Sunday, July 17, 2016

Late Night update

For those of you who follow me on the Book of Face you will know that within the last couple of months I have, once again, changed positions and stores within the company that I work for.  This makes my 6th store (5 in Vegas) and like 30th position change....

Hold on....I know this....

Cashier (1), Head Cashier (2), Cash Office (3), Flooring CSA (4), Appliance/Cabinet Team Leader (5), Appliance CSA - Transfer to Vegas (6), Flooring CSA (7), Flooring Specialist (8), Plumbing/Electrical DM (9), Appliance/Cabinet DM (10), Appliance/Cabinet/Flooring DM (11), Cabinet CSA (12), Paint CSA (13), Cashier (14), Flooring CSA (15), Flooring Specialist (16), Millwork Specialist (17), Flooring Specialist (18), Installed Sales (19), Millwork Specialist (20), Installed Sales (21), Plumbing/Electrical DM (22), Electrical DM (23), Admin DM (24), Appliance/Cabinet DM(25)....

Ok, so only 25.... My guess was pretty close for being off the top of my head....

Where Was I?

Oh yeah, so I have changed stores and positions again and I can say that so far I am really enjoying things again.  Much like everywhere there are always issues, it is the nature of the best.  However, where I am now does't make me want to quit and change companies like my previous position did.
Life is improving, work is improving.

One of the negatives is that when I close I work later than I am used to and because I am further from home I get home a lot later than I am used to.   This basically puts me at home nearing midnight or later every time I close and everyone in the house is already sleeping.

Except the dog.  He thinks I am a mass murderer coming into the house to steal his toys and food and because of that he decides that he should wake the entire neighborhood up.

Tonight I'm not overly tired so I decided to have a beer and find something to do.
Problem is I have not found anything to do and so here I sit typing away but not really saying anything.

In a couple of weeks our 10 year old leaves to Mexico for 3 weeks - FREEDOM!!!!
We will be taking a 3 or 4 day vacation to San Diego to hit up some beaches and probably that place where they keep all the live stock that weird people like to visit (weird like my wife).  She says the baby will enjoy it and who I am to argue with her?
I am mainly looking forward to the beaches, to not being in the Vegas 105 degree heat, to not having to take anyone to soccer games or practice.  To waves and chill.
After that it is back to work and to 2 weeks of overnights preparing for inventory then a week of inventory and then..... well.... then back to the routine.

When the 10 year old gets back school will be upon us and then we will start to get a little bit of freedom during our weeks and I am really looking forward to that.

In terms of life, we are half way to having our Emergency Fund fully funded which is nice.  We should be able to hit it by our original deadline even though we have had a couple of minor setbacks in the form of my car deciding it didn't like to run.

I had the Alternator replaced since it decided to die while we were out and about one night.
Then when I was on lunch at work the battery decided it wanted to be replaced.
Shortly after that I started getting error codes because my gas-cap decided it was no longer going to seal properly and ......damn did the dealership rape me for such a simple little piece that needed replaced.

So, currently I am running my car for a few more days to see if any other problems will arise because all of this fun and excitement keeps delaying my registration renewal which was due at the end of last month before all this started happening and pushing it back.

So, fingers crossed that the wrong cop isn't all pissed off and decides to pull me over because my tags say June and we are not in June.  Lets just make it until I am off on Monday and I'll go try one more time to see if I can pass my emissions test.....
Did I just jinx myself?

My Blue Moon is now empty and I have to make an important decision.
Go to bed and get some sleep or open another bottle and find something else to distract myself with...