Monday, October 20, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 7 results

So here are the week 7 results and current standings.

First I want to give a big shout out to the Seattle Seahawks for being picked by 4 of the top 6 teams (including the guy who was temporarily ahead of me for a whole one week) and allowing me to re-take 1st place.
Seattle was my 12th man this week.

Second, I want to thank the Browns for being the Browns.  Destroying my team one game and then losing to one of the worst teams in the league the next.  That win over Pittsburgh was so decisive that it caused a few people to actually pick you this week and you totally cost them big time.

To Carnell for picking the Texans because he forgot to pick this weekend and then decided that Pittsburgh sucks.  Carnell, you are in last place.  You are the only guy still in the negative.
You are losing to a guy who hasn't made a pick in multiple weeks and once picked a team on a buy week.  Carnell - You Suck :)

week 7ScorePointsTotal
CowboysW 31-2120 170 Serge
PackersW 38-1731 155 Craig T
SeahawksL 26-28(2)153 Bill R
SeahawksL 26-28(2)142 Craig O
SeahawksL 26-28(2)139 Jake
PatriotsW 27-2512 119 Jason R
SeahawksL 26-28(2)117 Joe G
PatriotsW 27-2512 112 Nick G
PatriotsW 27-2512 111 Randy
CardinalsW 24-1321 110 Sergio
PackersW 38-1731 110 Steph T
PatriotsW 27-2512 98 Old Man
CowboysW 31-2120 80 Mauri
CardinalsW 24-1321 73 Bosko
SeahawksL 26-28(2)67 Stephanie
ChargersL 20-23(3)62 Tony V
RavensW 29-732 56 Claudia
SeahawksL 26-28(2)51 Mike T
BrownsL 24-6(18)32 Rob L
BrownsL 24-6(18)21 Spank
BrownsL 24-6(18)15 Bill M
No PickTie0 12 Jason D
TexansL 23-30(7)(11)Carnell

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  1. PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!! . i would like to thx the Bills 4 keeping the dream alive in my survivor football challenge that entry still undefeated $3000 if can keep it going. that is a lot of weed, taco bell, mtn dew, and mayb a new/little used Browning Hi-Power