Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Last Post

In what will probably be my last post before my nuptials and honeymoon I need to report that I am sick.  Sick in the head. Literally.
Diagnosed with a head cold today.  Run down and beat up and at the worst possible time.  I'm sure the "stress" and "worrying" about all the last minute stuff left an opening in my immune system and BLAMMO.
This is some sort of twisted revenge for missing out on every other illness that has run rampant at work and with the children in the past 8 months or so.
However, I am armed with new drugs designed to kick this shit out of my system so that I can be ready to go come Friday.

Yesterday was the worse and I'm sure yesterday is really what started it all.  The day before a few of us went to the mountains and played around for a few hours and I think I got too much sun.  The sun wore my body down and kicked my ass.  The next day I woke up with the shits, had headaches, sore throats and anything else that could be wrong with a person.  By the time I woke up today it all left except this horrid nagging head cold and that is why I ended up seeing a doctor to get drugs.
Being a fat boy with asthma, I fear not having drugs and letting this thing develop into something such as a chest cold which would put me down for at least a week.  Normally I'd take my chances and see if it develops but I cannot risk feeling that bad when I'm trying to remember my vows and wiping snot onto my rented tux in front of all my family, extended family and about to be family.
That might also kill the honeymoon.

One of the last things I have to do is put our (her) music selections on an iPod for the actual ceremony.  They also told me to select some music that might be about 30 minutes long for the guests as they are arriving and being seated before the ceremony.  This is something I think they failed to tell my love earlier because she looked shocked when I told her they wanted an additional 30 minutes and I just told her to let me take care of it because I have something in mind.

The direction I was given was just some mellow music and when I heard 30 minutes only, ONLY two songs came to my mind.... well 3 if you count the extended full on drum edition of In-a-ga-da-da-vi-da :)

The 1st was, as a joke only, Arlo Guthries Alice's Restaurant. (yes, it only clocks in around 23 minutes or so).

However, the song that I really want to use is a classic from the 70's and I'm going to play it for her tomorrow and see if she approves.   She is very skeptical but I absolutely love this song and don't feel it's out of line.

Saturday and Sunday are busy days and we take off for a lush paradise come Monday.  So, probably, until after I get back to Vegas.....

Take care my friends.


  1. I hope things clear up for you so that the day is enjoyable. glglgl!

  2. u stopped dranking the MOUNTIAN DEW,sir.your body doesnt like that,dude.u should play TOOL's 10000 days, just a thought

    1. I think she'd kill me for the TOOL suggestion

    2. rosetta stoned is like 11 mins and then 46 and 2 is pretty long too. mayb end it with jambi or prison sex to set the mood

  3. Replies
    1. Can't wait to bring back pictures and stories

  4. Get well soon. Best of luck to you and your bride!

    Jeff in MN

  5. enjoy hawaii. say hi to DOG the bounty hunter,HIGGINS,TC, and get a doggie treat to ZEUS and APOLLO 4 me.

  6. Maybe we can all go on an adventure together.
    That would be epic

  7. Have a great honeymoon..and congrats!!