Sunday, January 04, 2015

Fame or Shame - Wild Card Results

The Playoffs are where the men become men and the boys choose the Steelers or Lions.
If you picked the Colts, congrats - You made the best call.
Unfortunately, the only people who picked the Colts were people near the bottom who really needed a huge blowout - but thems da breaks right?

The Biggest disappointment of the weekend was the Steelers.

Next week we are down to 4 games to choose from.

The Patriots vs The Ravens
The Broncos vs The Colts

The Seahawks vs The Panthers
The Packers vs The Cowboys

Good Luck and Get those picks to me before Saturday's Games Begin.

CowboysW24-2014 387 Serge
CowboysW24-2014 370 Nick G
CowboysW24-2014 350 Mauri
SteelersL17-30(13)349 Craig O
SteelersL17-30(13)343 Craig T
RavensW30-1723 319 Sergio
PanthersW27-1621 314 Randy
CowboysW24-2014 313 Joe G
SteelersL17-30(13)308 Jake
PanthersW27-1621 306 Stephanie
CowboysW24-2014 300 Bill R
CowboysW24-2014 289 Steph T
LionsL20-24(4)280 Bosko
CowboysW24-2014 245 Jason R
ColtsW26-1026 217 Rob L
SteelersL17-30(13)205 Old Man
ColtsW26-1026 173 Mike T
SteelersL17-30(13)165 Claudia
ColtsW26-1026 162 Spank