Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Goodbye 2017

Dearest Cultists of the grrouch.

I know it has been a while and I know I have said that I wanted to try to get back to this a bit more but when all is said and done 2017 sucked and I'm happy that it is basically over.

I've given up a little info here and there but for the most part work totally mind fucked me so when I wasn't at work I tried to focus on family and not drinking myself into oblivion.

The good news is that the torture is basically over and I am moving on to something that will lead me to a much better place.

This coming Friday is my last day at the store I am currently working at and on the 30th I start my new store.  This change happened at the last minute but it happened in a way that worked out much better for me than any of my other options throughout the year.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason although sometimes that reason isn't clear immediately.  I'm pretty sure part of the reason I had to suffer through 2017 was to teach me patience and help me to learn my proper role within the company.

It was long and brutal but here I am looking forward to 2018 with a smile on my face.

Speaking of smiles - my Xmas holiday was absolutely amazing.
For the first time my toddler actually is starting to understand what is going on instead of just ripping open paper from a box and watching his amazement overwhelmed me.
Every gift was amazing and watching him play with his new toys day after day keeps me happy.

Well, except for the one big gift I bought him that I thought he'd love - that gift is still in a box and wasn't a hit.
But everyone else hit the spot with him lol.

So - Let's look forward to 2018.

On the immediate front I am starting up a Video Game podcast with a friend so that we can help each other focus on the games we have instead of buying every new thing that comes out.
We recently recorded an Episode Zero to get a feel for it and while we are not masters of the craft it is at least mostly listenable.
Whenever it actually gets released I'll be posting the links on here for anyone that might have a passing interest.

My main reason for wanting to do a podcast and focus on older games is because I am going to be House Poor for much of this year as we plan on buying our house by the end of the year.
We know how much money we need to save and we are not going to get there unless we cut our budget way back and live a lot more frugally.  The end goal is more important than instant gratification.

So, I'm going to need more cheap and free entertainment.
One of these is going out to local comedy shows and getting a feel for the scene.  I know I've said it years ago and it's always been a secret dream of mine but I want to give stand up a chance - even if I am a complete failure and just make one drunk idiot laugh at an open mic night at some dive bar in Vegas.   I want to be able to get on stage and tell a few jokes and feel good about the fact that I am doing something I have always wanted to do.

Going to local shows will help with this because I'll be in the atmosphere and it will stay fresh on my mind.  The way I succeed at anything is to throw myself into it, so this is my attempt.

With that in mind I also want to start writing a bit more too.  Honestly I expect most of this to not interest any of y'all since it will mainly be about non poker related topics and I feel all y'all are mainly here (because you forgot to unsubscribe when I quit writing) because once upon a time I tried to write (poorly) about poker.

Because we'll be saving up for the house Poker really isn't something that is on the table for me in any sustained way but I do want to get out a few times and sling some cards.  When some of you all visit I'd like to have the ability to go out for an evening and have a few brews while playing a few cards.

Nick, Rob, Tab, John, Chris etc.  I miss catching up with you guys during your numerous trips to The Best City in the WORLD!!!  I'd like to start doing that again even if it is just once with each of you this year and then more frequently when I have the ability to save up a proper bankroll for drunken 1-2 NL games.

Hell - Even if I just come out for chatting and railing (and you better NOT TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY!!).

My next post will be more towards the goals I want in 2018 as a way to make the wife happy because she wants to go on a journey of self improvement and she is taking me with her whether or not I want to be go. :)

And finally, the most important thing to happen to me in 2017 and consequently in 2018.