Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 10 results

I'll check my emails and text messages but it looks like I/m missing picks from El Guapo and Ghost Riders this week.  I will update them after I find out who their picks were.

This week also had a lot of favorites losing.  In fact, Very Josie was a miracle away from losing points for Josie as well.
Only 3 teams gained points and it tightened the race up.

Green Bay LOSE 16-18 - LOSE 2 points
Hopeless, Cabrina, Skittles, Spankmehardr

Carolina W 27-10, 27 Points
Oldmanserge, Scumdogs

New England W 27-26, 11 Points
Very Josie

Cincy Lose 6-10, LOSE 4 Points

Philly Lose 19-20, LOSE 1 Point
Ring my Bell

208 Points - Ring my (Le'Veon) Bell   ----Last Week 1st place
201 Points - scumdogs ----------------------Last Week 4th Place
191 Points - El Guapo Blanco  ---no pick? ----Last Week 2nd Place
184 Points - Hopeless -------------------------Last Week 3rd Place
183 Points - Oldmanserge ------------------Last Week 6th Place
181 Points - Very Josie FTW --------------Last Week 5th Place
151 Points - Ghost Riders -- no pick? ----------Last Week 7th Place
140 Points - Cabrina ----------------------------Last Week 8th Place
113 Points - Romomentum -------------------Last Week 9th Place
73 Points - Check The Bus ----------------------Last Week 10th Place
68 Points - SpankmeHardr ---------------------Last Week 11th Place
53 Points - LynchD 4 Skittles -----------------Last Week 12th Place

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