Monday, October 20, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 7 results

So here are the week 7 results and current standings.

First I want to give a big shout out to the Seattle Seahawks for being picked by 4 of the top 6 teams (including the guy who was temporarily ahead of me for a whole one week) and allowing me to re-take 1st place.
Seattle was my 12th man this week.

Second, I want to thank the Browns for being the Browns.  Destroying my team one game and then losing to one of the worst teams in the league the next.  That win over Pittsburgh was so decisive that it caused a few people to actually pick you this week and you totally cost them big time.

To Carnell for picking the Texans because he forgot to pick this weekend and then decided that Pittsburgh sucks.  Carnell, you are in last place.  You are the only guy still in the negative.
You are losing to a guy who hasn't made a pick in multiple weeks and once picked a team on a buy week.  Carnell - You Suck :)

week 7ScorePointsTotal
CowboysW 31-2120 170 Serge
PackersW 38-1731 155 Craig T
SeahawksL 26-28(2)153 Bill R
SeahawksL 26-28(2)142 Craig O
SeahawksL 26-28(2)139 Jake
PatriotsW 27-2512 119 Jason R
SeahawksL 26-28(2)117 Joe G
PatriotsW 27-2512 112 Nick G
PatriotsW 27-2512 111 Randy
CardinalsW 24-1321 110 Sergio
PackersW 38-1731 110 Steph T
PatriotsW 27-2512 98 Old Man
CowboysW 31-2120 80 Mauri
CardinalsW 24-1321 73 Bosko
SeahawksL 26-28(2)67 Stephanie
ChargersL 20-23(3)62 Tony V
RavensW 29-732 56 Claudia
SeahawksL 26-28(2)51 Mike T
BrownsL 24-6(18)32 Rob L
BrownsL 24-6(18)21 Spank
BrownsL 24-6(18)15 Bill M
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
TexansL 23-30(7)(11)Carnell

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fame or Shame week 7

Here is what I have from you fine scum for this week.
If I missed you or got it wrong let me know.
If you haven't gotten a pick to me then do that now.

week 7
Bill R
Craig OSeahawks
Craig TPackers
Joe GSeahawks
Jason RPatriots
Nick GPatriots
Old ManPatriots
Steph TPackers
Tony V
Mike TSeahawks
Rob LBrowns
Bill MBrowns
Jason D

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 6 Results

Well Folks, we currently have a new leader in our little game.
Bill R, take a bow because you are leading by 5 points currently.

We still have one guy with negative points and that really just kind of sucks for him because that means it is probably nearly impossible for him to actually win this thing.

Only one person took Baltimore this past week gaining the most points and going from near last to middle of the pack, so congrats to my son for not sucking as bad this week.

Here are the results and the current standings.

BroncosW 31-1724 155 Bill R
ChargersW 31-2813 150 Serge
ChargersW 31-2813 144 Craig O
BroncosW 31-1724 141 Jake
BroncosW 31-1724 124 Craig T
ChargersW 31-2813 119 Joe G
BroncosW 31-1724 107 Jason R
BroncosW 31-1724 100 Nick G
ChargersW 31-2813 99 Randy
ChargersW 31-2813 89 Sergio
BroncosW 31-1724 68 Old Man
ChargersW 31-28 13 66 Steph T
SeahawksL 23-30(7)65 Tony V
RavensW 48-1741 60 Mauri
SeahawksL 23-30(7)53 Stephanie
49ersW 31-1724 53 Mike T
ColtsW 33-2815 52 Bosko
BroncosW 31-1724 50 Rob L
chargersW 31-2813 39 Spank
BroncosW 31-1724 33 Bill M
ChargersW 31-2813 24 Claudia
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
BroncosW 31-1724 (4)Carnell

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 6

This is what I have so far and I know the rest of you are just all getting your picks to me a little later than normal which is ok by me.
Keep them coming people

Craig OChargers
Bill R
Joe GChargers
Craig TBroncos
Jason RBroncos
Nick GBroncos
Tony V
Steph TChargers
Old ManBroncos
Mike T49ers
Rob LBroncos
Jason D
Bill MBroncos

Friday, October 10, 2014

Look what I can do

I just kind of figured that it was time for some words on a keyboard to a screen on your computer into your brains.
On Wednesday I decided to fire up my Sports Connection app so that I could make sure I had a wager placed on the Thursday night game and so that I could get a parlay card in that included it.
I felt pretty confident about the Colts taking and I thought that the spread was a bit low no matter how good J.J. Watts is so I put my $5 on the Colts.

Then Yesterday (Thursday as I am typing this Friday no matter what day you actually read it) I'm at work and taking a break close to 5pm and someone starts talking about Football and I get a text from a buddy in the Fame or Shame league (currently he is one of the shamed) and he tells me he is taking the Colts for his pick this week.
At this moment all I can think of is that I need to put a bet on the Colts, completely forgetting that I already had done exactly that.   So, I fire up the app again (and don't bother to look at the action I already have going) and see that the spread is something like Colts -5.5 and the Over/Under is at 46.5.  I decided the Colts were going to win by at least a touchdown and probably put up 35 themselves so I booked a two team Parlay with the Colts and the Over.

I got to look at the score during the first quarter and saw it was 24-0 and thought that I had the Colts but that the Over might not happen unless the Texans had some garbage time scores.
I saw the score at halftime where both teams had already combined for 41 points and thought that this was going to be easy peasy, one more Touchdown and the Colts just had to be the team in the lead in the end.
When the game ended I looked at my account and noticed I just won two bets and smiled a little while adding the approx $20 extra bucks into my account.

When I opened up my account I put $50 into it (and have not reloaded) and right now my account currently sits at $107.75 plus two other wagers (parlay's for $5 each) so I have over doubled my money which is nice.

I'm trying to find a few other games to put some money on during this weekend that I feel will be sure things.  On a parlay I have Denver at -8 and the line is currently sitting at -9.5 and I don't want to put anything else on them as that line keeps going up.

I'm also trying to look for a couple of "sure fire" college games but with my lack of college knowledge I generally have to scour the internet and look at what the smart people are saying to get that kind of information.  But, that's what I'll do after I stop typing this tonight and tomorrow before I have to head into work again.

Work has been running me ragged lately but come November 1st I will be down to just one department and I chose the one I am least familiar with so that I could challenge myself while trying to prepare to move to the next level of management.

I've got two more strat games to post, one win and one loss and it looks like the last one from the first block of 4 games is going to be computer generated as I don't think I'm able to hook up with my opponent.

Time to go play some video games before I fall asleep.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 5 Results

On Thursday I thought for sure I'd pull ahead of the crowd with my sleek pick of the Packers.
The Chargers, however, decided to only allow me to gain a whole point.
One Whole Fucking Point.

However, I didn't choose the Bengals like Carnell the Maroon.
Carnell is now the ONLY person who still has negative points.
6 people have over 100 points but this is still anybody's game.
Well, anybody but Carnell that is

PackersW 42-1042 137 Serge
ChargersW 31-041 131 Craig O
ChargersW 31-041 131 Bill R
PackersW 42-1042 117 Jake
ChargersW 31-041 106 Joe G
SaintsW 37-3116 100 Craig T
EaglesW 34-2816 86 Randy
ChargersW 31-041 83 Jason R
CowboysW 20-1713 76 Nick G
SteelersW 17-918 76 Sergio
ChargersW 31-041 72 Tony V
ChargersW 31-041 66 Steph T
EaglesW 34-28 16 60 Stephanie
SteelersW 17-9 18 44 Old Man
ChargersW 31-041 37 Bosko
CardinalsL 20-41(21)29 Mike T
SaintsW 37-3116 26 Rob L
SteelersW 17-918 26 Spank
CowboysW 20-1713 19 Mauri
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
SeahawksW 27-1720 11 Claudia
SeahawksW 27-1720 9 Bill M
BengalsL 17-43(26)(28)Carnell