Monday, January 19, 2015

Fame or Shame Championship Week Results

Another week in the books and another week where the top teams agree'd on who was going to do the butt kicking.
The biggest amount of pain was caused by everyone going for the Colts praying for a big upset to get themselves back into contention.

The games have not gotten easier to pick as the Playoffs roll on and now we come to one final game.  We have 4 payouts, who is going to pick who.

I will have my pick locked in on Weds or Thursday (feel free to get your picks to me after that) and I will communicate it to a couple of the people who are no longer relevant in this whole competition.
Superbowl is your last chance and last years Superbowl taught us that miracles can happen, but I'm honestly not seeing a blowout again.

For Shits and Giggles
If last years blow out fest were to happen again with the top team picking the loser then there would be an 80 point swing.
If the stars aligned properly and the top 4 people picked the Loser and #5 picked the winner then #5 could be propelled to 1st place.

So here is where we all stand.  80 point swings are unlikely but they were just as unlikely last year and still happened.  Some of you still have a chance to hit the money and some of you are just fighting to make it look like you didn't suck as bad as you actually did at picking these games.
After the Super Bowl results I plan on creating a separate website for this "league" and putting people's records and our inaugural winner.

Next year I will have this more streamlined and will find a free app that everyone can use to make their picks so that we don't have to rely on texting and emailing.  I will only have to update by hand for the point scores.  And hopefully we can grow a little.

PatriotsW45-748 459 Serge
PatriotsW45-748 442 Nick G
PatriotsW45-748 422 Mauri
PatriotsW45-748 421 Craig O
SeahawksW28-2216 383 Craig T
PatriotsW45-748 378 Stephanie
PackersL22-28(6)321 Joe G
SeahawksW28-2216 319 Steph T
ColtsL7-45(38)291 Jake
ColtsL7-45(38)290 Randy
ColtsL7-45(38)281 Sergio
ColtsL7-45(38)262 Bill R
ColtsL7-45(38)256 Bosko
SeahawksW28-2216 250 Jason R
SeahawksW28-2216 245 Old Man
PatriotsW45-748 237 Claudia
PackersL22-28(6)226 Rob L

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