Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trying contacts again

This morning I had an appointment with the eye doc and I decided that I'll give contacts another shot.
This doc is 100% new to me but my Fiance has used him her whole life and likes him.  The only real reason I switched to him is because my employer changed providers and my old doc does not accept the new provider.

So, I got to go through all the standard eye tests and they came back and told me that my vision is basically the same as it has been for the last decade.  He checked my glasses and said that nothing has really changed and that my eyes are good and healthy.  He did warn me that in about 5 years or so my close up vision was going to noticeably get worse and reading is going to be more difficult.  I talked to him about Lasik a little bit and he told me the quicker I do it the better but in the long run I'm still going to end up back to wearing glasses.  So, with that knowledge I've decided against Lasik because it would just be a waste of money.

Instead, back to contacts occasionally.  Contacts will make trips to Red Rock for hiking the mountains easier as the sweat won't be knocking my glasses off.

So, because I haven't worn contacts regularly for a long time and because he is a new doc to me he decided to give me 4 different pair of contacts to try out for a few days each and then report back to him as to which felt better, which could make me see better, etc.

Pair number one, which I'm wearing right now, is probably not going to be the winner (then again it could just be my eyes getting used to them again).  My vision doesn't seem as strong as when I wear my glasses and some things are a little more blurry, this screen for instance.  Overall I can see and read with them but they just don't quite feel right.  I've got two more days to test them out before I am on to pair number 2.  Luckily I'm off today and tomorrow.

Other than that life keeps on ticking.  We have our invitations and have begun the process of handing them out to some people and will be doing a mass mailing shortly.  It looks like there will be a couple of extra people at the reception than at the wedding but that's because the place for the ceremony jacks the price up if you go over the "max" for the package that you booked.  No real big deal though because we've combed over out list and have the wedding group down to the most essential of the essential.
There are about 75 days left and at this moment our Honeymoon is a bit up in the air.  At first we thought we would leave right away but now it seems like we might have to put it off for a couple of months.  This is not a big deal because it's still going to be happening and we will not be one of those couples that puts it off and never gets back to it, this I promise.

So, if it's put off for a few months then my idea is to take a mini honeymoon somewhere closer just to get away for a few days and spend that time alone, together.  She is starting to go through the normal emotions that remind me of school children who have nightmares that they show up for an important test naked.
She has already had dreams that she couldn't make it, that I didn't show up, that she didn't have her make up ready, that the car broke down, that the wrong guy showed up to marry her, that I went out after our wedding with a stripper and she called my mom to get me in trouble, etc.   It's all pretty amusing to me, though not to her.

In other news I'm down to one achievement needed for Diablo 3 on the 360 so that I can put that game to rest (on the 360 only) and start playing other things.  I just need to do some gold grinding.  I started playing it on the PS3 so that I can have a few high level characters for whenever it is that the PS4 version, Dialbo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition, gets released.  They already said you can import your characters from PS3 to PS4 and that's why I'm going to focus on getting some of my characters leveled and pimped out the way I want them.  I haven't really started playing anything new lately though the PS4 has Outlast for free if you are a PS+ member and I'm looking forward to that.  It's a Survival Horror game where you don't have any offense.  Your goal is to do some research and if you get into trouble you have to run, hide or die.  Looking forward to it as everything I'm reading says that this game is actually pretty scary - so it looks like I won't be playing when the kid can watch.

My new systems are still largely ignored due to my Diablo Addiction, as of this writing I'm at 197 hours played on the 360 version alone, and this has been 98% of my video game play in the past 2.5 months.

I've been playing some Dungeon Keeper on my phone but just as something to pass the time for a few minutes a day.  I'm not a big fan of being invaded by random people online but for a time waster it's pretty good.

Speaking of time wasters, Flappy Bird.  I do realize the game has been pulled from the app stores but I downloaded it about 3 days before that happened and really enjoy playing this mindless game.  Out of everyone I actually know who plays or has played I have the highest score at 148 so that is kind of like having bragging rights.  I probably play it for about 30 minutes a day in total.  I enjoy it during my lunch break and also while the fiance watches bad TV that I'm not a fan of.  Hopefully I can reach 200 before the end of Feb and while I originally planned on deleting the game at the end of the month I'll now just keep it until phone upgrades render it unplayable.

Hope everyone's life has been going well.


  1. how do i go about seeing an eye dr free of cost--without having to sign up for medical which i dont believe in really--at least not obamacare. although medical coverage with SSI is ok for people who are truly disabled--obamacare is sinful--and i cant get county medicaid because i dont have a NV id. but isnt there still some way to get a free eye exam i dont know of?

    1. Tony, how is Obamacare sinful? I'm curious to follow your path of logic on this one.
      Also, do you realize that pretty much every single president has tried to pass some sort of Obamacare (Bushcare would have been an amazing name) but Obama just happens to be the first to do it? Would you have despised all the others if they got it through first?
      The only way to achieve anything is with change. Obamacare is a change and while this form of it might not be ideal or perfect, it's a step. I personally think that we should be trying to push ourselves towards what Canada has but that's just my opinion and in all honesty I don't really care.

      I work for my paycheck and I pay my insurance dues and I'm happy with the way my life has turned out.