Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sometimes the Customer is an Asshat

Dear Customer

I may not have caught you doing it and I may not know who you are but I will review the security camera footage until I find you.

I will study your face and memorize you.

I will then find you on social media and expose you.

I will track you down and get my revenge and it will be sweet.

You will be cyber bullied.

You will be crucified.

I wish a plague upon your house.

I wish the death of a thousand scorching suns.

I wish a tape worm that gets over aggressive and eats a hole though your intestines, maybe even your colon.

I wish the AIDS virus upon you and preemptively I wish leprosy upon you and your junk and that it falls off next time you take matters into your own hands, if you know what I'm saying.

You, sir, are the lowest form of filth that this world knows and I hope your life sucks for the duration of it, I believe that they call that karma and I'm not talking about the name of the last stripper that took you into the back room and gave you pleasure.

In closing: Go Fuck Yourself


the grrouch

Yes, that is what it looks like and yes I had to clean it.


  1. Okay - I must be missing something here. Are worst, it looks like someone took a dump and didn't flush.

    1. This is one of my display toilets on the sales floor and someone decided to take a piss into it.

  2. Spirochetes would be the proper pox to wish upon the villain...

    1. If only I were as eloquent as you are sir. Next time someone decides to piss in my pot I will channel you and this reply!

  3. Sounds like a greek philosopher's name doesn't it???