Monday, June 03, 2019

Day of the Typing

Today I had some housekeeping to do now that vacation was done.   I had two products that I needed to write reviews for on Amazon so I decided to get them out of the way and now they are submitted and waiting on Amazon to publish them.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I was contacted by some people on Twitter about reviewing some of their Nintendo Switch related products and I was more than happy to jump on free product.  This actually ended up giving me my current favorite Switch Case and you can read the review I put up on my Video Game Blog.

I left the G out on purpose.

I do not know what that Purpose is though.

And then due to social media interactions and emailing I ended up on a list of people who get the opportunity to test products from the brand ZeroLemon.

I came across them a few years back when I needed a solution to my phone battery dying too quickly and got one of their Battery Cases.  Since then I buy a new Battery Case with every phone I get.
I've also won a few things from their Book of Face page in giveaways so that makes life better as well.

So for them I got a 4 Port Desktop Charger that I was able to use and review and just waiting on Amazon to push the review through, and I'll probably do a more detailed review on one of my blogs as well at some point but haven't gotten around to it yet.
Long Story Short: I love it!

I also sat down with a journal and started scribbling out notes for something I want to record soon.  Normally I just kind of have Ideas that I want to talk about but free-stream my thoughts but on this one I really felt like I should get it out of my head and in a written form of some sort.

The weird thing is that I have spent a lot of today sitting in front of a computer and typing things up but when I want to jot down my thoughts on that one subject I actually grabbed a journal and a pen and hand wrote it out instead of typing it up on the computer which would have been so much quicker.   Whatever.

I guess I just felt like writing today.

And on top of that I still am feeling adventurous and have something I want to record in an audio only format and a video I kinda want to take with the kids if they are up for it.

I hear it is WSOP season.
I'm broke as a Joke and just reading some random tweets while waiting for my chance to start playing again!

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