Thursday, April 01, 2021

Confessions of a Local Fish

 I started trying to have a crappy ass poker blog somewhere around 2010.  I was writing a little on All Vegas Poker and some other site and when that other site sold itself off I decided to start doing my blog on blogger.

In 2011 I started on blogger and started finding other like minded individuals who also enjoyed playing and writing about poker, all of them did both better than I could.  However, friendships were formed and eventually life got in the way and my lack of skills got in the way and poker turned into more of a vacation hobby for me.  I'm sure none of it has anything to do with getting married and popping out kids, nope, none of it.

Every once in a while I get the poker bug, but for the most part I've been able to put it into the back of my head and move back on with life.

I am currently wrapping up a vacation where I had a buddy in town and we got to play a couple of sessions of poker and it's like I ran into an old mistress again and I want to spend time with her more often.

I sat down and looked over my cash on hand and decided that I really want to see if I can take this pocket change and turn it into being able to play regularly again or if I truly suck and should just continue to be a vacation player (mainly when other people are in town on vacation).

Of course, this money is being fueled by me finding some run good this past week, but we all have to start somewhere right?

So, the blog that originally started as Confessions of a Local Fish is, in theory, going to make a comeback at least until my pocket change runs out.

For the time being I will mainly focus my playing at the South Point poker room because of their location to my residence and due to not having to pay $15 for parking.  Not paying for parking is important since I a cheap ass.

With that being said, I'll provide my March Numbers which are 100% sustainable and proof that I should quit my job and go pro immediately, I might just need a couch to crash on.

If only TBC where in Vegas, the games are so good!

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