Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dirty Forehead Wednesday approaches

So the past month or two have been interesting and trying times for the old grrouch.  There has been some good and some bad and the bad put me back into some old habits where I have been eating whatever the hell I feel like and putting pounds back on.

I did not jump into my diet like I said I was going to but I dove into a bag of chips like a fat kid in a candy store.  Multiple bags of chips.

And Ice Cream.
The list could go on for a while.

Either way I may or may not have accidentally stepped back on the scale again the other day and am pretty ashamed by the results and I need to make a change Pronto amigos.

So, this brings me to Dirty Forehead Wednesday and the season of the Lentils.

I'm not a cathlaholic or anything but my wife has the misfortune of being one and one of the things I do to support her is participate in her antiquated traditions.

I don't use that verbiage with her, I'm smarter than that.

In the past I have had success with Lent and giving things up (that year we gave up Sex - she says it was easy as pie).  

So, this year I am going to play nice again and make some broad sweeping changes to my diet and, hopefully, my habits during this season of the Dirty Forehead and then try to plan on how to maintain them after the fact.

One year I gave up snacking for lent and I lasted the whole bloody time.  The day Lent was over I pigged out like I was going to die tomorrow and never be able to taste deliciousness again.
That, they tell me, would be a failure!

I've been looking at things for the past month or so and have decided that Lent is going to be my starting point.

1 - No Soda's
2 - No Energy Drinks (Rockstar, Monster, NOS, etc)
3 - No Junk Food (Chips, Cookies, Ice Cream and the ilk)
4 - Cut way down on my Carb Intake.
5 - Add in a mega-ton of Veggies to make up for eliminating Breads/Pastas/Pizza :(
6 - Get Creative with the process and blog about my updates in a story form.

I'm currently in the process of planning several meals that will be my go to on a daily/weekly basis.

Let's see how this adventure goes.


  1. I cut out the soda (mostly), have been limiting the carbs and trying to make my meals mostly veggie/meat based. I have been doing alright with this so far. Good luck!

    1. Sounds about right.
      I'll be joining you in just a few days

  2. I stopped drinking beer for all of January and lost 7 lbs. Tequila only now for me! God Bless You and good luck,

    Signed, a lapsed catholic

  3. I hope you can run the diet, hopefully it can be fulfilled

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