Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 2 Results

Two weeks are in the books because nobody picked the Colts or the Eagles.
So how do we all look?  Some of you look uglier than others, but genetics was never the issue.

Only one guy strayed from the pack and was successful and that was Mike T who chose the Texans.
Everyone else is a sheep and should be ashamed of yourself.
The Best pick of the week would have been Washington which would have gotten you 41 points, but no one was ever going to pick the Racist Skins while RG3 was starting.

Bronco's 24-17 - 17 points
Seahawks 21-30 - (9) points
49ers 20-28 - (8) Points
Saints 24-26 - (2) Points
Packers 31-24 - 17 Points
Houston 30-14 - 26 Points
Steelers 6-26 - (20) Points
Lions 7-24 - (17) Points

Mike T - Texans - 26 Points
Serge - Broncos - 17 points
Old Man - Broncos - 17 points
Craig O - Broncos - 17 points
Stephanie - Broncos - 17 points
Jason R - Packers - 17 Points
Rob L - Packers - 17 Points
Sergio - Packers - 17 Points
Bill R - Packers - 17 Points
Craig T - Packers - 17 Points
Jake - Packers - 17 Points
Spank - Saints - (2) Points
Randy - Saints - (2) Points
Nick - 49ers - (8) Points
Tony V - 49ers - (8) Points
Joe G - 49ers - (8) Points
Bill M - 49ers - (8) Points
Jason D - Seahawks - (9) points
Matt B - Seahawks - (9) points
Steph T - Seahawks - (9) points
Carnell - Lions - (17) Points
Mauri - Lions -  - (17) Points
Claudia - Steelers - (20) Points

Season Standings after two weeks
44 Serge
44 Craig O
44 Sergio
44 Bill R
38 Jason R
34 Craig T
29 Mike T
20 Old Man
19 Joe G
19 Randy
14 Stephanie
14 Rob L
13 Nick G
12 Jason D
9 Tony V
4 Carnell
4 Jake
(21)Bill M
(22)Steph T

Monday, September 15, 2014

One Hand to End Them All

After watching the video a couple of different times I was led to wonder if there was a secret handshake, a glance or maybe multiple meetings in the bathroom during the improbably long 9 hour final table.

"Hey Vinny, I'm thinking that if we go over 9 hours we should try to create situations where we all just go all in and let the dealer sort it out"
"Oh George, it will look funny if not everyone has a good hand though."
"Vinny, if I raise my left eyebrow that means I have a good hand, if everyone else follows suit then we do this thing."
"Ok George, but lets hope it doesn't come to that."

And the seed was planted.

When you look at it from the Fish perspective (and I do believe that I'm pretty good with that point of view) then it's not too hard to see how this ended up happening.

First there was some fatigue happening, nine hours of final table poker is a long time.  Every thought, every decision, every mistake could lead to a lesser payout or a greater payout.  The money is in the back of your mind and you know that you are one more elimination away from being better off than you were one hand ago.  So you over think everything, you over analyze everything and next thing you know your brain goes into shut down mode.  "Oh hey look, 6 3 off, they'll never see that coming."

Second, there is a sense of maybe I can just get lucky with this hand because in the back of our mind we all know that luck is going to have to take our hand and guide us to that huge victory.  The guy with 88 knew exactly that he needed to fold but at the same time if he gets out of the way then the chips are even more stacked against him.  Does he have what it takes to play another few hours trying to pick spots to double up multiple times in order to get to even and then chip away and win the tourney or do you stick it in with 88 and hope to spike an 8 and be in position to take this down with just a few well timed hands?

It's not often that I actually even play 9 hours of poker let alone 9 hours where I have to be on my best game and behavior for the entire duration.  I've gone home mentally exhausted after several sessions with only hundreds of dollars on the line.  I'm pretty sure in the video above that I would have gotten it in quicker than most of those guy and, in fact, I would have done so with pretty much anything at this point.
You know, especially after Vinny raised his eyebrow and George followed suit.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

NFL Week 2

In Week 1 I went  10 - 6 which is pretty respectable and a lot better than losing every single parlay card I had out there.
This week Lets hope for the better even though I started the week with a loss.

Steelers over Ravens
Miami over Buffalo
Detroit over Carolina
Cincy over Atlanta
Saints over Browns
Patriots over Vikings
Cardinals over Giants
Titans over Cowboys
Jaguars over Redskins
Seahawks over Chargers
Bucs over Rams
Broncos over Chiefs
Packers over Jets
Texans over Raiders
49ers over Bears
Eagles over Colts

As for my actual sports bets?
All of these are through Westgate where I hung out with Coach to watch the Thursday night game.

This week I made $22 worth of parlay bets.  Two with 3 teams, one with 4 teams, One with 5 teams and two with 11 teams.
The one 11 team has all the odds and spreads jacked up and I put $2 on that because if I lose the rest and win that I cover my bets for the week.

Current Sports Betting - ($15)

Fame or Shame Week 2

Week 2 Picks are In

Serge - Broncos
Old Man - Broncos
Craig O - Broncos
Stephanie - Broncos
Jason D - Seahawks
Matt B - Seahawks
Steph T - Seahawks
Nick - 49ers
Joe G - 49ers
Bill M - 49ers
Spank - Saints
Randy - Saints
Jason R - Packers
Rob L - Packers
Sergio - Packers
Bill R - Packers
Craig T - Packers
Mike T - Texans
Claudia - Steelers
Mauri - Lions
Jake -

Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Odds and Ends

Man, I'm sitting here bored while the kid is sitting next to me playing Spider-man Web of Shadows on the Xbox 360 and I just finished a small session of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

The whole reason I am bored is because I've got this deep down craving to go play some poker.  Oh, I want to stack some out of town fish and drink a few beers and come home a couple hundred dollars richer.

The wife is sleeping in the other room because she slept for shit last night and I'm about to flip a coin to figure out if I'm going to wake her up to let her know I'm going to play poker or if I'll just fire up a video game and do that for the rest of the night.

My first week of Sports Betting went horribly awry when the Saints, Patriots and Bears all decided that they were allergic to winning.  One or a combination of those teams cost me on every parlay card that I had out there.

Tomorrow I am planning on going over to one of the Stations and putting in a Parlay card and hitting up Alienate for their "Pick every game right and win $150,000" thing.
Right now my sports betting (in a casino) is at negative $20.  However, that will all change this weekend as I will pick better AND win at least one of my parlay cards.

Tomorrow is a busy day though.
Gotta hit up the DMV so that I can renew my drivers license.
Gotta baby doc appointment - this is the 20 week one complete with another Ultrasound which will depict my spawn showing off his wiener for the world.
There is Soccer Practice at night which I have wormed my way out of by telling my love that I absolutely have to watch the Steelers Game because I'll die if I don't.
I'll probably have to watch said game at a casino somewhere which will involve poker.  I could watch it at a bar but then I'd be forced to drink heavily and might require a ride home.

I should get a hold of the ford dealership and get my car in to have a tire looked at, it appears to be allergic to air recently.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 1 Results

So the results are out for week one of the Fame or Shame Pick'em contest and lets just say that there are 9 idiots out there who decided to pick losers and start week 2 in the hole.  Now, this could be a creative way for people to make a dramatic come from behind victory but I'm really doubting that anyone bothered to put that much thought into it.

Five Brilliant people took the Eagles and earned themselves 27 points.
Serge, Craig O, Sergio, Joe G, and Bill R.

Five slightly less intillegent people took the 49ers and earned 21 points (and much like the 9ers they just can't quite get first place).
Nick G, Carnell, Jason D, Randy and Jason R.

Two average people went with the "Denver has a good Offense" strategy and earned 17 points.
Tony V and Craig T

Two people probably think this is a regular survival contest and picked the Steelers for 3 points.
Mike T and my Old Man!!!

Now to the real idiots

Bears lovers out there, you got stuck for 3.
Bosko, Stephanie O, Rob L and Claudia

One idiot picked the Cowboys even know they were 100% guaranteed to lose

Four people think that Tom Brady can win any game all by himself and suffered with Negative 13 points
Spank, Jake, Steph T, and Bill M

As of this writing the best team to pick was the Vikings which would have earned you 1st place and 38 points - but Y'all too stupid to make that play.

Current Standings
Serge 27
Craig O 27
Sergio 27
Bill R 27
Joe G 27

Nick G 21
Carnell 21
Jason D 21
Jason R 21
Randy 21

Tony V 17
Craig T 17

Mike T 3
Old Man 3

Bosko -3
Stephanie O -3
Rob L -3
Claudia -3

Mauri -11

Spank -13
Jake -13
Steph T -13
Bill M -13

Get those next bunch of picks in ASAP.  Weds night if picking the Thursday game and Saturday Night if picking anything Sunday or Later.

Misc Stats

Biggest Scores
Vikings 1

Most picked Teams
Eagles 5
49ers 5
Bears 4
Patriots 4
Steelers 2
Broncos 2
Cowboys 1

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fame Or Shame week 1

First weeks picks for the Fame or Shame league.
Rules are as follows and Stolen from Lucki Duck (link to be added later).
1 - 10 points if your team wins
2 - Bonus points equal to how much your team won by.

Serge - Eagles
Bosko - Bears
Stephanie O - Bears
Craig O - Eagles
Nick G - 49ers
Spank - Patriots
Sergio - Eagles
Carnell - 49ers
Jason D - 49ers
Randy - 49ers
Joe G - Eagles
Rob L - Bears
Jason R - 49ers
Mike T - Steelers
Jake - Patriots
Craig T - Broncos
Old Man - Steelers
Tony V- Broncos
Claudia - Bears
Mauri - Cowboys
Bill R - Eagles
Bill M - Patriots
Steph T - Patriots

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Week 1 NFL Season

So now that I"m undefeated in my NFL Picks for the season I'd like to just take a bow and end it.
Er, I mean here is the rest of my week 1 picks - lets see how good or bad I'll be over the course of the full year.

Saints over Falcons
Vikings over Rams
Steelers over Browns
Eagles over Jags
Raiders over Jets (I really just want the Jets to lose - I feel like this is a bad pick though).
Bengals over Ravens
Bears over Bills
Redskins over Texans
Chiefs over Titans
Pats over Phins
Panthers over Bucs
9ers over Cowgirls
Bronco's over Colts
Lions over Giants
Cardinals over Chargers - though this game will be 100% Rivers Dependent.

As for my actual sports bets?
I ended up doing two different Parlay cards - a 5 Team one at a Station and a 6 team one at Aliante.
I should probably stick to 3 team ones and go for the most sure bets of all of them to build my roll but I'm giving myself $20 per week so I felt like doing more the first week.

Saints -2.5
Vikings +4
Bears -7
Patriots -5
Panthers +2
49ers -5

Steelers -6.5
Eagles -10.5
Bears -6.5
Chiefs -3.5
Pats -4.5

Let's see how this experiment goes.