Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Spam Burger Hamburger

So now that I'm attempting to dust off this blog on a more normal basis I have noticed that there are approximately 1800 spam bots constantly posting to (mostly) my older posts with their weird lingo and links to robot porn.

I guess this means it is about time for me to turn on the option that says I have to approve all comments before they post to the blog instead of just letting it happen and then coming back later to delete all the spam.

But, in the grand scheme of thing I guess I should be happy about the Spam Bots because they are driving my views up as I slowly push towards 1 million!

It's the little things in life.

I will have to take and post pictures next time but our backyard at the Big House is officially done.  It went from a big dirt box to now having pavers, grass and plants.   Next thing to do is bring the table and grill over.  I have a box of new chairs in the garage and Ideally I need to find something to cover it all up because Vegas is full of dust and dirt.

One of my least favorite things bout grilling is the fact that I have to clean the grill off every time but the table is the absolute worst part.  The amount of dust that has to get cleaned off to make the surface ready for my impeccable burgers is disgusting.  So, Table cover is my current solution.

After that it is a matter of getting the dog to stop pissing on everything new.  I put a fire pit out there and put a cover on it and I caught him pissing on the cover several times.   Now I don't even want to touch it so that I can fire up the pit and drink my beer.   Not to mention roasting marshmallows.

Speaking of Smores - one of the great things about the backyard being done is now I get to start looking for cheap camping gear for Jacob and I.

I think I want to get something soft for under the tent to make it easier for me to sleep because, lets face it, I'm getting prettier but I'm not getting younger and these bones ache enough as it is.

But, I will need a tent and some sleeping bags at the very least.  Some long pointy sticks to roast our marshmallows and hot dogs.  I'm quite excited about the possibilities.

What has you all excited lately?
Tell me some stories.

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