Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tax Refund and Uncle Biden's Stimmy saved my savings account

 You know what feels all nice and satisfying?  Watching Uncle Biden's stimmy money hit my account and then doing my taxes and almost matching that number.

So, the good news is that when the tax refund hits my account in the next week or so we will have a fully funded emergency fund siting there staring at me.  Ideally we want to get this account to $20k and after these two big deposits we won't be far off.

On the poker side of life - after going through some expenses and suffering a crushing defeat my last outing, I will be sitting with about a grand in my sock-roll.

The last session was pretty brutal. 

It was full of all the standard beats that one receives while playing poker, only it was all strung together in one 2.5 hour session.  Flopped 2 pair vs flopped straight.  Flopped Set vs Flopped straight.  Flopped Set vs Turned bigger set.  Boat vs Quads.  Guy calling all his chips into the middle with a random flush draw vs your nut flush draw and winning because he caught a 3 to make a pair.  Lots of fun stuff.

And, by the end of my session I was down about $70 thanks to South Point having a promotion where they gave me money because I flopped a set with pocket 4s.  Yes, technically I didn't "win" that money  but what comes off the poker table is poker money.  It all goes to the same stinky, sweaty sock in the long run.

Today I do have a to make a trip to the store to buy some Burgers and Steaks so that I have food for the next week at work.  Since completing 75Hard I have definitely slacked off a bit and since my vacation I've really given in to temptation and need to make a change.  So, since I have gained a little bit of it back I need to take that off again and start working on my journey towards 200 pounds again.

So, that is going to involve a nice Low Carb High Protein diet that will consist of a large dose of burgers and steaks fresh off my grill!

 Honestly, over the years I have always hated cooking.  I turned to the microwave.  Over the years I have learned to love the toaster oven but nothing has truly made me enjoy cooking until I started learning the ways of the charcoal grill.

Every week it brings me great joy to spend a couple hours with my grill making food for the family.  Usually this means grilling 10+ burgers for the kids (sometimes only last for 2 days) and then some better quality burgers for myself and the wife.  Throwing a few steaks on or doing up a large batch of chicken wings.

The grill is my time of peace and relaxation, at least most of the time.  Sometime the kids love to interfere or demand my attention or just want to come out and ask a million questions.  However, it is all part of the charm of my life and I love every minute of it.

So, today I'll be shopping for some meat and potentially I'll fire up the grill today (maybe tomorrow) and take my family to Flavortown!

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