Friday, November 21, 2014

Unable to Pull the Trigger

As I have not really discussed here (though I had a post planned and life got in the way as it currently sits about a quarter written in my drafts bin) my wife has given me the OK to take on Poker as a second, part time job so that I can play the game I love and earn a little extra income at the same time.

My original plan was to pull out $5,000 from my work stock account and use that as my bankroll and pay the money back after I doubled up.  I was going to start playing in December one or two days a week (at most) and have it mostly scheduled out around our jobs and the kids with more room for playing after our spawn is born at the end of January and she takes 4-6 months off of work.

That was the plan and watching the stock at work I just kept putting it off because there were small increases every time I checked out the value of my account.

So, I'd log in and next thing I know I told myself that I'd put it off until next week and this became my pattern.

Then this past week there was a day where the stock jumped up over $3 per share and as I sit and write this today it's up about 80 cents over the close of yesterday (which was a small drop).

As time went on I started to justify not buying it because the next stock purchase was right around the corner and I'm adding about $2k to the account from withdraws over the past 6 months.  I said to myself that after that was added in I would then get the withdraw and start playing, though I feel like this probably won't be the case and I'll come up with another excuse.

Over the past month the value has increased by about 20% so I feel quite justified in leaving my money in the account.

The more time passes the more I am realizing I'm not going to withdraw the money so I'm currently trying to talk myself into just withdrawing the next deposit and playing on $2,000 and slowly building it up.

I miss playing poker and it would be nice to be able to consistently get back to the tables instead of just once or twice every few months.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fame or Shame week 11 results

This week should be known as the Shake-Up

Congrats on everyone who didn't pick the Broncos, and congrats to the guy who realized that GB is going to kill everyone, thus taking 1st place with a little bit of space.

The race for the top 4 teams is still a tight one with 7 teams at 200 or higher.

PackersW53-2043 239 Nick G
SteelersW27-2413 219 Joe G
PatriotsW42-2032 217 Sergio
ChargersW13-617 210 Craig O
SteelersW27-2413 207 Jake
SteelersW27-2413 202 Randy
BronocosL7-22(15)200 Serge
49ersW16-1016 188 Mauri
BroncosL7-22(15)187 Craig T
ChargersW13-617 172 Bosko
BroncosL7-22(15)148 Bill R
SteelersW27-2413 148 Stephanie
BroncosL7-22(15)138 Old Man
BroncosL7-22(15)123 Steph T
ChargersW13-617 108 Mike T
BroncosL7-22(15)96 Jason R
BroncosL7-22(15)87 Rob L
BroncosL7-22(15)78 Claudia
59 Bill M
ChargersW13-617 51 Carnell
BroncosL7-22(15)39 Spank
12 Jason D
BroncosL7-22(15)7 Tony V

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fame or Shame week 11

The picks are in, well - most of them.

Looks like the Broncos are the team to go with this week.

There were also some minor point changes from last week and bad copy/pasting.

215 SergeBronocos
206 Joe G
202 Craig TBroncos
196 Nick GPackers
194 JakeSteelers
193 Craig OChargers
189 RandySteelers
185 Sergio
172 Mauri49ers
163 Bill R
155 BoskoChargers
153 Old ManBroncos
138 Steph TBroncos
135 StephanieSteelers
111 Jason RBroncos
102 Rob LBroncos
93 ClaudiaBroncos
91 Mike TChargers
59 Bill M
54 SpankBroncos
22 Tony VBroncos
12 Jason D
34 Carnell

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Biggest Win was my Worst Failure

So this weekend, in the realm of sports betting, was my biggest payoff so far.
After my parlay tickets were all lined up I ended up getting paid out (including getting my bets back) almost Two Hundred Bucks.
My biggest payoff before that was about $65.
How I ended up getting there was via 3 parlay cards all cashing based on the Eagles winning by 6.5 or greater (and me forgetting to hit the casino on the way to work to hedge to guarantee myself some profit).

I hit two 3 Team Parlays and a 5 team parlay
Broncos -11.5, Cowboys -7.5 and Eagles -6.5.
Chiefs +1, 49ers +5.5 and Eagles -6.5
Broncos -11.5, Cardinals -7, Packers -7.5, Seahawks -9.5 and Eagles -6.5

All that added up to me having a balance of $199 and some change in my Sports Connection (Station Casinos Sports Betting App) account.

Am I happy?  Well hell yeah I am because I started by just putting $50 bucks in the account around the start of the football season so this means that while I haven't been amazingly successful I am also not losing money.

However, I did not come here to brag about me being slightly better than break even over the course of 10 weeks.  I came here, instead, to tell you how this weekend was such a failure.

I didn't even realize it until I went over every single one of my cards.
For the record, I only had 4 other cards and a total of $35 actual money riding on Sunday.

I lost a 3 teamer which had  the Ravens, Steelers and Eagles.
I lost a 4 teamer that had the Chiefs, Packers, Steelers and Eagles.
I lost a 5 teamer that had the Broncos, Steelers, Packers, Eagles and Ravens.
I lost an 8 teamer that had the Ravens, Chiefs, Lions, Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons, 49ers and Eagles.

You all see the common denominator right?
The Steelers.
The ONLY team I picked wrong all weekend long was my own team, which I'm OK with.
I am just annoyed that I only got ONE team wrong.  Normally I have two or 3 spread out.

However, that one team cost me pretty big.
3 team payout (including getting my money back) is about 35 bucks.
4 team payout would be about 65 bucks.
5 team payout would be about 130 payout.
8 team payout would be about 750.

I missed out on about $955 extra because the Steelers Sucked it up against a team they should have beaten pretty badly.

So, instead of having an $1155 weekend I had a $200 weekend.
I want to be happy about it, I just fucking can't bring myself to do it right now.

Next week - that's where the money will be waiting for me!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 10 Results

Green Bay
This was the right pick and only two people got it right.

The big winner of the day was Joe G who was in 9th place and now resides in 2nd place.
The big loser was Bill R who was in 2nd place and picked the Steelers and now resides in 10th.
What a weekend.

I added a column for Last Week (LW) so everyone could see where they were ranked the previous week.

RavensW21-724 215 Serge1
PackersW55-1451 206 Joe G9
BroncosW41-1734 202 Craig T3
SeahawksW38-1731 196 Nick G4
BroncosW41-1734 194 Jake5
BroncosW41-1734 193 Craig O6
BroncosW41-1734 189 Randy8
CardinalsW31-4127 185 Sergio7
BroncosW41-1734 172 Mauri10
SteelersL13-20(7)163 Bill R2
BroncosW41-1734 155 Bosko11
BroncosW41-1734 153 Old Man12
BroncosW41-1734 138 Steph T14
PackersW41-1734 118 Stephanie15
SteelersL13-20(7)111 Jason R13
BroncosW41-1734 102 Rob L16
BroncosW41-1734 93 Claudia19
CardinalsW31-4127 91 Mike T17
59 Bill M20
SteelersL13-20(7)54 Spank18
DolphinsL16-20(4)22 Tony V21
12 Jason D22
0 Carnell23 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 10

Here is the week 10 picks.
I'm still waiting on a few people to send me a text letting me know what team they want.

I knew we were going to be Bronco's heavy and the results followed.
On that note - Go Oakland!!!!

Bill R
Craig TBroncos
Nick GSeahawks
Craig OBroncos
Joe GPackers
Old ManBroncos
Jason RSteelers
Steph TBroncos
Rob LBroncos
Mike TCardinals
Bill M
Tony V
Jason D

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Two Year Body Count

As I sit here typing this I prepare for a change at work, the first major one in the two years since I accepted my current position.
It's been almost exactly two years since my promotion and during that time I have had more turnover in my area than the rest of the store.

In fact, since the change has been announced but before I can get into my new position my body count has already increased by three.  Pretty crazy.


That is my number.
That is the number of employees that I have lost from my departments whether they transferred to another position, another store, another state or they got promoted, fired or quit.


Seventeen people in about two years is a crazy number especially when you consider the fact that I only run two departments in the store.

Even though I have had tremendous turnover I am proud to say that, at the end of October (3rd quarter of the year) I was running the Number One and Number 4 top departments for total sales.  Through all of the change my numbers continued to grow. I can only imagine what I'd be able to do if I had stability.

Off the top of my head this is how things broke down for me.

Transferred to Seasonal.
Promoted to Appliance Specialist.
Promoted to Millwork Specialist.
Transferred to the other side of the country
Promoted to Millwork Specialist.
Transferred to Electrical
Promoted to Millwork Department Manager (I pretty much staff this department for some reason).

Promoted to Flooring Specialist.
Promoted to Electrical Pro at another store.
Promoted to Electrical Pro at another store (oddly enough, the same store as the previous).
Transferred to another store in a random position.

Only 5 people quit and only one was fired.
Seven Promotions and a few transfers.

So, now I enter just running the Electrical Department which had One Full Time guy and 4 part timers when I accepted the position and by the time I get into position it is down to just One Full Time and 2 part time guys.  Oh Ch Ch Ch Changes.

If ever there were a time to stop having turnover it is now.  I need to stop training new people, I need to just work on developing the ones I have so that the department can run as smooth as possible.

Fun times.

Next time I change positions I hope I'm not reporting anything near what I had to type up today.

In the future I am planning a Poker (kinda) post and a post kinda relating to porn.
I don't know what order the posts will come in nor when I'll find the time to type them up properly but that's your little tease.