Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lead me not into Robvegaspokers Temptation

Since I have been married I have gone out and played poker exactly twice.  During these two sessions it is pretty safe to say that I'm riding a hot streak.  That is a huge plus because I really didn't have any type of bankroll to speak of and a hot streak lets me keep playing occasionally.

The second session started out with me deciding to take a trip down to Bally's for the evening and upon arriving I noticed that they had 3 tables going.  Two of them the All In variety and one of them the slow bleeding death and the smell of rotting corpses variety.  I put myself on the wait list for the former, of course. The problem was that the list was about 6 people deep, nobody really wanted to bust out or go home and Bally's wasn't particularly interested in opening another table at the time.  This lead me to taking a walk over to Planet Hollywood where my Bravo poker app told me they had 7 All In games running.

The walk was pretty crowded as foot traffic is increased because of that sweet sweet World Series of Poker action.  About a minute into my walk I hear someone saying "Psst, hey." "Hey You."

I assumed that this was directed elsewhere and kept walking.  However, thirty seconds later I hear "Hey you, yeah you" and I look over because curiosity killed the cat and all that nonsense right?

As I look over I get a smile and a "So, what are you doing tonight?" To which I respond that I'm just going to meet some friends.
She replies "Well, maybe your friends should meet my friends and we can all have a good time."

This is the part where the new grrouch took over and shut out the old grrouch part of his brain.
Instead of inquiring about what a good time would entail.  Instead of continuing the conversation to see where it might lead and then giving the rejection in the end.  Instead of a myriad of different things I could have said or done in order to get a much better story for this blog post....

"Yeah, no.  My friends and I don't like to have fun."

No more words were spoken between us, but I did manage to slow down so that I could get a few "from behind" shots of my would be assailant. Getting any frontal shots would have been too much risk.

As for the poker portion of my tale, it was mostly uneventful.  For most of the nearly 3 hours I was there I ran pretty card dead and when I had something playable I missed.  My stack fluctuated but I won or stole enough hands to keep me in the game.
I moved seats near the end of my session because I didn't want to sit next to the guy who just came to our table with $600 and tried to rat-hole down to the regular buy-in.
At my new seat I won a couple decent hands and then the last playable hand I had (and the last hand I played oddly enough) was this.

I raised to $7 with J9 of spades and got 7 callers.
Flop came out TT7 with two Diamonds.  This ended up getting checked around.
The turn was a non diamond 8 and I bet out $65 getting 2 callers.
The River was the ugliest 7 I have ever seen and I checked, but oddly enough so did everyone else.
I turned over my straight and one guy mucked.  Another guy pretty much cursed himself out and then threw his cards in eventually.  I'm guessing busted flushes with the last guy kicking himself for not trying to steal it on the river scare card.
Either way, I cashed out up over a buy-in on a night where I didn't have anything going for me until right near the end.

I will never get tired of this view
I wasn't willing to part with whatever donation they were looking for in order to get a better, focused, pic with the girls so I just stood back and waited for them to not pay attention and snapped a series of out of focus pics where this was the best of what I had.  Whatever.

New grrouch. Married grrouch.  Took the safe route with the hooker and then took the safe route with the hot bikini cops as well.
Married life has turned me lame!


  1. "Married life has turned me lame"


    1. I'm just saying, a year or two ago this conversation would have been much longer and I would have at least had some sort of pricing and location of where services would be rendered.
      However, I immediately thought of my wife and took into consideration the fact that she might not enjoy a prolonged conversation with a hooker about goods and services....
      Maybe I'll have to bring this up to her and see if I can get the green light

  2. Replies
    1. Clearly there were no yoga pants.
      I'm sorry to be such a disappointment

  3. Next post you tell us what really happened with the hookers?

    1. only if I can find it within me to do it in the style of a TBC rant

    2. Kind of hard to give that kind of information when I was too much of a wimp to take the time to find out.
      Though, I do think I saw her mouth "I kiss on the lips"

  4. I feel honored to be used in the title of this post.

    Am I correct in assuming that it was still daylight when you ran into the hookers on the Strip? Starting early! It's been like forever since I encountered any Pavement Princesses on the Strip, but then maybe that has to do with the fact that I almost never walk on the Strip any more.

    The "bikini cops"....was that on the Strip too? Looks like more of a Fremont Street thing. But again, maybe I don't know what I've been missing not walking the Strip!

    As for the poker....as I recall, the first poker session was much juicier. No post about that ?

    1. Rob - this was probably around 9 - 9:30 pm, so no longer daylight.
      The bikini cops were also on the strip, Leave Planet Hollywood and take a right, walk about 30 seconds and that was the location. It is a lot more common and more littered with this type of behavior on Fremont Street but I've seen a good amount on the strip as well.

      The First Poker session was a lot juicier. But in all honesty it's hard to make an interesting post about poker when the truth is that I just ran amazingly well.

  5. Nice session (by the way)... :)