Monday, April 30, 2012

Car Situation Updated

So the car is at the dealership and will be looked at sometime today.
I called and put in a claim with my insurance just in case there is anything they can do to help.
I called the company that owns the van that did the oil-change and the guy who answered pretty much just blew me off and ended up hanging up on me.
Called back mentioning that if he were to continue his attitude and not be willing to take care of this situation then he'd end up speaking to my attorney and his tune changed a bit.

Guy who did the oil change should probably end up being fired as he was not supposed to be doing changes for anyone personally (Only places like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, etc).  So, he has been doing work off the clock and using company product in order to make money for himself.

Gave all the info to the company and waiting to hear back from them as well.
I'm fairly certain this will end up going to court - at least that is how it feels currently.
I will be getting my rental car shortly so that I can resume my normal work schedule tomorrow and then let everything play out and see where life takes me.

Tomorrow I hope to post something more fun, interesting and not car related!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to O'Sheas

So, pretty much the story of my life is that with every peak there is an equal and annoying valley.
Today showed just that when it really started to look to be a good day.

My day started with more NFL Draft and an Oil Change.
My neighbor works for a company who goes around and does oil changes.  Has the Van with all the equipment, the oil, the filters - the whole 9 yards.
So, I figure what the hell, I'll let him do my oil since he offered.
A couple hours later I decide to take a trip down to O'Sheas so that I can pick up a commemorative chip since the place is going to die a horrible death in the next two days and on the way my Check Oil light comes on.
A few minutes later the car dies and I pull off to the side of the road.

Oil Filter came off without me noticing (Call me a fucking Idiot, whatever - I didn't notice) and all of you with any auto experience can guess what came next.

I call for a tow and I call the guy to come down and fill me back up with oil and put on a new filter (you know, but this time make sure the fucking thing is on correctly).
He shows up, however the engine doesn't turn over - ahhhh fuck.

So, now my car is sitting at a dealership waiting for it to open on Monday so that they can look at it and tell me the engine is fucked and give me an estimate on what it's going to take to fix it.  This way I can go to the neighbor with the bill and get him to cover my expenses.
Probably involving a rental car as well since I have no other way to get to work.

Lesson learned.

grrouch grrouchie

Friday, April 27, 2012

I came I saw I fumbled

1st off I need to start off today's offerings with a link to Waffles blog.  My nipple appears to have won a competition of some sort and for that I am proud.
Now, while he has not actually posted my nipple (I have given my blessing) you can still read his post.  So, if you're looking for soft-core aging balding male nipple porn you are out of luck.

Now that the important matter of my nipple is out of the way - I'll continue.

Skip to the bottom for the TLDR version

As anyone who read my last entry is aware - Today was a big day for me.
So it's just fitting that it started out pretty piss poor.  I had debated on a few things to start my day.  I contemplated calling of from my retail job so that I could sleep in and feel well rested.  Then head to class to get some last minute instruction in before heading over to the casino for my audition.
I also thought about telling work that I had a doctors appointment so that I could leave early and head to class.
However, I ended up just going to work and putting in my full shift.

Before the store even opened I had a manager come into the office and drop a deuce on me and add extra work to my load.  Something that he was informed about on Tuesday and had to be completed by Thursday at the latest was brought to my attention on Friday and of course this is important and needed to be completed by noon because he had promised someone else that it would be done by then.  Excellent, so all the work that I'm supposed to be doing now gets pushed off to begin the day and this is ultimately what ended up causing me to work my full scheduled shift.

Then to top it off I also had a visitor in the store and that pretty much forced me to abandon any idea of slacking off.  I wanted a nice relaxing day where I had no stress and didn't have to do any thinking or reasoning. I wanted to remain a blank slate just thinking about my audition - The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Cockroaches I guess.

Making a long story longer - I worked - I drove home to shit, shower and shave - then I drove to the casino.

I arrived fashionably early like I always do. Talked to one pit boss who sent me to see someone else.  The 2nd person I talked to called the guy that I was supposed to talk to and I stood around and made small talk.  I was informed that while they are looking for Craps dealers they always want you to know more and deal more and yada yada yoda!  I said I understood all of that and was willing to do whatever it took to get my foot in the door.

Eventually I get the Pit Boss who knew I'd be coming and he talked to me for a few, asking me what I was here for and the like.  I told him craps and he looked around at an empty table and I informed him that I'd be willing to come back later. He said "we might not have a game then" and I told him that I'm willing to keep coming back until they have one - I'm in no rush.
So, he calls up to security and explains that he has an Audition for Craps with no game going so he was going to "borrow" a stack of Red and Grey and once he was done he would replace them all.
He then took his jacked off, got his chips and we were on our way.
I asked him for any bets and he threw me a horn.  I booked it as I passed the dice (clumsily as hell by the way).  He threw them and we established a point, his bet was a loser.
I pull the dice up and ask if he'd like the hard ways and he throws up $5 for the hard-ways high on the 8.  I book it and then he adds "make em hoping" so I book that as well.  While moving the dice to him he throws out $6 and says "two way eleven" which I book as well without touching the chips.
Just as he grabs the dice two players walk up to the table.  He throws the dice and it lands on a hard six.
He announces that he's done and to give the money back because we have live players and comments "Man, and I hit that hard six too." So much for having to use my noggin - SAVED!!!

One of the new guys buys in for $40 or $60 or some small amount and the other guy doesn't.  He stands over by a base dealer and I inform him that he needs to have a pass line bet in order for me to pass the dice to him - so he puts 5 on the table.  The other guy comes over to stand right beside me and I ask him if he wants any action. He informs me that he's never played, just turned 22 and wants to watch because he's doesn't know how to play.  I tell him (as I'm passing the dice to his buddy and stumbling a little) "That's good because I've never dealt before and I'm here to learn as well" which prompted a chuckle.
His buddy tossed the dice, I grabbed them and asked if he wanted some hard-ways - he throws one which I book and then adds two more.  I book them as passing the dice and he tosses an unimportant number.
I bring the dice back and set up his Hard-Way bets and his friend asks me if they lost.  I explain that they stay up until they hit or the nasty number rolls.  Hit easy they come down and hit hard his buddy gets paid.  Over the next couple of rolls he kept asking some questions and I answered them while keeping a good pace on the stick and calling out the numbers.  Hit a winner on a roll and then hit a 7 during a come out (also a winner) and I called everything correctly thankfully.   After a few I was tapped out and stood off to the side waiting for whatever was next.

The Pit boss came back to me and was talking to one of the dealers who asked if he was going to put me on base and the Pit Boss said "no, no use." And then we started walking off.
This was where my dread set in.  I don't know if he didn't want me dealing base because I had done a pretty crappy job on stick or if it just wasn't worth it because there was only one player and it would be too easy.  Either way it ate at my brain only being able to do stick and not base.
He asked me if I could do 21 and I said yes, asked if I could pitch and I said yes so he pointed to a game and told me to tap out the dealer.

I came in and proceeded to fumble my way around a bit because they had a bet that was unfamiliar to me.  I had to have it explained to me and how it worked and what to do with the extra money, but after that I was good.  I finished out the shuffle, got to use the auto shuffler (another thing I had to be shown since I had only ever hand shuffled) and then deal half way through a new deck.
I made one counting error which was quickly caught and corrected. I got to do a few payouts, collect a tip for the crew and then I was tapped out.  I washed my hands and thanked everyone for humoring the new guy and went on my way.

Now I got to stand around and just watch the actual 21 dealer deal for a while because the Pit Boss was over paying attention to another game that was going on.  After probably 5 minutes or so he came back over and apologized but I told him everything was cool - I've got patience and his job comes before anything else.
He then took me to an empty table with the "interview" paperwork and told me that there were two ways to do this.
1 - He could ask me a bunch of questions that I answer and he writes everything down.  I told him that sounded like a pretty boring thing to do and probably the worse of the options.
2 - He could leave me with a pen and the questions and then just come back later after I filled out the paperwork.  I told him my writing hand was in good shape and asked for a pen.

So, I got to sit there and write my own answers to the questions while wondering what the hell just happened.  Did I do a shit job? Was it acceptable?  I have no info and I fully was expecting him to come back and tell me that I did a good job but I need some work - do a few more weeks of class and come back to try again.

However, what happened was the Casino Gaming Director came over and introduced himself while asking me a few questions.  I answered everything and felt things were good.  He asked me what I was looking to get out of this, what my plans were, what my availability is and all the standard stuff.  Then he said "lets go to HR and start your paperwork."

I auditioned - I was good enough  - I'm now waiting for the background check to come back so that I can begin my new part time gig!


grrouch out

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What will Friday Bring

Friday has it all this week.
First - and this is something I haven't been able to say in a long time (I almost said coons age), this Friday is actually my Friday.  I have the whole bloody weekend off and I'm pretty damned happy about that. It's been over 2 months since I have had more than even just one single day off in a 7 day stretch.

Second - Friday is (was) the last day of my Craps class because starting Monday work has me working normal 8 hour shifts again (and 5 days a week).  The other person in my office still is out on her FMLA and work really wants me to be there during normal hours since I am the only one in the office for now.  And as an aside to that they still haven't bothered to give me anyone to train to help me do my job even as a just in case something happens to the grrouch and we need a stand in for a day or two.  They did ask one person if she wanted to train in the office but she had to rebut them with "I'm probably moving soon and will be of no use to you outside of the state."  And that, as they say, is where the dog died.  
I really want to put in for a vacation and take a week off but that's not possible under the circumstances.

Third - I have an audition at the casino that I was secretly hoping I could get into.  I just happened to check on their job openings one day and earlier that day they had posted it.  I submitted my application and got the call the next day.  So, Friday it is.  
This audition is in the afternoon which I'm really kind of hoping means that the tables are not loaded up with a ton of players, something nice and casual would be really fitting.  It is a locals casino and it is a Friday which means probably a whole bunch of old cranks who just got their medicare checks will be out and about trying to triple up so that they can tell Madge she can finally afford her smokers lung transplant but most likely losing it all and cursing at me because I'm the one who forced the seven-out by accidentally sending the dice to them with the wrong number facing on one of the 6 sides - damn old bastards and their superstitions.

So, I don't know if I'm going to have to load up on energy drinks or pop some no-doze or just try to go to bed at like 6pm Thursday night, but I gotta make sure I can make it through my work day and still have energy for the Audition.  Maybe an entire body blood transfusion after work will do the trick?  Who knows.  Either way I'm really looking forward to it.

I got some good Black Jack practice in at School today.  First I dealt a few times through with a double deck on the pitch, then I dealt single deck pitch, then I dealt 6 deck shoe.  I feel comfortable enough without putting a ton of time into it that I can nail the BJ portion of it.
Afterwards I went to the Craps table and got stuck on base for about 40 minutes or so and got put through a few progressions which was nice.  I only made one wrong payout (by $1 on a weird bet) and I never gave the money to the wrong player.  I felt pretty good about it and even though I wasn't on the same wavelength as the teacher for the way she wanted me to press certain bets I was still able to know what I was doing and get the job done.

Tomorrow I'd like to get a good 40 minutes to an hour on the stick (in multiple sessions if I have to) so that I can feel more comfortable there and make sure I'm not missing anything.  I'll need to study some of my Horn payouts and whatnot because I still do the math on some of the bets instead of just having them memorized - Oh well.  At least I get the right answer when called upon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Best QB Draft Class Ever

1983 is widely considered to be the best draft class for QB's of all time.  In the 1st round of the 1983 draft there were 6 QB's taken but really only 3 of them matter, 4 if you count the ones who went to a Super Bowl.
Why did this man NOT go to the Steelers?  Bad Decision

Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and John Elway with an honorable Mention to Tony Eason who went to the Super Bowl with the Patriots.

Even taking out Eason, you are left with 3 Hall of Fame QB's picked in the 1st round of 1983.

Everyone likes to look back and compare every draft class to this one for a reason, it is the best ever.  Until recently no other draft has been able to rival it.  That is until the class of 2004 which could very well end up being the best ever.

In 2004 we have Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning and Ben Rothlesberger.  These QB's now have 7 years of NFL experience and the statistics are starting to add up.

The class of 1983 has 8 Superbowls (9 if you count Eason) and only two Victories.
After 14 NFL Seasons the 1983 class was ZERO for 9 - it wasn't until John Elway finally racked up two victories at the end of his career that this class, the greatest ever, finally got a W in the biggest game.

The 2004 class has been around for 7 years and is already 4-1.  That is Half the seasons, Twice the amount of Wins and about half the amount of total Super Bowls.  I'm really looking forward to the next 7 years and watching these 3 play because all are capable of getting another 2 each.  When all is said an done this is going to go down as the greatest QB class in NFL history supplanting the 1983 class.

I'm looking forward to following the progression of next years QB crop as well because they have a lot of positive talk and energy surrounding them.  Luck, RG3 and Tannehill (or whatever).  Lets look back in 7 years and see what they have collectively done for and to the NFL to see if they'll be able to be a trio that is talked about in the same class as 1983 and 2004 or if they'll end up (like most every other class that is highly touted) overrated.

Dan Marino - 1 Super Bowl - 9 Pro Bowls - 10/17 Playoffs
Jim Kelly - 4 Super Bowls - 4 Pro Bowls - 8/11 Playoffs
John Elway - 5 Super Bowls - 9 Pro Bowls - 10/16 Playoffs
10 Super Bowls - 22 Pro Bowls - 28 Playoff Appearances

Ben Rothlisberger - 3 Super Bowls - 2 Pro Bowls - 5/7 Playoffs
Eli Manning - 2 Super Bowls - 2 Pro Bowls - 4/7 Playoffs
Phillip Rivers - 0 Super Bowls - 4 Pro Bowls - 3/7 Playoffs
5 Super Bowls - 8 Pro Bowls - 12 Playoff Appearances

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Home Game

Color me stupid, but I enjoy playing in certain home poker games for the socialization of it all.  In fact, the one that I have gotten invited to I really have no desire to win any money.
I know right off the bat Josie is going to call me fucking stupid, or something - but hear me out before you start calling me names.

This home game is a low buy-in tournament set up and pretty much everyone who plays is really bad at the game.  They have a lot of tells and and anyone who pays attention can figure out what they are holding without trying too hard.

That being the case, I like to show up and play a very high percentage (80%+) of my hands and just goof around and see how much I can push them around when I need to and how long I can last.  The last two times I have been there I have made it to just before the money and then dumped all my chips because winning money means more to the others who are left.

The last time I was there We were 4 or 5 handed and I had pocket queens.  There was an all in before me which I was going to call and then one of the tight old ladies decided to raise over top.  This is 100% Aces or Kings and I'm not positive she would have done it with Kings.
Knowing that this will eliminate me I announce that I am going to call All-In but I know right now that she already has Aces and I need to catch up.
I was right and I busted on that hand. There was a lot of joy in that old ladies face as she busted two people and made the money.

So, today I'm in a similar situation on this time I'm the chip leader because my reads were very accurate and several times I bet down with bottom pair knowing that they were on some sort of draw.  One hand that really amazed the table I raised 23 offsuit and on a 3 low flop it was checked to me and Then I bet.  The other person in the hand really didn't want to call me but eventually decided to take the risk.  Turn was a low blank and I bet out about half the pot again and got called.  The river was a blank and she once again checked to me - I told her that she missed everything but I wasn't going to bet.  I turned over my hand and she showed her busted straight draw.  I had done this to her about 3 times with either bottom pair or a small pocket pair on a draw heavy board.

So we get down 5 handed and we have two or 3 players who almost never make the money - One guy proposes a 5 way chop and the guy who hosts the tourney (best player out of what is left) tells me that it's up to me, if I want to chop we'll chop.  The guy who proposed the chop said that most of the time they chop when it gets 4 handed and the blinds are as high as they are now.  So, knowing this I donk off all of my chips in a couple of hands so that they can chop it 4 handed.
However the host, now that I'm out, no longer wants to chop.  When it's proposed again he says that he can't do it because he has too much invested and needs to make it up.

So, he was perfectly willing to chop when I was the overwhelming chip leader but as soon as I gave all my chips away he changed his mind because of the opponents who were left.
One guy who never makes the money busted 4th and got nothing about 10 minutes later and he was the one guy I wanted to get money because if you never cash you eventually lose interest.

So, I left before the game finished instead of staying and socializing because I started to get into a foul mood.
I thought it was a dick move by the host to agree to a chop 5 handed and then take it back mere moments later.  Had I known that I would have just said "lets chop" and been done with it.

Maybe I'm overreacting or whatever, but at this moment I don't want to go back and keep playing there.  It's only once a month and it's all for fun but that pretty much killed my desire to continue.

Ok, now Josie and everyone else can tell me I'm a fucking idiot and I should always play to win!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Open Mic

For those of you who have not known me for long, I've had a long standing back burner dream to try my hand at stand up comedy at some point in my life.
For various reasons I have put it off for far too long and right now I am at a place and time in life where the only excuse I have is laziness.

So, thanks to my new found blogger friend Linda Lou I am slowly working my way into giving it a shot.
I know that previously I have looked into Open Mic nights in Vegas and didn't find a lot (I probably wasn't looking very hard) but now with my eyes open I am seeing that there are a good deal of them, some new and some established.

So this is where the real work comes in.  I've now got to learn how to write (and tell) jokes.  I'm good with being the random funny guy with friends but that sure-as-shit ain't the same thing as being able to get up in front of a group of people and actually tell some jokes.  I've never sat down and attempted this before so it's truly going to be the make or break portion of the test for me.

Right now my goal is to try my first one by the end of summer.  We are approaching May (rapidly) and I'm giving myself May - July to work on and develop a 5-10 minute routine that I will take live in front of other people.  Most of my practice will be at home with my dog and I will be sure to have plenty of treats to let him get excited in all the right places.

I've got some idea's that I want to implement leading up to all of this and I'm pretty excited about all of it, so be on the look out for some changes to this blog in the near future (all minor of course - I'm adverse to change).

Friday, April 20, 2012


You can use a cheat code in video games to attain it or you can go the simple way and just touch a shiny star and be granted the power for a short period of time.

But, this is real life and stuff like that doesn't exist.  I'm living proof that it does.
In fact, the more I think about it the more I feel that all of the good luck that I can muster occurs outside of the poker room by surviving amazing situations where people usually wouldn't survive - unscathed.
In the poker room I'm doomed.

God and Satan had a discussion and God let Satan pick how to torment me for the rest of my life.  Satan looked at God and said "well, he loves poker more than any other of his hobbies.  As long as he continues to love the game so much I get to haunt him and cause him to lose hands where he is over 90% to win when the money goes in."
God said "Agreed."

Satan, knowing he cannot touch me outside of a poker room, has been sending his minions after me for most of the years of my life but luckily I got the good George Burns on my side there.

Case in Point.

This story comes direct from my college years and is now over a decade old but it does illustrate the point nicely.

I believe it was my freshman year and I was about to head out with some friends to play some Magic: The Gathering. It was winter time which meant that it was pretty close to the core temperature of a witches tit. So, as per my norm I had on a couple of layers and my Trench Coat. Inside one of my coat pockets was my asthma inhaler.

We hit up my friends for a game or two and then decided to go outside and enjoy the whether for a bit (not my idea obviously). While outside we ran around like idiots, hit up a couple of stores, threw snowballs at each other and other assorted things that guys do in the snow that involve name writing! Then we went back to play more cards.
A little bit into our session my asthma started to bother me a little bit. Between the cold and the cats (friends house had cats, duh) it wasn't a pleasant night. I reached for my inhailer and it had vanished. I thought nothing about it and continued to play for a bit longer and over time my breathing got worse and worse. Now I started a serious search for my inhaler and turned up empty. I got my friends involved and we went outside on a blue inhaler scavenger hunt and still turned up empty. At this point my lungs are crying out in a panic that I desperately need some sort of medicinal attention to them. I can't breathe, the cold is making it worse, the cats are making it more worserer and I'm trying to remain calm, cool and collected so that my friends don't panic. I ask to be taken back to my dorm because I've got other medicine there waiting for me.
My buddy drives me back and I do my best to actually walk to the door that enters the dorm area. I have to get the key out of my pocket to let myself in which I did after a couple of attempts. At this point I felt like I wasn't getting any oxygen into my system. My breaths were short, sharp and painful. My head was hurting from the lack of oxygen, my hands were shaking pretty badly and I'm still trying to act like it's no big deal - been there done that!

I finally open the locked door and throw my hand up in victory to signal my friend that I have won the battle and to hustle his ass on home, he obliges and pulls away in his car. After about 10 seconds or so when I know that he will be out of eyesight I completely collapse to the floor in exhaustion and try to figure out how I'm going to make my way to my room.

I think it's important that I take a moment right now and point out that this all happened PC - Pre Cellphone!
I know it seems strange to remember a time where one didn't always have a cell phone on them and able to call anyone at a moments notice, but alas it did exist.

For anyone out there who has asthma I do not need to explain the whole "not breathing" thing.  It's the scariest shit in the world when you are having a bad attack and throwing medicine in your system in order to relieve the tightness in your lungs so that you can start taking deep breaths again in order to supply your body with the proper amount of oxygen to live.  

For those of you who do not have asthma it's really hard to describe - I'm assuming it's similar to the feeling of drowning, being stuck underwater and needing to inhale but knowing if you do water will fill your lungs and much unhappiness will ensue.  Imagine, if you will, laying on the ground and someone puts a 200 pound weight on your chest.  It's heavy as fuck and it really limits your ability to do anything at all.  Your inhalations are short and shallow because the weight will not allow your lungs to expand properly to fill up. your exhalations are painful because you're afraid if you exhale too much you won't be able to get anything back into the lungs.  Your breath becomes shorter and shorter.  Everything feels restrictive and your concentration begins to fade.  For me, during a bad attack, I pretty much need to be naked from the waste up.  A shirt feels like it is tightening around my neck and someone is holding it tighter and tighter.

I've had two "Oh fuck I'm going to die" attacks in my lifetime that I can remember (And I think I had a 3rd when I was really young that landed me in the hospital oxygen tent for the first time), this episode was the second one.

Back to the story.

I'm crumpled on the floor, 200 pound weight strapped to my chest wearing a wife beater, a T-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a Flannel and a Trench Coat.  Now that I'm inside, between the lack of oxygen and the 50 degree difference in temperature I'm now sweating like crazy and overheating.
In order to make it to my dorm I have to go down a short hall, cross a lobby, enter another key-locked door, and make it down another hallway and a half.  That is where my door is, key-locked of course.  Stupidity and pride have put me in a position where I have to figure out a way to do this on my own because my only chance for help drove off 30 seconds ago in a car.  It's 3 am and most everyone is sleeping.  My dorm is in the "Life House" portion of campus which means drug and alcohol free - meaning pretty much everyone is fucking asleep and no one is going to find my body for another 4 hours.

I completely lack the ability to scream or make most noises beyond a whisper because it would take too much breath.

I tried to get back to my feet so that I could stumble on towards the room, my legs were to wobbly, my knees were weak. I had nothing to pull myself up with except my own strength and my fat ass felt 8 times heavier than normal so I crawled on all fours.  I have no idea how long it took me to reach my own personal door nor do I know how I managed to actually get my 3 shirts, flannel and jacket off and drag them all with me along the way but I remember fumbling for my keys trying to get the right one in the hole so that I could open my door and just die in fucking peace.  I couldn't concentrate on anything, I couldn't fill my lungs and my whole body was trembling yet somehow I made it into my room and crawled over to my bed where I turned my fan on high and let it blow into my face for an undetermined amount of time.
Oh, the sweet sweet fan of life, my savior.

For anyone who doesn't know - THIS is the exact reason why I have a fan on at all times.  This is the reason why I will never be without a fan running while I am sleeping.  The fan is a life savor to me, and I'm sure a host of other asthmatics out there.  When the fan is blowing in your face things become easier.  It might not help with the actual attack but the fan is a whirlwind of forced air right into your face, air you otherwise lack the ability to get when your lungs are so constricted.

Once my body stopped trembling I started the mad look through my shit for medication and I found none. I was out of inhalers somehow, I was out of pills, I was out of everything.  It had all disappeared except for my pulmo aide - the breathing machine of life.  If you ever are unfortunate enough to go to the hospital with a bad attack or take someone in, the first thing that they will do is put you on this machine.  Luckily (odd use of a word right?) my asthma was so bad as a kid that I had one provided for me free of charge and I took it everywhere I lived.  I hooked it up and filled it up with medicine, overfilled it even, and then turned it on.
I collapsed back on my bed, set the fan up to hit my face while inhaling and exhaling and pretty much passed the fuck out once I was able to breathe almost freely.

The next day, Sunday, I woke up and made a phone call home asking for more drugs to be shipped to me immediately because mine had vanished, probably stolen and by Tuesday they had arrived.  Tuesday was the first time I had left my dorm since then and for the most part from Sunday till Tuesday I spent in my room, in front of a fan and on my pulmo aide machine trying to maintain any amount of regular breathing. Probably the longest span in my life time and I hope to never repeat it.

Once again surviving a near death experience, this was proof to myself that I am invincible and cannot be killed. This doesn't mean that I want everyone out there trying to prove me wrong. I'm just saying...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The company I work for has ingrained the IMPACT model of customer service into my head.
Every customer, Every time, Every day!

Initiate Contact
Make Assessment
Provide Assistance
Add On Sales
Close the Sale
Thank the Customer and Invite them back

Today it occurred to me that there are other places/people who use the same model but they might not realize it.

Strippers, for instance:

Initiate Contact - Eye Contact from the stage
Make Assessment - Does this degenerate have any money that I can get out of him or is it just that small wad of $1's that he wants to put in my G-string?
Provide Assisstance - Assissting my face into her boosom
Add on Sales - Would you like a lapdance with that?
Close the Sale - Take my hand/arm and lead me to a private booth
Thank the customer   - Oh you come back and see me again Shug

T can also be Take the Money - works just as well.

So, going to correllation this leads me to believe that a lot of strippers have worked for my employer (Just not at the same stores sadly).


Last night ended my stint of home by midnight up by 4 am crap.
I attended the final awards and dinner celebration at the Cauliflower Alley Club which honors people in the wrestling business new and old and it was a great time again.
Unfortunately I didn't get to attend the 3 day event like I wanted to - which is to say I wanted to be there all day long talking to people, getting autographs and collecting memorabilia.  I did get to attend the two awards show's (one formal and one not so much) and had a great time.
Highlights of last nights fun was the whole event was MC'd by James J Dillon of 4 Horseman fame and Terry Funk!  Two funny guys who really enjoyed themselves.
Sgt Slaughter came out and gave a nice speech to give Ricky The Dragon Steamboat his award.  Steamboat's speech was by far the longest of the evening and it had some really great stories to it, mostly talking about how he came up in the business and how he earned his name.
Ivory accepted an award as did Wendy Richter and it was pretty cool to see a classic like Richter!
To end the evening Jim Ross went up and said some great words about the final award winner of the night, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Austin then talked for a while in and out of character and afterwards he took an impromptu QnA from the audience instead of just doing a long speech.

All in all it was a great night with great food, great company and I got to listen to some of my old favorites talk about wrestling days from back before I existed - and that's truly my favorite part of the whole thing.

This man is loved by most everyone in the business!
Another nice, and recurring theme, of the evening was the love that people have for Harley Race.  Sgt Slaughter credited pretty much his entire character and career to Harley Race.  Steamboat talked about Harley from back in the day and even Steve Austin brought up Harley's influence at one point.

He might have played a bad guy in the ring but outside he helped the young talent and helped the business to thrive and it's pretty awesome to hear everyone speak so highly of him!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today we have a guest post coming from the Dirty Old Man on the other side of the blogospher - Rob from Robvegaspoker.

By dirty I just mean he is completely normal and misunderstood by the other gender who think he is obsessed with a ladies baby feeding devices.


Ok, so for his alphabetical project, grrouchie asked me to take the letter “T”.  Actually, that’s bullshit.  In reality, I volunteered for it.  Based on a comment on one of his posts, I thought about doing a guest-post about the greatest word in the English language that starts with “T”—TITS.  Hell, it may just be the greatest word in the English language, period.
But be warned, this is not a post about breasts.  Really, what could I say about breasts that hasn’t already been said?  I mean, breasts are just awesome, aren’t they?  Everyone knows that.  Everyone loves breasts.  Men of course love them.  They love to look at them, to leer at them, to ogle them, touch them, squeeze them, lick them, kiss them, motorboat, suck…wait, is it hot in here or is it just me?
Women love them too.  They love having them, they love teasing men with them, they love driving men wild with them. They love using them to get attention. They love comparing theirs to other women’s, especially if they think theirs are better than the other gal’s.  They love trashing their rival’s breasts. They love exposing them as much as they can, and sometimes a little bit more than they can.  .  
Even baby’s love them!  Babies especially love them, actually, though for the life of me, I can’t remember why.
Let’s face it, breasts are way, way, way up there on the list of God’s greatest creations.  And don’t tell me that you’re an atheist.  No one could look at a really great set of tits and not believe in the existence of God.  When Jamie Lee Curtis took off her top in Trading Places, she proved the existence of God to me, right then.

So I have nothing new to say about breasts. No, this post is about tits, as in, the word “tits.” Now, because breasts are so universally loved, there are many, many slang terms for them. I could do a long blog post on all those terms and still not remember them all. But let’s face it, there are two slang terms that are far and away the most popular—“boobs” and “tits.”  I suppose this may vary to some degree by regional and ethnic preferences, but honestly, I don’t think you could dispute that “boobs” and “tits” are the most popularly used words for these wonderful creations.  Sure, you sometimes hear “boobies” and “titties” but that’s just the same thing, isn’t it?
There’s a big difference between the words “boobs” and “tits”.  Simply stated, “boobs” is a chick word and “tits” is a man’s word. If a woman wants to talk about breasts—whether hers or someone else’s—if she doesn’t want to say “breasts” she will say “boobs.”  Some gals actually refer to their breasts as “the girls” but that’s just kinda weird, if you ask me.  So they talk about “boobs.”
Now a man can run off two dozen terms for them and under different circumstances he will use different words, but ultimately, when push comes to shove, the word of choice for a man is “tits.”
And that is one of the main difference between men and woman. Woman like boobs and men like tits.  To some degree, this is an age thing.  I think younger women are much more likely to call them “tits” than older woman are.  But still, I think it is a very fair generalization to say that woman don’t like the word “tits” nearly as much as men do, and a lot of woman actually hate the word “tits.”
Now those women who are, in my mind, the exceptions to the rule—those woman who have no problem having the word “tits’ roll off their tongue (so-to-speak)—well, those are really great women.  Seriously, they are just awesome.  In the old days, a woman like that would be known as a “great broad.”  I dunno what the current equivalent for that term is today, I’m too old.  But a great broad will call her breasts “tits” without a blink of eye.  A really great broad will tell you to check out the tits on some other gal.  Now that’s a great broad!  And ladies, to be called a “great broad” back in the day was not demeaning, it was a huge compliment.  Trust me.
But it is my understanding, based on piecing things together from observing human behavior, that when women are together in a group, they almost always use the terms “boobs.”  And that’s no skin off my nose, what do I care what they say when I’m not around?  I suppose they might lower themselves to using “tits” if they were trashing one of their friends who wasn’t there, if they were being catty.  As in, “Did you see Heather’s tits hanging out last nite?  She can’t stop showing them off since she got that boob-job.”  But generally, women are going to say “boobs.”
Men know this.  They know that woman prefer boobs to tits.  They know that some woman hate—and in fact are actually offended by—the word “tits.”  So whenever they are in mixed company, whenever they are around both men and woman, they have been socialized to use the word “boobs” instead of their more preferred word, “tits.”  I’m pretty sure our moms teach us this at an early age, probably soon after we noticed our first female classmate starting to actually grow some tits boobs.  So most gentlemen correctly will say the word “boobs” if they ever need to refer to a woman’s breasts in polite company.  Unless they know for sure that every single woman in that group is perfectly ok with “tits”, that is the safe and classy thing to do.
What about two people who are in a committed relationship, alone in the bedroom?  Is it ok for a man to call his lover’s breasts “tits”?  Well that is something each couple has to work out for themselves.  As I said, some women just can’t deal with the word “tits” at all, and would not accept their boyfriend, or their husband, using that word in their presence.  I recall a few years ago reading some sort of debate between two women about this very topic on the internet.  It tried to find it to link to, but I was unable to locate it.  It was probably on some blog that has long since been taken down.
But anyway, one woman said she would simply not allow her boyfriend to ever use the word “tits” in her presence.  It was totally unacceptable, it degraded her as a woman and degraded women in general.  I don’t recall whether this woman said she had made her boyfriend promise never to use the word, even when she wasn’t around to hear it, but if she did, you can bet the guy made that promise and broke it within 24 hours.
The other woman in the debate said that she was ok with her guy using the word “tits” as long as they were some other woman’s tits. Her breasts were boobs, or perhaps they had some other word for them that she approved of, I don’t remember. But it was ok for him to talk about some stripper’s tits, or some slut’s tits.  If there was some trashy girl at his office that was always wearing low-cut tops, it was perfectly ok for him to say that she had her tits hanging out.  But this boyfriend could not possibly talk about his girlfriend’s tits without seriously risking his ability to ever see them or touch them again.  How sad.  
Again, this is for each couple to resolve for themselves, but let me just say this to all you women out there.  It’s really ok for your man to use the word “tits.”  It’s ok for him to talk about your tits.  It is.  It is not degrading at all. A man—your man—telling you how great your tits are is one of the best compliments you’ll ever get. It just is. He loves your tits, he does. And if all he can say to you is, “I love your boobs, honey” or “Those ta-ta’s are amazing, baby”, he will be forever frustrated, just a bit.  He is just dying to tell you how much he loves your tits.  Yes, your tits! You cannot imagine how badly he wants to say to you, “I love your tits.  Your tits are just awesome.”
If you’re one of those women who has forbidden your man from using the t-word, try this experiment tonight.  When you are alone, take them out, and look straight at your husband or your boyfriend (or both, if that’s you thing) and say, “What do you think of my tits, sweetie?” I guarantee you won’t regret it.
But I digress.  I’m just now about to get to the actual main point of this post.  Sorry, I seem to have chosen a topic where I get easily distracted.  I’ve said that men prefer the word “tits” to “boobs”.  I’ve said that men are socialized to say “boobs” whenever there are women in the audience. And that last fact has caused a problem with men.  Men sometimes forget, or perhaps have been, um, brainwashed, into thinking they can never use the word “tits”.  And that is just absurd.
If it’s just guys—no chicks around—then depending on the context, it might be ok for a guy to refer to “hooters” or “knockers” or some gal’s “rack.” “Tits” is preferred, but those other terms are acceptable. But it is never ok for him to talk about a gal’s “boobs.”  Never. Never.
Example:  A group of guys are drinking beer, or playing poker, or whatever.  No women are in sight. Suddenly one of them spots an incredibly good looking female in the distance.  He notices that she has an especially impressive chest.  Of course, he has to point her out to all the guys with him.  So he says, “Oh god, look at the boobs on that chick!”
Nothing makes me sadder than that.  OK, that’s a lie.  Some things do make me sadder.  Losing with Pocket Kings makes me sadder.  Seeing the Lakers lose to the Celtics makes me sadder.  Thinking about children going to bed hungry at night might too; I’d have to think about that.  
But it really does bother me when it’s just guys and the guy says “boobs” and not “tits”.  You see, I now know that this guy, this poor schlep, is totally, totally whipped.  He has been totally, pathetically, broken by someone who has a vagina.
When I hear a guy like that, I know that somewhere, in some gal’s closet, up on the top shelf, in an old mayonnaise jar, this poor sap’s testicles can be found.  I wonder if she takes them down so he can see them every now and then?
My god, man, grow a pair, will ya?  Under the circumstances I just described, the acceptable way to report this to your buddies is, “Oh god, look at the tits on that chick!”  It’s just guys with you. No guy would possibly be offended by the word “tits.”  If you actually do find a guy who is offended by the word “tits”, you don’t want to know him.  You don’t want to be seen with him.  You sure as hell don’t want to be friends with him.  And you definitely don’t want to drink with him.  If the word “tits” bothers him, he is unworthy of owning a penis.
So there should no hesitation, no second thought, no self-censorship.  Remember, if it’s just guys, you damn well better call those breasts “tits”, god damn it!  Or turn in your man-card.
That’s it, folks, I’ve said my piece. Thanks to grrouchie, who publishes “a real man’s blog” (it says so on the very top), for allowing me my rant.


Now, I would like to say that 100% belongs on this blog.
However, I believe that I just saw my readership drop by 25% of the women and 3% of the guys.

Thanks Rob for stopping by and sharing this view point.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi Low

It's a double entendre of a title without all the creepy sexual meanings.

Obviously I could be referring to the Craps bet of a High/Low where you throw out a sum and it's split evenly between the 2 and the 12.

However I could also be referring to the general way that life works, full of peaks and valleys.

Lets focus more on meaning number two for now.
Over the last month or so I've had a few new subscribers and I want to thank all of them right now.
The newest is Vegas Linda Lou who runs an interesting blog full of life observations.  She is also a practicing comedian (which as some of you know I eventually want to give a try) and has a book out (which my kindle will find soon) about moving to Vegas and getting into comedy.

Chad W has also started following me, better known as 24fanatics to the interwebs.  He does not run a blog because No One Reads It.

k9dr, Lucki Duck (a poor lost Cowboy fan) and Pokah Dave are all recent additions to my cult.  ~coach, Flasherman (what a great name) and Colors of my World all round out the "within the last month or so" additions.

So, thanks all for stopping by and reading the shit that runs through my brain.  I'm happy to have ya here and hope you finish your dinner so you can get your just deserts!!!

I'm currently listening to Slash with Myles Kennedy Made in Stoke which is a pretty sweet album.  The more I listen to him the more I enjoy Myles Kennedy.  I wish I would have been able to see the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame set they played but I'm sure I'll be able to catch it on YouTube soon enough.  Really looking forward to Slash's new album - the only song (You're a Lie) is great rock.
My ultimate dream would have been for the original Gunners to set aside their differences even if only for one night to accept the award and play a set - though I understand it was not possible.
Like him or hate him, I think Axl is probably the last great Rock personality.  He's a rebel, he speaks his mind and he doesn't care what anyone else does or thinks.  He is his own man whether it's good for business or not and I'm still a fan and hope that (the new) GnR comes out with another album soon.  I think I'm one of the few that really enjoyed it the whole way through!

On the low side, I'm just a bit burnt out and I blame it on the opening shifts at work.  I am not, nor will I ever be, a morning person.  Being awake before 5 am is punishment for some sort of sin that I don't realize I have committed yet.  I'm looking forward to going back to a normal working schedule and eventually getting into the Casino Gaming Business.
I'm also running on low because I've been running so much.  Wednesday is the last day of my "out and about" phase for now and I'm looking forward to some quiet time at home with myself, my dog and my PlayStation!

Term Limits

It's not very often in life when I find myself in company of another person who shares some of my slightly left-of-center views, but when I do I know that they are a keeper.

This thought process comes because of the really awesome week or so that I have been having while hanging out with friendships that have not been as strong as they were in the past for various reasons.  However, the new me is looking to get back to what makes me, well me, and that starts with attitude.

I'll get to the centerpiece of this whole post but before I do that I want to touch on something that really struck me today (yesterday, the other day, whenever the f it happened at this point).

I was talking to a friend who I hung out with a decent amount a few years back.  We used to go to the gym (I need my gym buddy back by the way) and hung out in a few other places like a strip club and WWE events that came to town.  We enjoyed each others company and were able to just be ourselves (at least I hope she was as well - I'm coming to believe that statement though I don't know if she ever fully let her guard down around me) without having to worry about "feelings" or "emotions" or whatever.  I could be myself and that's what I liked.
As I'm talking to her she went into something she told another friend a few years back and it just kind of struck me in a manner of "even though I didn't continue this friendship then I'm glad I have the opportunity now."
Her words went something alone the lines of (being told to someone else) "grrouchie is a good guy.  Sure he's rough around the edges and can be a real asshole at times.  Sure he says some really rude and offensive things that are usually funny.  Sure he'll make offensive jokes just because he thinks they're going to be funny and doesn't take anyone else's feelings into consideration at the time. But, that's part of his personality.  He might be rude and a jerk and an asshole but he is genuinely one of the few really good people out there.  He is nice, he is considerate and he is really a good friend."
So, the cliff notes version of that I guess is "On the outside he's an asshole but once you get to know him he's really a good dude."

And, I like that because it is pretty much how I would sum myself up if someone else asked me to.  However, it touched me because it came, unprompted, from someone else.

And this brings me back to what I originally wanted to type about (HA! I avoided saying "talk" about) - Term Limits.  This conversation came up while waiting for someone else to finish their tattoo, talking about past relationships and their failures when my friend looks at me and says that she believes relationships should have expiration dates, I agreed 100%.
Looking back through life I notice that my relationships follow similar patterns.  So, history is doomed to repeat itself and all that jazz I feel that at the first date I should just have a serious conversation about where we see things going.  If the chick is one of those lovey dovey types then the process will probably be longer but if she's just dtf then it's a shorter ride (well, it's always a short ride if you know what i'm saying).  So, right then and there just put it out there for her to catch on to and latch on to and come up with a date based on combined past experiences.
"Baby, based on the pre "I'd like to get into your pants" interview we just went through, I believe our relationship will have a useful shelf life of about 18 months and as such my proposal to you is that we just both agree now to end it after exactly 18 months.
Just get all that good shit out of the way and part amicably while there is a chance that you two can still both like and respect each other.  Everything else is a road to ruin ending in fights and custody battles of some sort.  So, I support this idea and will attempt to present it logically and soundly the next opportunity I get. Because it's so new and radical I do not expect it to go over well - but one day down the line I'm hoping that the world can accept this new concept and think of it as just as brilliant as the Remote Control or Synchronized Swimming!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Idea I Wish I Came up With

Within mere moment of me walking into the establishment I turned to my friend and loudly, over the music, proclaimed that "When we were younger this is the dream we never knew we had and the Idea we wish we came up with."
Yep, it's an Arcade and it's a Bar rolled into one.
Man, this is the shit my wet dreams are made of.  Wall to wall old Arcade systems (most of them appear to be working perfectly fine but some have issues that should be fixed) with a pretty awesome bar in the middle. Hot beer wenches, a dance floor so the ladies don't get bored and a live DJ.  If I weren't already half in the bag (3/4 of the way really) and my phone running under 20% battery life left I might have been smart enough to take some pictures of the awesome set up.

So, not only was I like a kid in a candy store (a dirty old kid mind you because the eye candy was pretty amazing as well) but I got even more giddy as I saw the games of my youth everywhere.  Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man (I spent more time on this machine than any other), Glaga, Astroids, Metal Slug (Player 1's "action" button is broken sadly) Street Fighter (various forms), Burger Time and too many others to mention.  It was pure awesome and I didn't even bother to check out the individualized booths where you pick the system you want to play and go from there.

Surrounding the bar are a bunch of large flat screen TV's which are mostly showing video game action that is going on in the Lounge as you watch.  I watched a few matches of Street Fighter X Tekken and will just say that even though I am no fighter expert the one dude was pretty bloody awful.  Other screens showed some great footage of NBA 2k12 and some Madden.  I think I had a nerd hard-on the entire time I was there.

With such diversity inside the lounge I got to see a wide range of "groups" that showed up as well.  There were people there only to drink and dance, there were people just chilling with friends and there were those like me wondering around wide-eyed and bushy-tailed from machine to machine trying to decide where to stick my quarters next.  I cannot wait to go back as I'm still in awe of what I saw.

Not only that, but being that yesterday was the 1st time I ever went I also got to attend their 365th day celebration.  That's right, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of them opening this mecca of awesomeness which I will now devote a bigger percentage of my life to (and my quarters).

Insertcoins - you have built something that I never knew I longed for - everyone from my generation sits with jaws dropped at this splendid idea.  Congratulations to my new favorite spot in Vegas!

Check out their website and check out the lounge when visiting Vegas

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Advice and Doubt

100% stole the opening here but I read it elsewhere and found it appropriate.

This is something worth repeating in life.  You will realize that there is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you and some will teach you.  But most important are the ones who bring out the best in you, respect you and accept you for who you are.  Those are the ones worth keeping around.

Yeah - these are words of advice from my old man and they ring true.

Today is a day where I'm doubting myself and it's bugging me.  Things were OK until I got to class.  A bit on the tired side (I cannot adapt to waking up so bloody early) and as I was dealing my back started to hurt a bit, probably something from work.   So, I'm a bit tired and a bit in pain and I'm doing everything slower than I should be and a bit sloppy as well.  I was just "off" and not feeling it and I have the teach breathing down my neck reminding me with every mistake I make or every time I'm not going as quick as I should and she points out "Boy, you must be really tired today."

And it's days like this that really make me wonder if I'm cut out to do what I've been trying to do.
Yes, I know that everyone has off days.  I get it.  I'm negative (about myself) by nature and this is just the way I react.  I know that I can do this job, but today I feel like I can't.

If I'm having a bad day I'll have to find a way to work through it. If my back is sore I'll just have to tough it out and figure a way to tune out the pain, etc.

Eh, tomorrow is a new day and after work (and maybe one of those Power Naps) I'll be heading down town to put in an application for one of the casino's.

Here is another issue - I'm about out of "time" work wise for my adjusted schedule.  Very shortly they are going to tell me that I need to return to normal work hours which means that I will no longer be able to attend class and practice - and if I don't have a dealing job by then it's going to suck.  Complicating the matter further is the fact that I can only get a dealing job where I'd be working Swing or Graveyard because of my current job - and I'm hoping that isn't something that comes into play any time.  I'd hate to audition and have them offer me a position working early which I'd have to turn down which is a pretty shit move from a guy looking to break into the business.

So, the reality of the situation is the closer I get to this becoming "real" the more doubt I am throwing my own way to complicate things more than it should be.  Yes - I know this is 100% in my head. Sometimes it sucks to me be.  Either way I do have a job that I can fall back on and maybe I'll have to put the "dream" on hold until all of my personal matters are wrapped up and then make another attempt at it.

The big "win" no matter how you look at it though is that I have found some people with common interests that I am enjoying spending time with.  A few of these people I know I will continue to communicate with after the class is over and everyone has moved on in whatever direction they decided to go.  For that I am thankful because with my attitude it's damned near impossible to actually make friends heh :)

And with that, I think I'm putting a hold on this "A-Z" thing as my timeline is all f'd up.
However, anyone out there who was already planning a guest post - whenever you decide to write it up I'll still take em and throw them up for the world to see (If'n you still wanna that is).
I don't have the time or the creativity to continue doing it with my complete lack of planning.  So, at some point in the future I will plan on doing this again but I will plan it out well ahead of time so that I already have a list of things that I'll be talking about for specific days.
Until then you get to deal with the random nonsense that comes to me daily.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi-jinks - or playing catch up

Well, Consider this me playing catch-up.  I'm a couple days late and my sleep schedule has been thrown off and things are not going to be getting easier anytime in the near future.

I'm sitting here with dinner on my lap, keyboard under palms and a few thoughts flowing through my brain about things going on in the near future.

Other than Food I do have some distractions going on though and that is the NHL Playoffs - Specifically Penguins vs Flyers and the score is 3-0 Pens after 1 period.
Hell's to the Yeah's
So, the H in today's posting is Hump, as in Hump-Day (Wednesday yo).
Yes, My postings have slowed down but in reality I probably still post way too often anyways.  The main reason is this whole waking up at the butt-crack of dawn for work and then heading off to class afterwards.  I'm so much more tired by the end of my day than when I was going to class at 10 and then heading to work afterwards.  I was getting about the same amount of sleep, just at different hours is all.  I don't know why mornings always force me to drag my ass.

I is for interesting, as in Interesting developments.
Today I headed up to Casino X2 dressed the best this fat man can and introduced myself to the morning boss and let her know that I've been through school and looking for a dice job.  She seemed interested, was very pleasant and told me that they were indeed looking and to apply online and she would make sure my application was pulled. (I'll be getting to that shortly).
Then I went over and talked to some guy at the craps table for a and some local came up and started rolling. I decided to just watch and chat instead.  However after he hit his 5th point I couldn't resist putting a few bucks on the table.
After he finally Seven'd out and the next guy followed suit it was my turn to roll and I didn't fair much better. However I still left up $20 or so and ended up tipping the dealers somewhere in the range of $20-25 as well.
Yes, this is really me and yes my crotch lights up every time I open my fly

After that I drove across the city and went to class instead of going home.  Ended up at the black jack table with my Chinese crush and practiced that for about an hour or so to get more comfortable with it.  Talked to her about auditioning, trying to convince her to go out and just do it as she is ready but for some reason she lacks some confidence and says she's afraid her nerves will get the best of her.
By the end of our dealing and chatting session I think I have her convinced to go down to the old strip with me this coming Friday so that we can apply at one of the places down there that takes Break-ins.  She is going to be annoyed with me when she finds out she still has to fill out an application (her complaint is that her English is bad so it takes her a lot longer than us native tongued people to do them).  However, after that I'm hoping that they'll let us audition so that we can work her through her initial nerves and worst case scenario one, or both of us, walks away with a job offer.
On the interesting side for me is that when we were walking out to our cars after class she told me that if we got offered a job she would treat me to dinner!  Score one for the fat man.

I have found two places that I really want to try out.  I have this favorite spot of mine that serves Bahn-Mi sandwiches where are pretty f'n good.  However I have been reading reviews on different places and I have seen a trend of people saying that the sandwiches that I like are average at best and overpriced for what they are, they then give another place as a suggestion to go instead which is supposed to be heads and shoulders above the place I like to go, Hue Thai.
So, this new place is on my short hit-list and I am not going to divulge the name of this place until I have gone and devoured a few morsels.
The 2nd place I want to go serves a Bahn-Mi burger which really intrigues me and it's about 10 minutes away from class.  I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow I'll hit it up and give the burger a try as it might be my last chance for a while.

File this under: There isn't enough time in the day and I'm going to be bloody exhausted.
Or - Juxtaposition; as in I normally have a ton of free time and never take advantage of it but now that I've got little free time I find myself doing more and imposing on what should be my sleep schedule.

Friday two of my friends are coming into town and they will be here through Monday or Tuesday.  So probably on two of those evenings I'll be heading out to spend some quality drinking time with them.  Looking forward to a good time especially a nice relaxing and lots of fun time which I do not do enough.
Then when they are boarding up and heading out the CAC (Cauliflower Alley Club) is back for their yearly celebration of all things Wrestling (mostly old time).  So, I've got my seat reserved for Tuesday and Wednesday and am really looking forward to the dinner and shenanigans.  Last time I went I got to meet some of my idols.  Terry Funk, Jim Ross, Dr Death Steve Williams, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brett The Hitman Hart (Plus a host of others).   The evenings were filled with people telling stories that spanned back decades and most of them entertaining.  I'm a dork, so what.

I'm not even sure who's coming this year but I'm looking forward to the stories, the photo ops and the autographs.  WoooOooo!

Now to go finish the Pens game and cheer them on to a 1-0 Series lead before getting some shut eye (oh, and applying for a job or whatever).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GWAR and other nonsense

Starting with the random:
I'm tired as all hell but I think the 5 hour energy helped me get through work with no issues.
I debated chugging another one and going to class but I decided that driving across the city was not a good idea in my current state. Especially if I ran into a slow pocket of traffic and had to try to stay awake during that.
So, instead I came home to relax, play video games and probably nap (not necessarily in that order).

Teach wanted me to get all snazzed up and hit up a Casino SF today. They are hiring Craps dealers so she thought it would be good if I made my way over there to introduce myself and let them know that I had gone through class and was looking to make my way into a casino.  One of the dealers that works there was at class yesterday and his suggestion was to show up dressed up with good slacks, dress shirt and a tie to talk to the supervisor and make a good impression.  If they were to ask about audition let them know that whenever it is convenient for them I could do it and to bring my Black and White's along with me just in case they wanted to have me go right then.
However, since last nights festivities had already been planned I informed them that I'd be showing up Wednesday instead as I don't want to show up bloody tired and not in the right frame of mind.

I know yesterday was H and today is I - I don't care.  I'll get to it all in my own due time and more than likely I'll make up for it within a week with an extra post or two and catch back up.


What a f'n awesome show last night.  We arrived right at the beginning of the first bands (Legacy of Disorder) set and they were pretty damned good.  I'll probably end up getting one of their CD's to give them another couple of listens and see how much I like them in a non-live setting.

Next up was Ghoul who were pure Thrash I think, however I highly enjoyed them.  They had some sort of black/demonic pope open the show for them and then they came out and played with burlap bags over their faces as if they were captured and tortured by terrorists.  Where their mouths were was blood to make the torture look more real.   One of their songs had a "voodoo priest" come out on stage and rip the head off of a chicken which spewed blood into the audience.  Later they had two Gwar-like figure's come onto the stage and battle each other for a song or two.   Pretty good set and schtick but not the type of music I'll ever listen to on a daily basis.

Final opening act was Municipal Waste which is best described as Party Thrash I guess.  Think old school Anthrax music with songs about drinking and getting wasted.  Lotta fun and good crowd interaction.

Then, the main act - GWAR.
Being this is the first time I got to see GWAR live I was stoked to begin with.
They paid nice tribute to Cory Smoot (Flattus Maxiumus) who died on tour a few months back and they really played an awesome set full of newer and older songs as well.
Playing a number of songs from the Scumdogs disc got me pretty damned excited. Salamanizer, Maggots and Sick of You.
Their whole set was awesome, their "props" were fabulous and just everything they did I loved.  Bringing out "Snookie" was the funniest part of the whole evening.  Also, the World Maggot making an appearance and eating a group of hot chicks was pretty damned nice too.
Last song of the encore they dedicated to Flattus and it was The Road Behind.  This song brought the mosh pit to a crawl.
After it was over they left the stage and a spotlight lit up to illuminate the guitar that Flattus used night in and night out and they blasted Frank Sinatra's My Way.  Once that was over they took the guitar down and booted everyone out.
Cory "Flattus Maximus" Smoot R.I.P.

Mosh Pits
Over the course of the evening the Pits got more and more brutal, however they did remain very courteous of each other which was kind of unusual from what I have seen in the past.
If anyone fell or was knocked over people stopped moshing and immediately helped that person back up.  There was a bunch of slam dancing and running into everyone, but punches and kicks were not being thrown.  It was great to watch and by the time GWAR got on the Pitts were full force and I got to be one of the people right on the cusp of it - helping people up and getting run into constantly.   Great fun and my body took a small beating but I loved every minute of it.

This is the first time in quite a while that I have been to a metal concert and I really miss the music and the atmosphere of it all.  I cannot wait to do it again!

Now, I think it's time for that nap I was telling y'all about earlier.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Zombie Day

Today we celebrate the worlds first recorded zombie.  He rose from the grave looking for chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and, of course, Brains.  Yes, it is Easter once again.

While I'm of the slightly not religious variety I hope that I don't offend anyone's senses.  However, if I do, you must be new here.

It's awfully wonderful having my parents back around me, especially during the holidays.  I'm not one to celebrate them but I really like at least having someone around during them.

This year I was treated to an Easter basket of goodies (minus the Basket and the fake colored grassy looking crap).  I got a bag of Reeces PB cubs and I got 3 5packs of Cadbury Chocolate Creme eggs.  Oh the gooey goodness that is encapsulated in each and every bite of that lovely chocolate shell.   They were also nice enough to surprise me with Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS.  They know I haven't really been spending much money and paying off bills not to mention killing myself with this whole school and class thing at the same time so that I can at least pretending I'm trying to better my life.  So, I was quite excited to receive that gift and have been playing it off and on today.
It is quite a fun little game and the 3D is very well done - Unlike that f'n re-released movie Titanic.

One of my favorite comedians of all time, Sam Kineson doing his Easter Routine.

Lots of colorful Easter eggs to suit your fancy. I personally love the Mario ones and the Dalek myself.

How about some Storm Troopers to make your day 100% better?

I hope everyone has a great day no matter how you choose to celebrate it.
I'll be having dinner with my folks which I think is turkey or chicken or... well, it is some sort of bird, that much I do know.  Probably some Mashed Potatoes as well and some corn, stuffing and whatever else ends up on my plate.

TBC emailed me earlier today saying that some dealer from NY who's been in Vegas the past week and will be coming back for the WSOP wants to meet me before she heads back to the other side of the world so there is a small chance that I might end up doing that later tonight.
If that doesn't happen then it's probably craps practice for an hour or two and then bed.  4:30 am comes earlier than it reasonably should.

Tomorrow night is also the GWAR concert (which was almost my G post) and it's going to be a f'n great time.  It's going to make Tuesday drag something awful and I'll probably pass out quite early from being up so late the night before (and hopefully covered in synthetic blood and jizz and whatever else gets sprayed into the audience).

May all your eggs be colored and not fertilized.