildings on the strip bitching about bad beats!

If you turned the Super Bowl on during the last 5-8 minutes you would have witnessed what looked like a great competitive game that went down to the wire (again).  However, you would have been fooled because the other 52 (give or take) minutes were not competitive and then there was the really horrible two half time shows that took place.
Baltimore dominated the 1st portion of the game and then after the 2nd halftime show the 9ers dominated until the score was close at which point Baltimore started to play again.

I ordered a lot of wings yesterday and I ate a lot.  Then I snacked until I was bloated and I had a good time.
I started the day at 242.4 which was lower than where I was the previous week.  Down about another pound, getting closer and closer that next goal.  By the end of February I hope to be looking at numbers in the 230's occasionally so that I can finally hit and break that 60 pound barrier.  That will be exciting shit right there.

By the end of this week I'll be going Pant shopping.  It's about time that I've done this as I've dropped 2 sizes during this whole weight loss craze that it's starting to be uncomfortable to wear my current over-sized pants with belt.  There is just too much material.  So, I'll start the transition into my next size and spend more money than I want doing it.

At the risk of this getting too long I'm inching closer to my Debt Free status.  I'll provide a bigger update later on that though.
Tax refund hit, I paid something off and should (hopefully) be paying something else off this week (probably on pay day because I don't feel like moving money from one bank account to another just to make the payment).  That will leave me just a school loan and I'm waiting to hear about whether or not I've bonus'd at work or not to know the time frame to paying off that last piece. (I don't consider the house to be part of this Debt Free process right now - it's in its own special category).

Hooray for boobs!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Things we do for Love

My lady does not watch football.  Has no interest in it at all.
She watched about a quarter of one game earlier in the season and I could tell was quite bored with it.  Maybe it's the whole "I don't know what the hell is happening" thing and maybe it's because it's not Futbol.  I don't know and it doesn't matter.
What matters is that she has volunteered numerous times to hit up a bar on Sunday so that I could watch whatever Steelers game happened to be on.
Maybe she only volunteered because she (correctly) assumed that I'd say "thanks, but we don't have to."

Either way, life has led up to this moment.  Or, more correctly, That moment.  The moment that starts around 3:30 pm Pacific time on February 3rd - Super Bowl Sunday.
She volunteered to watch this game, the mecca of games. The holy spirit of games, just to humor me.
I told her "Offer accepted."

Truth of the matter is when I drag her here for the game I will not make her watch it.  She can find whatever else there is to do for her entertainment purposes and do that.  The fact that she will be here during the game on her own free will just to support one of my addictions is enough for me.

And then, out of nowhere, I randomly volunteered to go to church in the morning with her and the kiddo.
It just sort of came out.
She was telling me how she was going to go in the morning and without putting any thought into it: "Do you want me to go with you?"
After she said "if you want to" I immediately told her that I'd try to dig up my flame retardant clothes and suggested she do the same.
Who knows, I just might catch fire!

It's been quite a while since I've been in church.
In black person slang "It's been a minute."

I'm talking College days.
I've never been a religious man (some would say never been a man, but it's not the size that counts.... what?).
Just not really my thing.
But, to each their own.

However, this relationship feels different.
I've taken a different approach.
Things that never made sense to me I now understand.
Things I've never wanted before are now things that I actually look forward to.
I just feel like this one was meant to be.
This might be the one
It's still early. I've still got time to figure things out.
I can't explain things the way I want - in a way that makes sense.
It just feels different, and I like it.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting.
Church, Football, Beer, Wings, Swearing, Cursing.
Oh sweet baby jesus (pronounced Hey-Suess) - I love Super Bowl Sunday.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Oh February I Heart Thee


The Reality of the situation is that I only have strong feelings for you because as of today, the first of yours, my Tax Refund hit my account.
Oh glory of glory (holes) this tickles me to no end because normally I would just wait until the filing deadline was upon me and do it then.  However, this year I tracked down all of my information and processed my taxes on the first possible day that I could and here I am rewarded with money in my account and a whole lot of holidays in this month of yours to spend said money on.

First up is the wonderful day known as Groundhogs day, Feb 2nd.
No, not that shit-hole of a movie with Bill Murray that still haunts me to this day - I mean just the actual holiday where Buddy pulls that fat rodent out of a fake tree trunk up on Gobblers Knob, kisses his ear gently while pretending to hold a conversation with him and then proclaims to the world whether or not we will have 6 more inches of winter (man, I'd kill for 6 more inches... shit, I'd kill for 6 inches....what? I lost myself there... back to reality).

I spent 3 of the worst years of my life in Punxsutawney and it was during that time frame that this movie was made and came out.  Billy boy himself even visited the town.  However, the Movie was not filmed in Punxsy.  Not even partially. It was all done in Indiana in a town rigged up to kinda resemble Punxsy instead.  
I mean - I'm sure this town would have shilled out for not a whole lot of money and the publicity, but whatever.
I hate the movie, I always have and I always will.
I don't like the town that much either.
Or most of the people now that I think of it.
(Except you.  I love you.  We've had a beautiful friendship and it will only get better from here.  Promise).

Then, as if Groundhogs day wasn't enough we fast forward One Whole Day later and we have the holiest of holy days that has ever existed - Super Bowl Sunday.
However, there is not a whole lot of excitement in this holiday for me this year.
I've got mixed emotions about the whole shin-dig.  I don't want either team to win for various reasons.

Lets start with the Cleveland Ravens.... I can't love a team that started in that town.  I can't love a team in my division.  I hate the Ravens with a passion that runs deep in my veins.  The Ravens are the equivalent to an STD that is not curable.  It burns when I pee and I've got a rash that won't stop itching. I also want Ray Lewis to retire after the biggest loss of his career and I want him to be the cause of said loss.
Now, the 49ers.  Ugh.  If the 9ers win that gives them 6 Super Bowl victories, the same amount as the Steelers.  This would mean that we are not sitting alone at the top of the throne ruling the world with more Super Bowl rings than the rest of the world.  No, we'd have to share that honor with another team.  A team who appears to have only recently regained their fan base from the Steve Young years.  They are all out of the woodwork like Laker fans (who, appear to have disappeared this year - Finally).

So, i'm hoping for a 19 overtime tie when the Steelers hating Commish has to put a stop to the game because someone suffered a stroke on the field.
(If that actually happens I didn't really wish it, that was just sarcasm on the computer screen.....truly).

Then - oh dear February, you have Valentines Day.
You know I've hated you for having this holiday for almost my entire life.  You cram two of the shittiest holidays known to man (men) into the same month and then give me the Super Bowl just so I can't totally hate you and am forced to forgive you for your evil deeds.
But VD?  Seriously.  The Hallmark of all holidays.  Made for the women and forced upon the men. An excuse to sell more flowers and chocolate than any other holiday (sans Helloween) out there.
But, alas, I'm actually looking forward to this coming VD.
I'm a bit excited and this is pretty new to me.

I've got most of the evening planned already.  I've got my dinner reservation set and she will be picking out what movie we'll be seeing.  I've now just gotta get money into the bank so that I can buy all the party favors.

Oh, that's right.  The IRS has already given me my money and I can start spending it.
Oh you dirty little month of February - I want to hate you but you're just so dang cute.

In other news, one of my buddies from work decided to start blogging today.
He's come a long way in the past year - losing 70 pounds and getting into better shape and running his first marathon.
He decided to start blogging to try to get some accountability into his life and to get back on track with the whole diet and exercise thing.
I'm fairly certain he'll be talking a lot about food and running and things like Tough Mudder and the ilk.  So, if you're into that give him a read now and then.

As for me, it's approaching midnight and I'm hungry.
Been hungry all day.
I've eaten a shit ton these past two days. Probably set myself back 3 pounds or so.
Oh well, that's life sometimes.