Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poker Night

I have not had the opportunity to play much poker recently so I am happy to report that I went out last night and through extreme patience and I had a profitable evening.

I originally headed out to the IP as Alaskagal of was going to be starting her shift.  However, upon arriving to the parking garage, I was greeted by a gent who told me that they were only allowing people staying at the hotel to park in the garage and I would have to park over at Harrah's.

Being that I was feeling kind of chilly in the brisk air as it was I decided I was not parking at Harrah's and headed over to Bally's instead.

The session started up and down as I won a good sized hand with a set of Kings early on but lost it all back plus a little more when someone flopped a set of Queens on me.
In fact, I had a series of hands that took me from about $250 starting stack to about $60.
Being that I had only been out for about an hour and didn't want to head back home with my tail tucked between my legs this year I decided to just go into extreme short stack mode and grind it back up (or get involved in a coin flip situation and hope to come out on top ha!).

So, For about the next hour or so I sat with my stack between $50 and $70, playing very little (got no cards as well) and waiting for any opportunities to add any chips to my stack.

Finally, willing to gamble it up I got into a situation where I was willing to play a hand in a less than desireable way in order to try to get more chips.  I called a raise with QQ (instead of reraise/pushing) hoping to get a couple of others to come along so I could push any flop.  However fate smiled on me when a Q came on the flop and a local doubled me up.
Same Local gave me another buy-in a few hands later when I called a smallish bet on the flop and hit my gutshot on the turn which he never saw coming - Still think I would have got another $100 out of him if the board didn't pair on the river.

I went on a hot streak and added a lot of chips to my stack over the course of about an hour where I hit everything (2 gutshots, 2 flushes, a couple sets, etc).

By the end of the evening I finally had one guy join my table (not a local, but a guy who is in town a lot) who I recognized and left shortly afterwards as the game was dying down and only us nits had the chips.

I then went and lost $26 at the craps table when the non-local came over to talk to me for a few minutes since he sees me around a good amount.  I then headed home and took a 3 hour nap before getting up today to watch football - but I should have slept because it's a crappy game I care nothing about.