Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Paying for my Shelves

 One of the best things about working in a retail environment is being able to get some great deals that go above and beyond what any sale price could do.  A couple of those opportunities presented themselves in the form of shelving units that I can use in my garage to organize the horrible mess that is out there.

I grabbed a 5 Tier Craftsman unit which, honestly, is my second choice because the Commander version is Black and Yellow and better represents my true colors.  However, the price was more than right and I couldn't turn down the deal just because it didn't fit my preferred color scheme.

The other thing I bought was a Garage Cabinet by Kobalt which is metal and supposed to be a wall cabinet.  I now have two of them that I bought probably 8 years apart and both of them were on killer deals.  I doubt I'll wall mount them but they can still sit on the floor and be used to hide things.

After tax I was down about $50 bucks and that came straight out of my wallet.  Luckily I was working a late shift and when I called my wife on the drive home everyone was already in bed sleeping.  This meant that I was going to get a couple hours at the tables.

I drove to South Point and there was a seat open.  Now that their Winter Free-Roll is over and they are not running another one there are less tables running at midnight than previous, but there were still a good amount of games going.  I sat down and tried to size up my opponents and see where the opportunities were not knowing that I was going to get a great feel for the table within minutes.

My first orbit had me raising with 88 in late position to 10 and having a short stack come over top of me for 30.  It folded back around to me and when I looked at his chips I saw that he only had $58 total so I just put my chips in the middle which he, of course, snap called.

The Board ran out 2, 4, 7, J, A and he flipped over A3 for the win saying "I ain't afraid."  Within the next two orbits I would find out that he truly played every ace he had and most of them aggressively trying to get a win.

Three hands later I found myself calling a small raise with 55 and going to the flop 3 handed.

K24 hit the flop and I bet out and both players called.  The turn was a 6 which got checked around.  The River was a lovely 5!

First position made it $8, I made it 40, and he made it $80.  The kid in the hand with me I have previously played with and generally he is very aggressive with his draws.  He also likes to buy in for about half stack and try to build up from there.  I have never found him to be good or tricky and I haven't seen him make a play like this previously.  It was within his range to have a suited 3 or pocket 3s here so I called and he showed KK for flopped top set. 

Ouch.  Not a great start to winning back my $50!

About an orbit later I found myself in a spot where I believe I played scared because of those two hands.

I'm on the button with 35 suited and there was a raise to 10 with 2 callers.  I called and so did the blinds.

Flop came out 33J.  Raiser made a decent bet which I called and one other guy called.

Turn was a King and a guy in the blinds lead out for 50 which got called by the original raiser and myself.

The River was a lovely 5 giving me a boat.

The original raiser kept eyeing up my stack specifically and trying to decide what to do and finally led out for 15 into a nearly $200 pot.  I had about $150 behind and she had me more than covered.  She never looked at the other player in the hand and kept eyeing up my stack and then looking at hers.

I 100% played this hand like a bitch when I just called her $15 thinking that she was trying to get me to make a raise and commit myself to the rest of my stack.  Playing scared I squarely put her on JJ or KK for the bigger boat.

I called, the other guy called and my boat destroyed what everyone else had.  I kicked myself. I berated myself.  I let my minor string of bad luck in those two hands (and how my last session ended) influence this hand in which if I got unlucky I probably should have gone broke, but I should have given myself the opportunity to win more.  I should have raised.

This blog, since inception, has been called Confessions of a Local Fish.

That hand proves that I am a Fish.  My apologies dear reader.

However, that hand got me to more than even.  I was up $55 and considered leaving because I made back my money and could go home even for the night.

However, I kept playing.

I got myself into another hand with the guy who plays any Ace where I raised pre-flop to $15 with AQ and he bumped it to $35.  I bet $90 to cover his chips and he called (he had $89).  

Board runs out 2, 5, 7, 10, J and he turns over 33 for the win.

Idiot 2, Fish 0

Later I get into another hand with him where he rivers trip queens.

Idiot 3, Fish 0

Later I get into another hand with him where his NUTS (4 2 Suited) flops 2 pair against my over pair.

Idiot 4, Fish 0

Winding down and considering going home down $100 (plus $50 from the purchases) I raise with TJ in late position and get multiple callers.

Flop comes out 89A with two diamonds and I have the Jack of Diamonds.  I lead out for $35 and get one caller from the blinds.

Turn is a 7 of Diamonds and he leads out for $60 into me.  He has bought  back into the game 3 or 4 times for $300 each time and is one of the reasons I am still at the table.  He has been in this situation multiple times and has never had the flush here, so I called.

River is a K of Diamonds giving me a Jack High Flush and he checks to me.

I bet $50 and he calls with 56 off suit for the low straight.  My Jack of Diamonds takes it down (my straight also would have had the same effect).

A few hands later, and my last real hand, I am on the button with Q9s and make it $15.  Idiot calls me and one other guy who plays tight and then randomly plays weird called.

Three to the flop of 469 rainbow.  Checks to me and I bet $25 and get two callers.

Turn is a 9 giving a flush draw potential.  I check to Idiot who pushes all in for $75 or so.  Original raiser goes all in for about $75 or so.  I put out a stack of $100 to cover them.

Idiot flips over 97 for trip 9s. with a straight draw.  Forgetting that there is a 3rd player in the hand but so excited to actually be ahead of the Idiot and turn over my Q9.

Third Wheel turns over his 44 for flopped set and turned Boat.  I think to myself that I legitimately have 5 outs here and no matter what I am leaving after this hand.

River is a Queen giving me a boat and the pot and I cash out with $490 giving me a $190 win for the evening.

Idiot 4, Fish 1 - But the Fish got the Last Laugh on this Occasion.

Next post I'll update where my magical poker bankroll actually exists and we'll see how far I can run it up and how long I'll continue to keep posting to this blog.

Fish Out

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