Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So far so fail

I'm pretty sure that when I was younger I ruined my eyes for contacts.  The older I get the more sure of this statement I become.
So far so fail, this round of contacts has been a complete and utter failure.
The first pair were not bad the first day.  Day two I think I took them out after 4 hours because my eyes were sore and red.  I decided to give myself a few days off.
The other day I put in pair number 2, the slightly more powerful pair.  They weren't too bad until I got to work and had to start reading off a computer screen.  Within 30 minutes I made a run for the bathroom because I felt like I was going to lose my lunch.  So, upon entering the toilet area I pulled both contacts out and they hit the trash.

I have two more pair of contacts to try, both of them are at my fiances house so it's not going to be until Friday that another set touches my eyes.  At this point I don't even feel like going through with the last two as I really can tell the difference in sight and feel and the glasses thus far are winning in the total overall sight category. Also, my lady says I'm sexy in my glasses (which, is probably a lie but I like hearing her say it).

I decided to give this update not because I felt like typing but because Alan Wake: American Nightmare is on sale on Xbox Live for $2.99 and I couldn't resist.  I wanted to buy it when it first came out but never did and now it's downloading and I'm sitting here shooting the shit.

I stated playing Final Fantasy XIII and also put a little bit of time into what was a free with Playstation Plus game, Poker Night at the Inventory 2.
PNatI has me hookes because of the cast of characters really.  Clap Trap, Ash from Army of Darkness, Sam from Sam and Max.  Mad Moxxxie is in there as well and a guy named Steve.  GladOs is the dealer and that makes for just a shit ton of fun.
There are some negatives, and the slow play is kind of annoying but overall the game is worthwhile for a little bit of fake poker action now and then and some cool dialog between the non-me players.

I'm also nearing the end of my first book of the year, but I left that at my other house and won't be reading it tonight.

Well, download complete.  I need to kill some stuff before I get to sleep as I open tomorrow and it's about 80% that there will be a truck which will keep me too busy to think.


  1. I had to search your game. I knew ZERO of the characters before I did... :)

    1. You have never watched Evil Dead one or two or Army of Darkness?
      What is wrong with you coach?

  2. Maybe I missed this or forgot it if you mentioned it, but are you trying soft contacts or perhaps gas permeable? I started out with hard and later switched to gas permeable. I have now been wearing them since I was twenty years ago. A few years ago I tried to switch to soft lenses. Dang -- they felt like I was covering my whole I and I could not stand having them in.

    1. I was given the choice of hard or soft and I have only ever worn the soft so that is what I went with.
      I wore them a lot when I was young but my eyes really just seem to reject them.
      I still have two pair to try and maybe I'll try a pair at work tonight.

      after that I'll report my findings back to the doc and see what happens