Monday, February 08, 2016

Back to the Gym says the Fattie

I'm sitting here listening to what ultimately is my Favorite Iron Maiden album mostly by virtue of nostalgia as it was the first I ever owned and the one I listed to the most, No Prayer for the Dying.

I just got back from my first trip to the gym this year which will be the first of many.  I'm still not close to the 300 plus pound buffoon that I was a couple of years ago but I am also not close to where I was when I got married less than 2 years ago.  

So, it is once again time to buckle down and work towards being where I want to be.

For the most part, like previously, I'm just going to be doing cardio - 99% on the elliptical.  I don't want to be slim and muscular, I just want to lose weight and keep it off.   I want to be healthier for my family so that I can enjoy watching my kids grow old.  I mean, shit, I'm going to be close to retirement by the time my boy graduates high school for crying out loud.

With that in mind I want to be able to get myself to the point where I can do half a marathon on the elliptical before the year is over with the ultimate goal being the ability to do a marathon on the elliptical in the distant future.   DISTANT, as in I'm not even quantifying how far away it is under current circumstances.
I'm going to use the first couple of weeks to ease myself back into it and as such today I decided that I was only going to go for 30 minutes and I did 2.5 miles give or take.  I'm going to work myself back up to doing 45 minutes to an hour consistently.

From there I'll work on getting my lungs better so that I can endure a couple of longer workouts from time to time.

Since a 5k is just a little over 3 miles I know that I'll be able to easily do this before February is over.

My major goal for Feb is to be able to do a full hour without killing myself.
After that I'll figure out how to work towards doing 10k (or 6.2 miles).

What is everyone else doing this year to get into shape or stay in shape?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Standings Pre-Super Bowl

Alrighty, I didn't post them here but I posted them on the yahoo page.

Standings after Wild Card Round

433 grrouchie
386 oldman
357 hopeless
341 RingmyBell
327 Romomentum
317 El Guapo
205 Cabrina

Cabrina and El Guapo dropped out this past week

Divisional Round
El Guapo picked New England +17
Oldman picked arizona+16
grrouchie picked Arizona +16
Ring my Bell picked Carolina +17
Hopeless picked New England +17
Cabrina picked Greenbay -6
Romomentum Picked Denver +17

449 grrouchie
402 oldman
374 hopeless
358 Ring my bell
344 Romomentum
334 El Guapo
199 Cabrina

Championship Round
grrouchie poorly choose Arizona -34
Romomentum Poorly choose Arizona -34
Ring my Bell choose Carolina +44
Hopeless choose Carolina +44
oldman choose carolina +44

446 Oldman
418 hopeless
415 grrouchie
402 ringmybell
310 romomentum

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A New Post, For Reals

It has been quite a while since I have typed up anything that wasn't related to a fantasy football status.
It has been about a year and what a year it has been.

Lately I have been thinking about writing a couple of updates but I've just never gotten around to it.  Life has been super busy.

As everyone was aware of before I took a hiatus (because I wouldn't shut up about it) I had gotten married and produced an mini-grrouch.

That mini grrouch is now almost 1 year old and has dominated my entire life since last January.

Having a child is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life.  He brings a smile to my face every time I think about him.

Even if I am having a horribly crappy day, the moment I get home and see my baby it all goes away.  My heart is warmed and my mood is happy.  I am more in love with this child than I knew was even possible.

So, a few pictures from the past year.
This won't be a long post but hopefully there won't be a huge gap between then again.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

End of Regular Season Standings

We only have the playoffs left and this is where we stand.

The biggest gain over the last couple weeks has been Hopeless who picked the Saints and the Texans.

Scumdogs - 393 Points
Oldman - 375 Points
Ring my Bell - 330 Points
Hopeless - 330 Points
Guapo - 306 Points
Romomentum - 287 Points
Cabrina - 235 Points
SpankmeHardr - 188 Points

Good Luck with your final 4 Picks - It could be a wild ride now that the Playoffs have reached us.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Standings after week 15.

This is being done on my phone so not as much info as I hate typing this way.

Let me know if you see any differences.

Week 14 big winner was guapowho picked Carolina.
Week 15 everyone choseSeattle or New England and everyone gained the same 27 points.

Grrouchie 353
Oldman 335
Ring my belly 307
Guapo 292
Hopeless 275
Romomentum 264
Cabrina 251
VeryJosieFTW 244
Spankmehardr 160 (not a typo)

Remember this runs through the superbowl.
Good luck next week and I'll have my comp back for more timely updates.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Week 13 Results

The Shake Up,
Only 1/3rd of the people still playing along at home decided to pick a winning team while the other 2/3rds decided to pick the Patriots.
Where does this leave us?  With a new Number 1.

The most amusing part of the top of the ladder is that it is all dominated by people with the same last name.

Cincy Win 37-3, 44 Points
Oldmanserge, Scumdogs,

Carolina W 41-38, 13 Points

New England LOSE 28-35, LOSE 7 Points
El Guapo, Very Josie, Ring my Bell, Spankmehardr, hopeless, cabrina,

287 Points - scumdogs ------------
267 Points - Ring my (Le'Veon) Bell
269 Points - Oldmanserge ---------------
217 Points - El Guapo Blanco  -----------
209 Points - Hopeless -----------------------
198 Points - Romomentum -----------------
193 Points - Cabrina --------------------------
186 Points - Very Josie FTW --------------
151 Points - Ghost Riders -------? ----------
94 Points - SpankmeHardr ------------------
73 Points - Check The Bus ------------------
53 Points - LynchD 4 Skittles --------------

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Week 12 results

If you were missed Please let me know.
This is what I am seeing from the league board and from my text messages.

Arizona W 19-13, 16 points
Oldman, El Guapo, Scumdogs, SpankmeHardr

New England LOSE 24-30, Lose 6 Points
El Josie PickemWrongem, Hopeless

Cincy W 31-7, 34 Points
Romomentum, Cabrina,

Jets W 38-20, 28 Points
Ring my Bell

274 Points - Ring my (Le'Veon) Bell  
243 Points - scumdogs ------------
225 Points - Oldmanserge ---------------
224 Points - El Guapo Blanco  -----------
216 Points - Hopeless -----------------------
200 Points - Cabrina --------------------------
193 Points - Very Josie FTW --------------
185 Points - Romomentum -----------------
151 Points - Ghost Riders -------? ----------
101 Points - SpankmeHardr ------------------

73 Points - Check The Bus ------------------
53 Points - LynchD 4 Skittles --------------