Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Clean Slate

It's the proverbial Clean Slate where the past is wiped away and the future is at the end of a cloudy tunnel.

Everything that once was here is now gone and everything that will be here remains a mystery.

As I looked back over some of the stuff that I had one here I realized that at this moment none of it mattered.
I didn't want to reflect on it any longer, I didn't want to re-read it.  Most of it was poorly written anyways, though I assure you that most of what I will write is going to be poorly written as well.

I didn't get this far in life off of my good looks and grammar!

The past 12 months have been full of hardships for myself but I am looking towards the future now.

I now have my family with me again, I love in the greatest city in the F'n world and I have a job that pays me more than I need and is as secure as any job is in this rough economy.

And, how can I forget, I have my Monster.
Even though he hates to have his picture taken.

Starting this next week I am going to be back on a set schedule at work which will help get me into routines that I need to be in.
I have a goal of posting a blog once per week about whatever is going on in my life - good, bad and ugly.
I will attempt to start going to the gym again.

That is enough of an intro - I now have to go eat some Doritos's and play some Video Games before the day escapes me.

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