Monday, November 28, 2011

Adventures in Skyrim - Am I a Thief?

The day began innocently enough as I made my way through a cave picking berries and looking for anything else that might be of use to me in the cold, harsh world outside. After I finished clearing the area out and was satisfied that nothing else of interest was left I decided to continue my journey onward.

As I left the cave I saw three fairly angry men making a ruckus and coming my way.
I immediately assumed that these fellows were angry because it was so bloody cold outside and because they were wearing steel armor all over their body.
You see, when subjected to the elements, metallic armor might not be the best to go with.  Metal attracts the elements and will magnify the effects.  So, it was only natural of me to assume that since it was very frigid outside today and that we were in the middle of a snow storm that these gentlemen were feeling the effects of the cold more than I was.

It was out of the kindness of my heart that I conjured up a heating spell and applied it to their armor in an attempt to help them take the chill off so that maybe we could have a nice conversation before I was on my way.
It's at this point I realized I don't quite have the amount of control I thought i did over how much I was heating their armor up and I accidentally set all 3 of them on fire until they passed out of lack of oxygen after their stopped screaming and stopped breathing.

I felt a little bad about what I had done so I decided to search their remains for any type of identification so that I could notify their loved ones of the accident that had just occurred.  It was then that I found a note stating that these guys were given money to rough me up and kill me if necessary in order to punish me for some sort of evil deed that I may or may not have actually done.

Here is the agreed upon amount. I
expect you to faithfully carry out my
request to teach a lesson to the thief
Kiarya. You need not kill her, but I
have no qualms about it if you deem it

-- Gilfre

Obviously I am no Thief, I am a Mage.  I don't sneak around backstabbing people, I kill them with awesome spells and shouts that the common folk cannot begin to understand.  So, I see this as a misinterpretation or maybe this Gilfre just had the wrong name when she hired these men to track me down.  I don't know, but I can tell you that I don't take too kindly to my good reputation being ruined by a commoner.

Gilfre, I do not know who you are or even where you live for that matter but you and I are going to be having a conversation in the future about this little incident.  Sometimes my conversations are spoken through the fire and involve a bit of Shouting, but I'm sure you'll understand that you cannot soil my good name and expect no repercussions.

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