Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 days and counting

As I write this, in exactly 10 days I will be enjoying wedded bliss with my new wife.  It feels like just a week ago that I looked at the calender and thought "shit, 100 more days to lose 10-20 pounds" and now the time is upon me.
I'm going to assume that it's nerves that have caused me to gain a few pounds in the past couple of weeks but whatever, Life is good and I am happy.

I'm not going to edit or re-read this to make sure everything makes sense.  With that I will warn you that I am half way through my second Dead Guy while typing as some nights require booze to end the evening and fall asleep properly.

Before I get into the vague info I plan on giving to follow up that sentence I want to point out that this month I have beaten Mega Man Powered up for the Playstation Portable, or the PSP as most people know it.
I am quite happy with the game and plan on putting a few more hours into it but I in no way plan on completing it.  In order to complete it you have to beat it with Megaman on every single difficulty.  You also have to beat it with every other unlockable character on every single difficulty.  This means Cut-man and Guts-man and all the rest.  Liking Mega-Man and keeping him fondly in my heart over the years (but nothing like my brother in gaming Mike Hall) I really enjoyed this version of the game and the two new bosses.  However, I have better things to do with my time than beat the game another 30 times or so.

After that I re-started and beat Batman: Arkham City which I'm going to proclaim is probably one of the 5 best games I have ever played.  I haven't done all the side missions and I'll never get around to doing all the Riddler stuff, but I did have the Catwoman levels installed.  And, when it goes on sale for $5 or less I plan on getting the Harley DLC and playing through that.   The game play was great, all the improvements from Asylum were actual improvements.  The size of the map was pretty much perfect for the game as well.  The thing that makes this game so amazing was the ending.
That hit jumped out at you and hit you like the Klan throwing a sock party.  While it was hinted at I honestly never saw it coming.  This is a game that I will play again, on New Game Plus, because it was so amazing.
And even though I loved the game so much, the thing that tugged at my heart strings the most was the "voice mail" during the ending credits.
The whole reason I ended up deciding to play Arkham City as because this year Arkham Knight comes out and it is supposed to end the trilogy (Asylum, City and Knight).  So, I thought that I should beat City and Origins (a prequel from a different developer) before Knight came out so I could play it at release instead of 3 years later as seems to be my current Modis Operandi (SP????).

I've been playing a little bit of Diablo 3 trying to eek my way towards that last achievement as I'd like to have it done before The Ultimate Evil Edition comes out for the PS4 later this year.

For the PS3 I've still got to work on and beat South Park - but most of my gaming has been while kids are around so this game is totally a back burner game.
I think the next one I'm going to start is God of War Ascension and I plan on getting all of the NON multiplayer Trophies.  I might consider the MP ones just so that I can get the Platinum's on all of the games but I personally hate Multi-player in single player type games.
I'd also like to complete Dead Space so that I can move on to Dead Space 2.

Now, back to my pre-ramble.
Parenting is a bitch as I am finding out.
Step-Parenting is a bigger bitch.
I feel this might be the hardest job in the world.
It's great when everything is going good but there are these times and situations where it's like getting your balls caught in a vice.  There is no possible way to do the right thing.
Having to choose between getting fucked by the big dicked black dude or masturbating with razor wire.
Pretty much lose-lose.
Luckily I haven't had a whole lot of that over the past couple of years but tonight was one of those nights and I feel like absolute shit because of it.
This is why I have just downed my 2nd Dead Guy and am moving on to the third.

See y'all on the flip side.
10 days from now will be the happiest day of my life.


  1. 10 days man! Congrats to you both!!!! Parenting is the hardest job in the world, I can only imagine how hard it is when there is two Dad's in the picture. Keep it up though cause you as Deadpool and the boy as mini Deadpool mean you're doing it right. Congrats on beating Megaman Powered Up. Good game, you should take it online and download Protoman.

    Mike hall

  2. A countdown with an end in sight... :D

  3. to quote the lady from the movie GOONIES" KIDS SUCK" also, i would take the razor wire,sir.