Thursday, August 25, 2016


I miss playing poker.
I miss having the extra money available when I want it and I miss meeting up with people as they come into town to visit and play.

So, since all of my real money has places for it to be I decided to give this whole Online Poker thing a shot again.  One of the reasons I quit years ago was because it got really really boring, especially after Black Monday or whatever it was called.

So, I downloaded WSOP and loaded it up with pocket change and am going to work on building my bankroll up from nothing, well close to nothing.

My hope is that by the time we have enough saved up to buy a house that I'll have some sort of starter fund so that I can start playing regularly at the casino's again.

I have not made any rules for myself yet.  I realize that I have to survive through variance from my starting point just to build up enough that I won't have to worry about going broke or risk looking like the idiot at my tables who keeps buying in for 40 cents every few minutes and going broke again.

So, what did I do?
I put $10 into my account and got a sweet $1 bonus - so my starting point is $11.
I am only going to be playing the 1 cent 2 cent No Limit games for now and as I am buying in for the max of $2 currently I am starting with a whopping 5 and a half buy-ins.

First goal, get myself to 10 buy-ins and minor breathing room.
Let the....uh.... fun? .... begin.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Just a bunch of Random

I decided to fire up my computer mainly because my phone is running out of usable space.
So, my main intent was to just plug the phone in and transfer a bunch of files to hard drive and go back on my merry way.

That led me to you.

Earlier today we took the baby to the Farmers Market at Downtown Summerlin.  Downtown Summerlin is becoming one of my favorite places to go.  It has a bunch of fun little shops that we like to look at.  It's a nice and easy walk and has a lot of good eateries.   We recently discovered a place that has Frozen Custard which we have been enjoying.  Not to mention that they have a Dave and Buster's coming soon plus a Maggiano's and more.  
And, lets not forget, lots of Pokestops! Kind of important there.

So after we did that we met up with Linda Lou and her husband for lunch and had an hour of good food and great conversation before heading home.

I decided to take a nap when we got home because starting tomorrow night I have to work an entire week of Overnight shifts before Inventory.  It is going to suck but after two weeks of hell (the overnights plus the week of inventory) I'll be able to get back into a normalized routine and soon after it will all be a distant memory.
I just deleted nearly 14 gigs of pics and videos from my phone's camera alone.  Not too shabby.

So, tonight my goal is to stay up late so that I can sleep in so that the overnight's don't kill me.  Doing one is no problem, it's by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th and you haven't slept well that I am worrying about.

I've also started a new diet and after the first week I am down 4 pounds.  I've lost the weight before but keeping it off is the big issue.  I'm going to just self diagnose as having food addiction and admit that I have horrible impulse control when it comes to eating.
I can eat great for a week but then I'll have one slip up where I grab a piece of cake or some chips and next thing you know I've inhaled a pizza and drank a gallon of BBQ sauce.  I've got issues.
But, I'm working on it and working on getting back down to my wedding weight.
So 1 week in and 4 pounds later I will accept this week as a win even though it could have been more and I could have done better.  Baby steps.

I feel like I have asked this before, but does anyone know how to sync your phone pictures with your blogger account?

On Writing -
I've been trying to write.  I have a few random ideas in my head but I really feel as though my skills as a write suck.  I can type up a few pages but when I go back and read what I wrote I feel like it is lacking or needs lots of improvement.
It is possible that I'll still finally do it and churn something out just for the sake of doing it but I hate being overly critical of myself in that regard and thus never progressing.

On finances.
As of this past Friday the wife and I are officially 2/3rds of our way through saving up our Fully Funded Emergency fund of 6 months living expenses.  Our original goal was to have the money in Savings by October 31st pay check but we are actually on pace to hit our goal slightly before that.

However, there are some big spending coming up like my trip to PA with our 11 year old.  That one is going to cost me and set me back a bit.  I've been putting it off but I really need to mail my buddy a check for the tickets and I have to buy the plane tickets as well.

Since I'll be up late maybe I'll look into those plane tickets tonight.

And, that is enough random for the rest of the night.
Hope y'all had a great night.