Friday, April 18, 2014

Only One More Week

Last night I received a phone call about our song selection during the ceremony.  Today I received an email that my tux is ready to be picked up and that I should come in for my final fitting to make sure all is well in regards to looking like a pimp ass G for my wedding.
The flowers have arrived and the Guest Book showed up looking beautiful.  Everything is finalizing and pretty soon all of my friends will be arriving into town to party like rock stars with their compadre from another madre.

I took a nap after work today because getting up at 4:30 in the morning drains the shit out of me.  When I shake the cob-webs off I'll be refreshed and ready to go and probably have a late night playing some sort of video game.  I'm thinking about cracking Skyrim open but I really should put Diablo to bed before I start another game that will be a multi hundred hour time sink.

I'm supposed to have this weekend off but I really think that I'm going to head in tomorrow for a couple of hours so that I can do up a proper work list for this coming week and make an outline for stuff that needs to be done/maintained/looked at while I'm off for two weeks so that I don't come back to a disaster area.

As for right now, it's time to take the kids to the park so they can play and run off energy.
So, with that I cut this short....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 days and counting

As I write this, in exactly 10 days I will be enjoying wedded bliss with my new wife.  It feels like just a week ago that I looked at the calender and thought "shit, 100 more days to lose 10-20 pounds" and now the time is upon me.
I'm going to assume that it's nerves that have caused me to gain a few pounds in the past couple of weeks but whatever, Life is good and I am happy.

I'm not going to edit or re-read this to make sure everything makes sense.  With that I will warn you that I am half way through my second Dead Guy while typing as some nights require booze to end the evening and fall asleep properly.

Before I get into the vague info I plan on giving to follow up that sentence I want to point out that this month I have beaten Mega Man Powered up for the Playstation Portable, or the PSP as most people know it.
I am quite happy with the game and plan on putting a few more hours into it but I in no way plan on completing it.  In order to complete it you have to beat it with Megaman on every single difficulty.  You also have to beat it with every other unlockable character on every single difficulty.  This means Cut-man and Guts-man and all the rest.  Liking Mega-Man and keeping him fondly in my heart over the years (but nothing like my brother in gaming Mike Hall) I really enjoyed this version of the game and the two new bosses.  However, I have better things to do with my time than beat the game another 30 times or so.

After that I re-started and beat Batman: Arkham City which I'm going to proclaim is probably one of the 5 best games I have ever played.  I haven't done all the side missions and I'll never get around to doing all the Riddler stuff, but I did have the Catwoman levels installed.  And, when it goes on sale for $5 or less I plan on getting the Harley DLC and playing through that.   The game play was great, all the improvements from Asylum were actual improvements.  The size of the map was pretty much perfect for the game as well.  The thing that makes this game so amazing was the ending.
That hit jumped out at you and hit you like the Klan throwing a sock party.  While it was hinted at I honestly never saw it coming.  This is a game that I will play again, on New Game Plus, because it was so amazing.
And even though I loved the game so much, the thing that tugged at my heart strings the most was the "voice mail" during the ending credits.
The whole reason I ended up deciding to play Arkham City as because this year Arkham Knight comes out and it is supposed to end the trilogy (Asylum, City and Knight).  So, I thought that I should beat City and Origins (a prequel from a different developer) before Knight came out so I could play it at release instead of 3 years later as seems to be my current Modis Operandi (SP????).

I've been playing a little bit of Diablo 3 trying to eek my way towards that last achievement as I'd like to have it done before The Ultimate Evil Edition comes out for the PS4 later this year.

For the PS3 I've still got to work on and beat South Park - but most of my gaming has been while kids are around so this game is totally a back burner game.
I think the next one I'm going to start is God of War Ascension and I plan on getting all of the NON multiplayer Trophies.  I might consider the MP ones just so that I can get the Platinum's on all of the games but I personally hate Multi-player in single player type games.
I'd also like to complete Dead Space so that I can move on to Dead Space 2.

Now, back to my pre-ramble.
Parenting is a bitch as I am finding out.
Step-Parenting is a bigger bitch.
I feel this might be the hardest job in the world.
It's great when everything is going good but there are these times and situations where it's like getting your balls caught in a vice.  There is no possible way to do the right thing.
Having to choose between getting fucked by the big dicked black dude or masturbating with razor wire.
Pretty much lose-lose.
Luckily I haven't had a whole lot of that over the past couple of years but tonight was one of those nights and I feel like absolute shit because of it.
This is why I have just downed my 2nd Dead Guy and am moving on to the third.

See y'all on the flip side.
10 days from now will be the happiest day of my life.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two Weeks

In two weeks I will awaken at Green Valley Ranch with my beautiful bride next to me for the first time ever.
Kinda surreal the closer it gets.

Monday, April 07, 2014

please help

Guys, I never do this but there is always an exception.
A friend and co-worker recently lost her baby boy and is having issues paying for the funeral.
If anyone out there could donate even just a couple of dollars I would really appreciate it.

Leave a note saying that serge sent you unless you want to remain truly anonymous.

I appreciate this more than you know.


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

24 hours

I've officially gone 24 hours without a soda and thus far I haven't killed anyone.
I posted about this one my Facebook as I was in the middle of the first day and got a lot of good comments from people but because of one of the comments I will clarify that I am not without caffeine, I am only trying to cut out the soda's and the carbonated energy drinks.

I do realize that I have a horrible caffeine addiction and will need to slowly cut back on that as well but that is for another time.  Right now I am focusing on not drinking soda's and getting rid of (or at least severely cutting back on) that portion of my unhealthy life style.

I grew up drinking Mountain Dew like it was water so I know this isn't going to be an easy process.
However, yesterday I turned to water and alternative energy sources and made it through the day.  There were a couple of times that I wanted to reach or a Dew but instead I refilled my water.

Early in the day I added some caffeine to my water and that got me through about half of my day.  After work I did need to get a little bit more caffeine because I felt myself wearing down and starting to get a headache.  I used a little of the Mio Energy in another water and slowly sipped that for the rest of the night.

I read somewhere that you should drink about 2/3rds of your body weight in water every day (in ounces) and that puts me at about 150 ounces of water per day.
Yesterday I succeeded.
Today is another day.
Lets go for 48 hours.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashing Back

Last night I was out boozing it up with some friends.  The funny thing about going out to a bar in Vegas is that gambling is so integrated with our lifestyles that the bars are loaded with Video Poker machines so that you can piss away money while you drink.

That got me to thinking about shortly after the online poker boom where you could play online slots for real money as well.  And, it didn't stop there, it was Black Jack, Pai Gow, Roulette, Craps and just about anything else you really wanted to do.

I remember going over to the dark side a few times and transferring money from one of the random poker sites to their casino/sportsbook so that I could play some of the games which almost always ended up being craps.  I kept searching, like countless before and after me, for some sort of system to beat the craps game because I just loved playing so much.  Playing at a casino can get to be pretty expensive though especially now that the cheapest game is a $5 table unless you are willing to drive way out of your way and head down to Jokers Wild or somewhere else.  How I do miss those dollar craps tables at Nevada Palace before they tore it down and put the NEW Cannery up in it's place.

I never found the magic formula but the game also never lost its luster for me.  I've had sessions where I've won over a grand and I've had sessions where I lost so quick I had to stop and ponder if my chips had even touched the felt.  Yet time and time again when I'm walking through a casino (by myself or in the company of others) I find myself looking at every craps table and game that I walk by.  I find myself listening for the sweet sweet sounds of an active table on a hot roll.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

I've done well at avoiding this addiction of mine over the last few years and I only play occasionally, usually when friends are in town visiting and I'm pretending it's the old days and I'm just another tourist.

Maybe I should just pull all of my money out of my accounts, quit my job and focus on beating craps.  It would be an amazing life for a week or two and I'd have a lot of fun stories to tell.
It all ends the same though.

Seven Out

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Welcome to post 600 - in here you will find nothing special.  I just felt obligated to point out that I have published 600 bastard posts and y'all have read most of them.

Any other bloggers out there tell me what is so special about March?  Does anyone else have the same noticeable increase in traffic during this month?
March and April of 2012 were my biggest months at the time.  Then in 2013 it happened again where I had a spike during March and it continued during April.

As I sit here in 2014 March is currently less than 100 hits away from being my best month ever and I know it's not because I constantly churn out posts that you all are clamoring to read.  For the most part all of my new posts get about the same amount of views so I realize it's just the scandalous fun posts of the past that are getting all of the hits when people are trying to search for ways to inflate their penis or looking for chicks in Yoga Pants.
I just don't get why March (and assuming April) seem to have more of these people than the other months.

Honestly I shouldn't care because it's all about the small, loyal few who keep coming back for the newest babble that I have pushed to the world.

Today is March 25th and exactly one month from today at this very hour I will be enjoying my reception.  Shaking babies and kissing hands and thanking everyone for enjoying this feast which I have paid for and hoping everyone leaves soon so I can get to the baby making.
The past year has gone by pretty damned fast.  Honestly it feels like it was just a week ago that I was telling myself that there was still 100 days till I was married and I needed to hit up the exercise and cut back on the snacks.  70 days later I pretty much weigh exactly the same but I'm happy and I'm about to marry the love of my life and that is all that matters.

Life really doesn't get much better than this.
Though, in less than 2 months you'll finally get to stop reading about me and this whole nuptial thing and I'll have it all in my rear view mirror and move on to posting things that are more interesting.  Hopefully playing poker again and doing other fun degenerate things.
Oh the glory days - how I miss thee.