Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fame or Shame - Divisional Round

Just as an FYI I will have info updated later today.
I have the picks but between everyone being horribly sick, me working inventory last week and the house being in terrible disarray because we just had laminate put in all the bedrooms and my computer is somewhere in the pile of stuff that was moved but not located yet.

Once the computer is found I'll get the update.

Seattle was picked by almost the entire top six. Colts had one pick.

I've looked at my emails and text messages and didn't find a pick for Bill, Sergio or Mike T - if you sent me something and want to point it out to me then feel free to do that.

As I said above, this past week and this weekend have been utter hell.

There are two weeks worth of games left and the points are tight for the money spots, however last year was proof that anything could happen.
This next week is pretty tough.
Seahawks vs the Packers - Can the pack escape the Seahawk defense?
Patriots vs the Colts - two offensive teams looking for a shootout!

SeahawksW31-1724 411 Serge
SeahawksW31-1724 394 Nick G
SeahawksW31-1724 374 Mauri
SeahawksW31-1724 373 Craig O
SeahawksW31-1724 367 Craig T
SeahawksW31-1724 330 Stephanie
ColtsW24-1321 329 Jake
PatriotsW35-3114 328 Randy
PatriotsW35-3114 327 Joe G
319 Sergio
PatriotsW35-3114 303 Steph T
300 Bill R
PatriotsW35-3114 294 Bosko
BroncosL13-24(11)234 Jason R
PackersW26-2115 232 Rob L
SeahawksW31-1724 229 Old Man
SeahawksW31-1724 189 Claudia
173 Mike T
CowboysL21-26(5)157 Spank


  1. Oooh ... you vs Nick for the top spot right now. I could probably arrange to have his legs broken in East Peoria. Let me know.

    1. it's not his legs that I need broken. I just need him to make two bad choices in the coming weeks :)

    2. Seriously Lightning? Why would you take his side? Lol I'd be ok with 2nd place, I still get $ that way.... :-)