Sunday, January 04, 2015

Fame or Shame Wild Card Round

I didn't get this posted yesterday because I was lazy and drinking, but here it is a day late.

Now I'm depressed after watching the Steelers lose and in horrible fashion.
I'm going to pretend to watch the games today while rooting for the Cowboys with my son who has the bad taste to be a 'Boys fan.

373 SergeCowboys
362 Craig OSteelers
356 Nick GCowboys
356 Craig TSteelers
336 MauriCowboys
321 JakeSteelers
299 Joe GCowboys
296 SergioRavens
293 RandyPanthers
286 Bill RCowboys
285 StephaniePanthers
284 BoskoLions
275 Steph TCowboys
231 Jason RCowboys
218 Old ManSteelers
191 Rob LColts
178 ClaudiaSteelers
147 Mike TColts
136 SpankColts

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