Sunday, June 22, 2014

And in other news

If you'll all forgive my lack of a follow up with the actual ComicCon currently and instead indulge me in this probably brief little bitch session I'd truly appreciate it.

One phrase that I have heard a lot growing up is that being a step-parent is probably the hardest job there is.  I never fully realized it until I jumped in with both feet (and it is a decision I will NEVER regret).  Sometimes it's just a look you get or a comment thrown your way.

When you do what I did and become a step parent right around the Mid-Life Crisis point your entire world gets flipped upside down.  This is not a lame cliche, this is not the lament of someone who doesn't get it, this is the dog's honest truth of the situation.

I jumped into this relationship willingly, heart first.  I love my family and the bond that we have and am thankful for them every single day of my life.  However, this is my first go round with children.  I went from being single and having all of the freedoms that come with it to being a parent.  A lot of the normal relationship stuff is altered when one person has a child.  The relationship is formed with a complete lack of alone time.  The relationship is formed with always having other people in the mix. It's different, it's strange.

But, now I am subject to trying to play by a different set of rules and a lot of those rules are extremely foreign to me or unknown.  I'm constantly left wondering where my boundaries are, what I can or cannot do.  Is it OK for me to say this or is this something I need to keep my mouth shut on?  That's just at home, throw step grand-parents into the mix and things start to get more complicated.

Today was one of those days.
I was brought up differently than my child and (I assume) my step-siblings.  I have a different belief system of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and today my words got me into an uncomfortable situation.

I left without bothering to defend myself as I know that it honestly doesn't matter.  I've found a new boundary that I cannot cross while I'm over there and I'll just have to remember it in the future.  But man, doesn't make me feel any less pissed off at this particular moment.

My next post will hopefully be about the lessons I have learned during my first trip to a ComicCon!
P.S. - the end to that USA vs Portugal game absolutely blew.


  1. some details???????????? a little vague ,sir

  2. Part of being a parent is that there are always new challenges. The more you parent, the more confident you become. As long as love and doing the right thing are the basis for decisions you make, it is hard to mess up too badly.