Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 8 Results

When your top 6 teams all pick losers and not much changes you know they had a good lead over the rest of the pack.
However, Nick and his pick of the Cheifs boosted him the whole way up to 4th place and in contention.
Randy and Sergio picking the Dolphins put them back into the thick of things as well.

The Surprise is Mauri who was almost a the bottom just a few weeks ago is now sitting in 10th position and ready to strike after picking the Patriots

CowboysL 17-20(3)167 Serge
CowboysL 17-20(3)152 Craig T
CowboysL 17-20(3)150 Bill R
ChiefsW 34-737 149 Nick G
CowboysL 17-20(3)139 Craig O
CowboysL 17-20(3)136 Jake
DolphinsW 27-1324 135 Randy
DolphinsW 27-1324 134 Sergio
CardinalsW 24-2014 131 Joe G
PatriotsW 51-2338 118 Mauri
CowboysL 17-20(3)107 Steph T
ColtsL 34-51(17)102 Jason R
DolphinsW 27-1324 97 Bosko
CowboysL 17-20(3)95 Old Man
CowboysL 17-20(3)64 Stephanie
BrownsW 23-1320 52 Rob L
ChargersL 21-35(14)48 Tony V
CowboysL 17-20(3)48 Mike T
BrownsW 23-1320 41 Spank
ColtsL 34-51(17)39 Claudia
DolphinsW 27-1324 39 Bill M
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
CardinalsW 24-2014 3 Carnell

Sunday, October 26, 2014

One Crappy Sunday

I currently sit here in front of my TV/PS4 and my computer and haven't really been glued to football for the entire day like any normal Sunday.
My cheapness is partially to blame but I'm going to instead focus all of my blame elsewhere.

First, I pay good money to have the NFL Sunday Ticket.  In fact, Directv and the Sunday Ticket are set up at my parents house and I shell out the extra money for MAXX so that I can stream the games from my phone, tablet or PS4 while at my house or on the go so that I can still watch football since we don't have cable at our place.

That being said, with the amount of money that I (and many others) pay it would be nice if we could watch all of the games.  I didn't get to watch the Detroit/Atlanta game this morning (even though I woke up for it) because it was on FOX.
Ok, I can deal with that although I missed a hell of an ending.

The 10 am games I watched (kinda) the Cincy/Baltimore game which ended great but was boring for most of the game.  I really wanted to watch the Patriots game but couldn't due to NFL Blackout policy.  I wanted to watch Seattle but couldn't due to antiquated policies.

Ok, skip to the middle games and what do I want to watch? Of course I want to watch my Steelers as I have pretty much every fucking week this year.  In fact, this is a HUGE game for us as we are playing the red hot Colts who are blazing teams with Andrew Luck and cast.  But "Due To NFL Blackout policy that game cannot be played."

Oh for fucks sake.  So, I have to settle for the Browns (not a chance) or the Eagles/Cardinals game and while the Eagles/Cardinals won't be a bad game it's not my Steelers and by default I'm already agitated and annoyed and just generally pissed off and don't feel like watching inferior teams play.
Fuck The NFL.

To top it all off I'm normally supposed to work on this Sunday but I requested it off because this is normally a Sunday that my wife has off so what happens there?  Her boss decides to screw her over and schedule her on her day off and have her work 9 straight days before a day off.
9 straight working days for a pregnant chick who is going on 7 months pregnant and when she mentions it to him he says "oh, I thought I was hooking you up by giving you a 3 day weekend."

The guy has his head up his ass and no sense of what it is like to actually work at this point.

So to recap - I'm not spending the day with my wife and I'm not watching a single football game that I wanted to.
And I can't head out to watch the Steelers game because I have two boys with me who can't sit at the sports book or a bar or whatever to watch it with me and even if they could they would be bored off their asses.

To make matters worse I need one set of level 70 legendary leg armor so that I can complete my level 70 collection for my trophy on Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls (which is one of 3 left that I need) but instead I have had 10 legendary weapons drop, 5 legendary plans, 2 shields, a necklace, a ring and a few others but no legs....none..  I also have spent about 500 in blood shards and haven't gotten a single legendary (or even a set piece) for what I want.
I swear the game knows that it's my last piece and is basically saying "screw you hippy."

Happy Sunday all.

Fame or Shame Week 8

Welcome to Dallas Cowboys Week.

It's not until after the top 5 that anyone has a chance to catch up, will it be the right move to go with a different team or will the top 5 pull further ahead?

Craig TCowboys
Bill RCowboys
Craig OCowboys
Jason RColts
Joe G
Nick GChiefs
Steph TCowboys
Old ManCowboys
Tony VChargers
Mike TCowboys
Rob LBrowns
Bill MDolphins
Jason DNo Pick

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 7 results

So here are the week 7 results and current standings.

First I want to give a big shout out to the Seattle Seahawks for being picked by 4 of the top 6 teams (including the guy who was temporarily ahead of me for a whole one week) and allowing me to re-take 1st place.
Seattle was my 12th man this week.

Second, I want to thank the Browns for being the Browns.  Destroying my team one game and then losing to one of the worst teams in the league the next.  That win over Pittsburgh was so decisive that it caused a few people to actually pick you this week and you totally cost them big time.

To Carnell for picking the Texans because he forgot to pick this weekend and then decided that Pittsburgh sucks.  Carnell, you are in last place.  You are the only guy still in the negative.
You are losing to a guy who hasn't made a pick in multiple weeks and once picked a team on a buy week.  Carnell - You Suck :)

week 7ScorePointsTotal
CowboysW 31-2120 170 Serge
PackersW 38-1731 155 Craig T
SeahawksL 26-28(2)153 Bill R
SeahawksL 26-28(2)142 Craig O
SeahawksL 26-28(2)139 Jake
PatriotsW 27-2512 119 Jason R
SeahawksL 26-28(2)117 Joe G
PatriotsW 27-2512 112 Nick G
PatriotsW 27-2512 111 Randy
CardinalsW 24-1321 110 Sergio
PackersW 38-1731 110 Steph T
PatriotsW 27-2512 98 Old Man
CowboysW 31-2120 80 Mauri
CardinalsW 24-1321 73 Bosko
SeahawksL 26-28(2)67 Stephanie
ChargersL 20-23(3)62 Tony V
RavensW 29-732 56 Claudia
SeahawksL 26-28(2)51 Mike T
BrownsL 24-6(18)32 Rob L
BrownsL 24-6(18)21 Spank
BrownsL 24-6(18)15 Bill M
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
TexansL 23-30(7)(11)Carnell

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fame or Shame week 7

Here is what I have from you fine scum for this week.
If I missed you or got it wrong let me know.
If you haven't gotten a pick to me then do that now.

week 7
Bill R
Craig OSeahawks
Craig TPackers
Joe GSeahawks
Jason RPatriots
Nick GPatriots
Old ManPatriots
Steph TPackers
Tony V
Mike TSeahawks
Rob LBrowns
Bill MBrowns
Jason D

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 6 Results

Well Folks, we currently have a new leader in our little game.
Bill R, take a bow because you are leading by 5 points currently.

We still have one guy with negative points and that really just kind of sucks for him because that means it is probably nearly impossible for him to actually win this thing.

Only one person took Baltimore this past week gaining the most points and going from near last to middle of the pack, so congrats to my son for not sucking as bad this week.

Here are the results and the current standings.

BroncosW 31-1724 155 Bill R
ChargersW 31-2813 150 Serge
ChargersW 31-2813 144 Craig O
BroncosW 31-1724 141 Jake
BroncosW 31-1724 124 Craig T
ChargersW 31-2813 119 Joe G
BroncosW 31-1724 107 Jason R
BroncosW 31-1724 100 Nick G
ChargersW 31-2813 99 Randy
ChargersW 31-2813 89 Sergio
BroncosW 31-1724 68 Old Man
ChargersW 31-28 13 66 Steph T
SeahawksL 23-30(7)65 Tony V
RavensW 48-1741 60 Mauri
SeahawksL 23-30(7)53 Stephanie
49ersW 31-1724 53 Mike T
ColtsW 33-2815 52 Bosko
BroncosW 31-1724 50 Rob L
chargersW 31-2813 39 Spank
BroncosW 31-1724 33 Bill M
ChargersW 31-2813 24 Claudia
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
BroncosW 31-1724 (4)Carnell