Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wrestlemania 31

Well I'd feel pretty bad if I went a whole month and didn't put up a single post, and it's not like I don't have a lot that I can talk about.  It's just that when I am home, pretty much the only thing I want to do is play with my baby.  I am so infatuated.

However, since I have other things I need to distract myself with and tomorrow is filled with Wrestlemania I thought that I'd sit down and compose my thoughts on the subject.

What I want to happen and what I think is going to happen since they generally are two different things.  Also, it is quite comforting to see that a bunch of people on my Book of Face are also wrestling fans (some of them going to see the event live Balt99 - I want a write up) I thought that maybe other people would like to hear my rambling and tell me that they think I'm an idiot.

So let's start with the pre-show.

WWE 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match.
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (champs) vs The Usos vs The New Day vs Los Matadores

First off - this is just a total filler match which is why it was sent back to the pre-show and not actually put on Wrestlemania and that is because pretty much no one cares.  There is no love for the Tag Division as they have manufactured teams that are built on people who WWE either didn't know how to get over, couldn't get over themselves or were just mismanaged and thrown together randomly.

Starting with the Champs - Cesaro is prime example of a guy that was ruined by booking.  He was very over with the fans and then won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal in amazing fashion so the next thing you know instead of doing a face run like they should have he was booked to continue being a bad guy and stop doing anything that the crowd actually liked.  One year later after countless losses he ends up part of the Tag Champs with another guy who is a singles competitor.

The Usos are the only real tag team here.  Nobody gives a damn about Los Matadores as they are just filler material and comic relief with that El Turito.

The New Day is just a bad conglomerate and the crowd doesn't care at all.  Big E was a failed push and champion because he has no charisma.  Kofi is a guy the crowd loves to watch do fun and amazing things but hasn't gotten a push in a long long time, and Xavier Woods never should have been broken away from Titus even though I hated their team and thought they were horrible (but they both sucked as singles even worse).

So what will probably happen? - Cesaro and Kidd keep the belts because there is NO REASON to put it back on The Uso's and neither of the other teams is worth a damn.
What should happen? - Ascension should have been booked in here (and should have been booked more like they were when they were in NXT) and they should have come away with the titles and booked in a way that showed them as a force to be reckoned with instead of some joke tag team that constantly loses.   Because that can't happen I'm going to say that Ascension should interfere in this match at some point laying out all competitors and letting the match go undecided.

Match 2 - Andre the Giant Battle Royal
What will happen - All signs point to either Shamus making his return and winning or Mizdow turning on Miz to win instead of letting Miz win.

What Should Happen - This should have been on the main card instead of on the Pre-Show but we get what we get I guess - this is why I pay my $9.99 per month.  Mizdow should win by turning on Miz to have his wrestlemania moment and set up a fun feud while putting him back in the upper mid card to fight for the US or Intercontinental belts for a while.  I've heard a rumor that their break-up will set up a match between the two of them for the main card and I am 100% in approval of that.

Before we get to the main matches - What The Hell did the booking team do by just blowing off the Star Dust/Gold Dust feud which was supposed to end at mania?  I was hoping that would lead to a push for Star Dust and the retirement of the gold freak.

Aj Less and Paige vs the Bella's

What will probably happen? Bella's win because of in-fighting on the other teams part
What Should Happen? - They give this match 15 minutes and let the ladies work and put on a real show instead of a 2-5 minute crappy Diva match that the WWE does 99% of the time.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton
What will probably happen? - This is one of those weird ones because I think the result of this match is entirely dependent on the booking of the main event.   I think if Reigns wins and remains a face then Rollins cashes in to leave the champion which means he loses to Orton.  If he is not going to cash in I think Rollins finds a way to beat Orton.

What Should Happen - Rollins is the best heel on the roster right now and he is majorly over in that role.  He should look like the prototypical bad guy but because he is so over he doesn't need a victory here.   Orton should probably get the nod but they get attacked after the match so they can continue their feud for another PPV or two.

Intercontinental Ladder Match
Ziggler vs Bryan vs Barrett vs Ambrose vs Stardust vs Harper vs R-Truth

What will probably happen? - This one could go a bunch of different ways especially if the WWE wants to restore any prestige to this belt.  Based on Booking either Bad News himself will walk out with it or Bryan will win it (based on losing cleanly the last two matches he has been in).

What Should Happen? - As much as I love Bad News they need to get the title off of him because WWE booking as completely ruined him right now and his title run (and the belt for that matter) by making him lose pretty much every frigging match since becoming a champion.  Because of this they need to put the belt on one of the best two workers in the company and let them WIN lots of matches instead of losing matches and should also carry the belt for a long time before finally losing it.
Bryan and Ziggler make the most sense here but I could see them giving Ambrose the rub as well (even though they never seem to let him win PPV matches any more).
Give one of those 3 the title and let them run though everyone in some amazing feuds leading up to another main event push and maybe title shot leading into next years wrestlemania.
Because the truth is, other than R-Truth, this match features a large portion of the future main even players of WWE's future if they were to actually do things

U.S. Title Match
Cena vs Rusev

What will probably happen? - Cena wins cleanly like he almost always does at Mania and takes the title and this is a shitty ending

What should happen? - Rusev beats Cena cleanly on the biggest PPV of them all.  Cena doesn't need a win and Cena doesn't need a minor title to carry around.  Rusev, while being booked as a monster hell, Will come off AMAZING here with another win over Cena.  This could actually propel Rusev to the main event roster like WWE seemingly wants.  He is the #2 heel in the company right now under Rollins and when he loses it should either be WITH the WWE World Title or to the man that has it.  Not to a guy that gets overbooked even though his reputation will never be tarnished at this point.

Could you imagine Rusev vs Lesnar (when Brock goes face) as a Beast vs Beast show down?

Undertaker vs Wyatt

What will probably happen? - Wyatt is the ONLY thing going on for this match. I get that people still love Taker even tough he is over the hill and used up like a condom on prom night but Wyatt has carried this feud by himself with no help from Taker and for that reason alone I think they will book him to win.

What should happen? - Wyatt should win - he deserves it and I think he needs it.  Based off of how far he fell off last year when Cena beat Wyatt at Mania (which was just bad booking) and then WWE Creative fell off and dropped Wyatt to the mid-card with bad booking, for that reason alone Wyatt needs to win.  Wyatt is the best tweener that they have. Booked to be a bad guy but cheered because he is an amazing worker and awesome on the mic.  Wyatt needs this win.

Sting vs HHH

Both are the same - Sting will win in what is hopefully an entertaining match from two guys who's prime is way behind them.  Sting is approaching 60 at this point, I just hope they can pull off entertainment before he goes over Hunter.

WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

What Will Probably Happen? - Roman Reigns wins and nobody is happy

What Should Happen? - Roman Reigns does NOT leave the building with the belt.  I am happy with any ending that does not have Reigns carry the title.
If Reigns wins then Rollins needs to cash in and walk out the champ.

Here is the problem, The Fans are going to react opposite how WWE wants them to almost no matter what.  If Brock wins he will get cheered because the fans hate Reigns.  If Reigns wins the fans will boo the good guy.  If Reigns wins and Rollins cashes they they will Cheer Rollins, the most over Heel on the roster.  All 3 of those have the fans reacting the opposite way they should.

So, that means that WWE needs to do the double turn here and have Heyman align himself with Reigns causing Reigns to go heel and Brock to go face.  Reigns needs a guy like Heyman who can do all the talking like he has done for Brock for awhile now.  If anyone can get Reigns credible then it is Heyman.

Even in this scenerio (which reigns has to get the title to make the double turn successful) I hate the idea of Reigns walking out with the title but at least he'll be getting boo'd like he is a bad guy instead of just getting boo'd because the fans don't like the guy as "the face of the company."

Long winded and probably boring but it sure was fun to type for awhile again.
If I do this again next year I'll skip the stupid matches and only talk about the ones I actually care about.

Right now my 9 year old is watching wrestling all day long to prepare for watching Wrestlemania and doesn't understand why I don't want to watch with him lol.  Children.


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