Thursday, February 27, 2014

Under 60 days

As our longest month, February, trickles to a close I find myself with less and less free time but I also find myself more and more living with the fiance.
It appears as though we had good intentions with the whole "not living together until after marriage" thing but ultimately we failed so close heh!

I've got the most important stuff moved over, though I still have to get some more clothes over here and I'm working, slowly, on getting my movie and video game collection over as well.

I've decided to go into space saving mode and I will be removing my games and movies (most of them) from their cases and putting them into sleeve binders for storage instead.  For the time being I'm still planning on saving the cases and I'll just have them in boxes in the garage until a time comes when I realize I have no use for them or I decide to sell some stuff off.  I do know I'll never play most of these again but selling them is only going to net me a couple bucks from each of them and it doesn't feel like it's worth the time or hassle.

I recently upgraded my fitbit flex to a fitbit force and so far I am enjoying it.  I like having something with a watch function on my wrist so I don't have to take my phone out to tell the time. I also like that it counts how many flights of stairs you have traveled during a day so that I can push myself to get more in every day.  Mostly this will be at work but if it means I'm running up and down a ladder a few times extra every day just to make sure I hit my goals then it's helping and motivating me in the right direction.

We are officially under 60 days left and yesterday we just went for the tux fitting.  We picked out the style and the colors we wanted and I sent off the information to my buddies so that they could go get their measurements as well.  I really need to order my gifts to the best men folk as I have been slacking on that.

Doing the little things like actually mailing the invitations and getting fitted for the tux make this a bit more real that it was previously.  I knew it was coming but these are big steps towards solidifying it.  I'm still not nervous but I am getting a bit more excited about it.  Mostly I can't wait until it's all over, this way I can resume a normal (semi-normal) life and we can turn our focus towards fixing up the place we are living in, paying out miscellaneous debt and saving for a house of our own.

I foolishly let my caffeine collection disappear over the last week (ie: drank it) and now I am sitting here wishing I had a Mt Dew but having to wait until after 9 am because I can't just leave the kid alone while I run out for my fix.  I have to wake him up somewhere around 8 - 8:30 so that he can get ready for school.  I usually drop him off around 9 am so he can have breakfast before settling into his classes.

My lady just signed up for supplemental insurance through Afflak. We had a friend do this recently who was having a child and it's a pretty great deal so we jumped on it as well.  Basically once signing up you cannot take anything out of it for 10 months, but if you go on leave from work (for having a baby or whatnot) they will pay you 30 or 35% percent of your income for 3 months.  They give it to you upfront in a lump sum but that doesn't make a difference.  So, with work giving 65% when you go out on leave for having a child the supplemental insurance will cover the difference and there will be no real loss of pay while on maternity leave.  This means it's not really necessary for me to get a second job during those fun months.

One final note, I have finally moved my computer over to the fiance's house which means that I'll actually have access to it more often which hopefully means more updates on this hear blog.
I miss typing to you all some days.


  1. Are you selling your house?

    @anger--do you prefer yoga pants or boobies? Pick one.

    1. No, not selling. Moved my parents in. But will be looking to buy a second with the future mrs grrouch that we can call our own

    2. prefer BOOBIES . of course but i like grrouchies selection of yoga pants pics