Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 8 Results

When your top 6 teams all pick losers and not much changes you know they had a good lead over the rest of the pack.
However, Nick and his pick of the Cheifs boosted him the whole way up to 4th place and in contention.
Randy and Sergio picking the Dolphins put them back into the thick of things as well.

The Surprise is Mauri who was almost a the bottom just a few weeks ago is now sitting in 10th position and ready to strike after picking the Patriots

CowboysL 17-20(3)167 Serge
CowboysL 17-20(3)152 Craig T
CowboysL 17-20(3)150 Bill R
ChiefsW 34-737 149 Nick G
CowboysL 17-20(3)139 Craig O
CowboysL 17-20(3)136 Jake
DolphinsW 27-1324 135 Randy
DolphinsW 27-1324 134 Sergio
CardinalsW 24-2014 131 Joe G
PatriotsW 51-2338 118 Mauri
CowboysL 17-20(3)107 Steph T
ColtsL 34-51(17)102 Jason R
DolphinsW 27-1324 97 Bosko
CowboysL 17-20(3)95 Old Man
CowboysL 17-20(3)64 Stephanie
BrownsW 23-1320 52 Rob L
ChargersL 21-35(14)48 Tony V
CowboysL 17-20(3)48 Mike T
BrownsW 23-1320 41 Spank
ColtsL 34-51(17)39 Claudia
DolphinsW 27-1324 39 Bill M
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
CardinalsW 24-2014 3 Carnell

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