Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fifty Two days remain

Everything is going full force at this point.  All the last minute prep is making itself known. Just today, in fact, she had a trial run for her hair and make-up with some people whom she is considering.  From what I am told the hair looked great but "they don't know how to put make-up on brown people."

So, 50% of the way home in that category is my guess.

My tux is being prepped and hopefully everyone else has gotten their measurements by this point.  I'm looking to drop 10 more pounds before I have to go back in for the final alterations.  My weight loss has been stuck for the last few months but I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at.

I had a great idea for the honeymoon, but it kind of fizzled out like a bad far.  I did not pounce on the opportunity quickly enough but more will pop up.  Worst case scenario we are taking a small one to California to spend some time away from everyone and some time on the beaches before our true honeymoon happens a bit later this year or early next year or in a decade or two, you know the routine.

I've started to think more and more about work and my future.  I'm pretty sure that this probably should have come about before my 12th year but in all honesty it didn't matter too much when I was single and not planning a family.  Now that all of that is in the plans I'd like to focus more and move up and to do that I need to position myself where I think I will have the best opportunity.  I'd really like to only spend one more year at the most as a Department Manager before I can get into a salaried position so with that in mind I have a whole lot to think about.

I have an interview at a different store on Thursday to run a completely different set of departments than I have now that will pose all kinds of new challenges for me.  I also have strong loyalties to my current store as I really like a lot of the people and the customer base.  Both stores and positions have their advantages and disadvantages.  Leaving where I currently am for a lateral position is a really tough decision that I didn't take lightly but it's one I ultimately decided to attempt because it would allow me to spend more time with my family.  It's bloody difficult working retail and trying to maintain a home life sometimes.

Let the good times roll and now I'm off to continue working on my last Diablo 3 achievement which is still probably 15 hours away lol.  I can't wait to put this game behind me for a while and start working on a few others.


  1. why cant it be ME shes marrying instead of u? ill never have love, and a normal life with someone who loves me.

    1. LMAO.2 funny TBC. buy and 8 ball and find yr next gf.. true, grouchie retail is a grind, sir.

    2. Because she wants someone with a steady income who has a life beyond gambling.
      Someone who treats her kid and family with love and spends time with them instead of someone who feels bothered to take 5 minutes away from gambling to acknowledge his own family.
      She wants someone who doesn't run away from his problems and doesn't blame everyone else for why life sucks.

      I dunno..... choice seems obvious to me.

    3. there is life beyond gambling? really? do u have proof? or did u get this from that liberal media.

  2. When you get married, my countdown will be under 100, so keep pushing forward... :D