Monday, January 27, 2014

another evening comes to an end.

Winding down at the end of the day and attempting to pound ths post out on my galaxy tablet.  The logical thing would be for me to just tote my computer between my two houses and use it as I need but I just don't like the idea of transporting it around.

This is a short term dillema though because my mom has grown tired of her computer and is upgrading to a newer one which means I will inherit her old one to do with as I please.  Then I will have one at each house until my living arrangement changes permanently in 88 days.  Of course I still have delusions of fixing my previous computer and getting it functional but that will probably never come to pass.

Today was my first real day back to work after a week off.  I did have to work an overnight in the middle but working without customers and other employees distracting you really isn't work.  Today was also a short day because I had to take my love to the dentist and pick her up as well.  She was getting some dental surgery where they had to grind down some of her jaw bone to alleviate some infection and luckily they put her under for that.  She has been sleeping since.  I did wake her up so that she could take her medicines and then she turned the tv on and promptly fell right back to sleep.

To keep myself entertained I have been playing some video games with the kid. He has mostly been playing WWE 13 and I have played a bit of Duck Tales on the Wii U.  I tried to play some wrestling with him but I just can't get into the game. Just no fun for me.
So, for the time being I'm sticking to Mario and other actual fun games.  I did bring a ps3 over and hooked it up in the game room so while the kid is playing games I can play on the Wii U game pad without the need for a second tv.  The second tv will come in due time though so that I am not forced to play just the Wii U.  I'm quite sure that I can only take so much Mario before I want to play something more mature like GTA or Borderlands.

 This took a lot longer to type than I'd like but by the end my speed picked up.  I'll do a quick proofread and then read another chapter of Doctor Sleep before I get some sleep of my own.


  1. something more mature like GTA

    You break me up, Lad.

    1. Maybe not in content, but in rating.
      Sometimes I don't want to save the princess. Sometimes I want to go on a coke bender and kill hundreds and then hide from the police at a strip club.