Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Splitting my Time

As time draws on I've been spending more and more time with my fiance an child.
She has a "we do not live together until we are married" clause that is getting harder and harder to actually adhere to.  It went from spending one night every couple of weeks to now where I'm there for at least half the month.  I guess as long as most of my stuff is still at my house and I go there when our shifts are completely opposite then it doesn't count as living together yet heh.

But, that is what is happening.  The other day I set up a TV and my WiiU in the spare room so that some video games could be played.  I don't own a whole lot for the system but it's about the quality of game, not the quantity.  So, last night we started playing New Super Mario Bros U which is pretty fun so far.
It's your typical Super Mario Side Scrolling Platformer and you can't go wrong with that formula.  There are new suits to wear and Bowser is up to his usual no good, and the graphics are simply amazing.
The only downfall is that I'm going to be the one doing almost all of the level beating as my child is just awful at video games.  I know he wants to play with me (and pretty much only plays when someone else is playing with him) and so we use it to spend quality time together.  Well, that is until he gets too frustrated and we have to take a pause before he self destructs and starts ruining controllers.

I also picked up Dynasty Warriors for it off of Gamefly because I figure that it will be a simple hack and slash game that isn't too complicated for him to pick up and play.  Also probably going to look into getting a lego game or two for the system as well.  I'd like to keep him mostly to the WiiU and some of the older consoles instead of him playing on the new systems but we will see how that works out in the long run.

Today, finally, I ordered the wedding invitations.  They should hopefully be in the mail soon and then the ever so fun task of writing everyone's address on the envelope and making it look legible starts.  I suggested we just hand them out at the wedding when people arrive but she wasn't down with that idea.  Saves on postage is not a good enough argument it seems.

I close tonight and tomorrow and as such I ended up sleeping in my own bed, which really kinda sucks to be honest.  However, I played some Diablo 3 before bed and before work.  I'm pretty sure that I'll hit close to 200 hours at least on this game before I finally give it up.


  1. I was trying to keep my kids to Wii, Playstation 2 and some of the older platforms. When they saw me playing the XBox 360 it was all over. Now I have to wait in line to play. They are asking for 360 games for their birthday. At least they have the same taste for games as I do. How is Diablo 3 for an eight and six year old? Can it be multi-player split screen?

    1. They play Boarderlands 2 all the time. I was hesitant at first, but I couldn't say no.

    2. If they play BOrderlands 2 all the time then they can handle Diablo.
      Borderlands is the First Person Shooter version of Diablo.
      Diablo is hack and slash (don't know if they will like the play style) and the main point of the game is to get better loot to kill harder enemies to get better loot to kill better enemies.

      After you beat the game you start over, but on a harder difficulty and keep repeating that.

      The whole reason I ever picked up the first Borderlands was because they described the game as Diablo with Guns - and it lived up to it 100%

      You can play 2 players on the same screen (Couch-Co-Op) with Diablo but the problem with the 360 version is that you have to have two Xbox Live log-ins (when I tried they both had to be Paid accounts) in order for both players to save their characters and progress....
      I'm hoping that changed because my kid could play but his character wasn't able to save and jump back in later.

  2. i never understood the cant live together till married clause.y paid rent,electricity,etc,etc on 2 places ,when u r spending alot of time at 1 persons place

    1. It's all preference anger.
      personally it doesn't matter to me. I've lived with some other people I've dated before. However, she just wants to do it this way and I'm cool with that.

      I only have 99 days left!