Saturday, March 25, 2017

Healthy 2017 - February

***Somehow through the Chaos that has been March, February did not get posted until near the end of March... My bad.   However, below is what I had written and now will be posted.  Please continue***

I was very happy with the way January worked out for me and now that February is done I feel justified saying that I am bloody stoked about how the month went.

So lets look back on February and see how everything worked out for me based on the goals I had set.

1 - Not have any days below 10,500 steps.
    - I failed on this as on Feb 19th I had 10,175 and it was a horrible bloody struggle just to even get that and make sure I was over my 10k min for every day this year.   I believe that I was sick and run down and the rest of the family also wasn't feeling well.  I put on my best face and went for a little walk at the end of the night just to get over 10k and I collapsed knowing I was going to fail this goal but at least still hit the main objective for the year.

2 - Two days over 20,000 steps.
   - Flying F'n Colors man.   Feb 7th was my first day over with 20,016 and I pushed myself at the end of the day because I was so close to the 20k mark.  Feb 12th I racked up 22,323 and hit my goal for the month.  Then as the month went on I added 20,024 on the 15th, 21,813 on the 16th 20,127 on the 17th (3 days in a row), 21,329 on the 22nd, 20,149 on the 25th and 20,114 on the 27th.
   - In total I had 8 days over 20k steps for February which I would have thought was out of reach for at least a few more months.

3 - Raise my Average to 14k per day and I achieved this as well.
4 - Stretch goal of getting to 15k per day and I also nailed this one.

So, before I get into my total - a look back at the years I have had my Fitbit.

February 2014 - 331,817
February 2015 - 260,749
February 2016 - 312,897

February 2017
464,492 Steps
16,589 steps per day

Shawn who is playing the Home Game and is my frequent competitor on Fitbit put up 410,878 steps in the month of February.  This averages out to 14,674 steps per day which is higher than he had in January.

So, I'm sorry that this is not that good of a post.
Somehow I forgot to post it when I should have and then when I dug into it I realized that half the post was missing.  I don't know if I typed it up elsewhere or if I just didn't save.

But, for those following along at home:
Steps so far this year
Serge: 896,965
Shawn: 841,969

Both of us will have over 1 million steps by the end of March.
Will our averages have gone up? Gone down? Stayed about the same?
Tune in in just a week or two to find out.

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