Friday, June 17, 2016

National Beer Mile - Las Vegas

You know, at some point there has to be something out there to get me motivated and do one of the 3 million "runs" that come through the town.
Being a general fat-ass, with asthma, I've always been against doing them because.... well, because i pretty much can't physically run without my body trying to kill me by stopping the breathing function that it has.

So when the National Beer Mile came across my book of face I thought it was perfect.
I signed the wife and I up for the event (when they were running a 20% off promo because I'm a cheapass).

We can totally walk a mile, drink 4 beers and enjoy an open bar after party.

I do believe Stump will also be participating in this event but I'm sure with his whole super healthy super fit new being he'll be one of those rat bastards who actually runs the mile.... so boring.

I've already got the day requested off of work and I'm super stoked.
The best part is, this is the same day as my parents anniversary - so I'll get drunk by 5pm and then enjoy a nice dinner!!

Now, my only issue is sneaking 4 beers into my gym so that I can practice this event on the treadmill and/or elliptical.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Confessions of....

Here I sit, broken hearted
Came to shit but only farted.

I have been intending to blog more often, I really have.
However, family life....

I know a lot of you have families and still blog.  My issue really isn't the family but more-so the littlest member of the family,  my nearly 17 month old baby boy, the love of my life.

You (u) see, when I am not working I am at home spending quality time with the family.  I do attempt to pick up one of my hobbies from time to time but he makes things difficult with his constant want of attention and need for me to join it.  Currently he is sitting on my lap and drinking a little bit while trying to slap the keyboard and not allow me to put my words in an order without all those extra letters that he is pressing.

So, while I don't get to game or blog nearly as much (or almost not at all) as I would like I am absolutely in love and wouldn't change it for anything.

I was going through my computer because I wanted to set up a spreadsheet for some other thing I wanted to do when I found a folder labeled simply "Confessions of."

I had to look, obviously I made it - but what was in it.

It was broken into 7 different text documents and when I saw it I knew it was one of those random books that I was working on.  Not because I have any disillusions of becoming famous and selling a million copies and get rich, but just because I like to type and tell stories.  The  goal was to type up a crappy little book, force someone to edit it and then self publish it.  Just because I could really.

(I am going to point out that sitting at the kitchen table with a baby in my lap and typing is hard, but luckily I put his Youtube Songs on the TV and he is mostly distracted - he has only made me delete things 2 or 3 times.)

As I am reading over the things I have written I realize that just 4 short years ago I had a lot of anger
in me and I feel like I am a completely different person now.  Time flies and things change.  It is hard to tell how much they change until you can objectively look back on them.   Looking at the things I was writing (and probably will keep writing now that I found this random folder hidden away on my computer) I am sure that once I am done it will seem as though two completely different people wrote the different "chapters."

Now - to the participation part of the blog.   For those of you who use blogger - You can click on the thing above when doing a post to add an image - (it is right beside LINK).   There is a tab to use photo's from your phone.  Last year I upgraded my phone and now my most recent photo's no longer show up for use.   Does anyone (without me having to go to google to figure this out) know how to get my phone sync'd with the blog again so that I can use recent photo's that are on my phone?   (I do the blogging from a computer or else this would not be an issue).

Eh, it appears as though I now have to pack my lunch and head to work.

Hi Ho
Hi Ho
It's off to work I go
My Name is Rick
Got a Giant Dick
Hi Ho Hi Ho