Thursday, June 27, 2019

Office Job

While it does suck to put in the extra hours and time away from the family every week it is nice to come to a comfortable job that is low stress and easy going.

This is a relaxing and rewarding job and the benefits of working at a desk most of my shift is also quite pleasant.  I have two monitors and one of my co-workers actually calls me grrouchie (I believe you all know her as the Fabulous Linda Lou).

Getting this job was something that I didn't know I needed and while on the short term it is helping me get out of debt quicker it might have opened my eyes to a potential career change if the right position opens.

The "other" job meanwhile has been nothing but stressful for the past couple of months.
Blood Pressure City!


  1. I missed something in a previous blog obviously. What is this new job you speak of?

    1. After buying a new house and incurring debt (again) to move in, medical bills and whatnot I ended up getting a cushy second job to help pay things off quicker. So this second job is nice and cushy and I really really like it.

      It's only 3 days per week but well worth it.