Sunday, September 17, 2023

It's so hard to say goodbye

I have tried to compose this many times over the past week and have come up blank every time. The only conclusion I can come up with is that I do not want to accept the fact that it is real.

Every single day.  Multiple times every day, I find something that reminds me of you.  A look, a joke, a noise or even just a random drink on a table will take me back to a memory that is seared into my brain involving you.

That's normal. I spent nearly 47 years of life with you in one form or another. From living in the same house and seeing you daily to living across the country and only talking to you occasionally.

You were with me through the best times of my life and the worst times.  You got to experience the three greatest joys of my life and I can move forward with no regrets because of that. 

I started life with you in it.  You helped me grow older and turn into the man I have become. You helped me through some really tough years in middle school and through all of my younger asthma problems.  You were there for me in High School when I was a not-quite-typical teenager but still dealing with teen issues.  You were really there for me when I went away to college and you would drive mom up to see me at the drop of a hat.  If that was to visit or even just to come up and grab my laundry (because I was too lazy to do it).
You were there when I almost died of an asthma attack, multiple times in fact.
After college you were there for me when I went through a relationship crisis and the ended up moving across the country.
You were there for my next crisis and the next and the next.
You were there when I got married and when my children were born. You got to hold both of your grandbabies and love them and spoil them.
You were always there and you loved every minute of it, and even if you didn't you never complained.

This is what makes it all so hard, you were always there for me when I needed it and in your last moments I was unable to make it back in time to be there for you, with you.
I know that you know I love you, always have and always will. But, it breaks my heard that I have to live with the fact that in your final moments I wasn't quick enough to make it to you.

Feeling sorry for myself will not help, it just hurts. I'm just having trouble moving on.  I'm not dealing with your death well.
You can know something is coming and you can think you are prepared for it, but in this instance I realize I was not ready for anything.

I miss your voice.
The other day I was deleting some voicemails and I ran into the last one I ever received from you.  You called me completely by accident and you are talking to someone in the background.
I hit play and the moment I heard your voice I balled my eyes out.  I will never delete that message.

You mean so much to me and my life. What I am, what I was, what I will be.  How I raise my kids and how I hope they grow up. I am sad you won't get to see them get older.
Sad you won't get to see Jacob continue to play soccer, won't get to see Sofia become a balarina and do her crazy dances. Sad you won't get to throw pillows at them again or build things, see their graduation or weddings.
But you will always be there, you will always be in my memories and thoughts and I don't ever want them to fade.
I feel incomplete without you right now and I know that over time I won't be so sad and miserable all the time and I know that all of your suffering has ended and you have nothing to worry about and that everyone helping to take care of you can breathe a sigh of reliefe knowing you are in a better place watching down over us.
I just love you so much and I miss you so fucking much.
Rest in Piece dad. friend. everything.
I hope I do you proud.



  1. Very touching eulogy I’m sure he would be proud of what you wrote. Hope things get easier with time. Tatude

  2. It gets easier as time goes on. Then you look back and ask how it could have been so long ago -- 19 years for my dad and 7 years for my mom. You think about all the things that were done for you that you can never repay. But you can pay it forward. Love your wife and your kids. Be charitable to those that are in need. Live your life in a way that would have put a smile on your father's face. Wishing you all the best.