Monday, November 28, 2011

Adventures in Skyrim

This is a little late as I have wanted to write something about it now for a couple of weeks, but better late than never right?

So I broke down and bought The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim because I know a lot of people who are going to be playing it and it would be nice to have people to talk to about the game while playing it.
Usually I am late to the game and pick things up when they are cheap and all of my friends have beaten the game, mastered the game and made it their bitch.  So, when I try talking to them about the game I either get too much information (which spoils some stuff), I get douche bag attitude (you are just playing that now, I beat that when it first came out loser) and with some I get good helpful information but I never get to "live" the experience with anyone.  So, knowing how much I loved Fallout 3 (100 hours and I still haven't touched the DLC yet) I figured that Skyrim would be a game I could easily get 100+ hours out of and therefor worth a day one purchase.

My only regret is that with getting it and not having played Oblivion yet that I might not be able to go back and play Oblivion because it would seem outdated compared to the newest release, so we will see how that goes whenever/if-ever I finally get to Oblivion.

Rough calculations put me approaching 30 hours into the game and I have not played nearly as often as I truly would want.  I have just recently hit level 17 and am running through the game with a Mage who is also specializing in one handed ax's (for when magic fails me) and crossbow's for hunting down elk and whatnot.
I am not cheesing the game in any way, I am not focusing really hard on getting any stats up high, I am just playing it as I see fit and running through the vast world that is Skyrim.  I am also loving every bloody minute of it.

My character is named Kiarya (I think that's how I spelled it) and is a throwback/reference to my old college days playing Dungeon's and Dragons with friends.  In fact, in pretty much every RPG that I play over the years post Behrend has me naming my characters (in the games that actually let you name characters) as a nod to those late night gaming sessions of yesteryear.
While the names that I give my video game characters might not 100% fit the person they are referencing, it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that will never be replaced.
Skyrim is no different.  I am already planing other play through's of the game using different types of characters and all of their names will come from the same place.
There will be a Rand (most likely my thief), there will probably be a Fallendelf (or Fal for short - who will probably specialize in healing and illusion spells), there will be a Zerg or Zorg who will be just a big brute of a Nord with low intelligence who wields big weapons and slaughters everything in his path provided someone else set him on that path. There might be others as well, but these are the ones that I'm thinking about currently.

I came in here to write a little story that occurred while playing and instead I went elsewhere.  So, as to not get too long winded I'll save that story for next time (which might actually have a completion to it instead of being open ended like it currently stands) and hope that some of you get enjoyment out of it.

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