Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The day before

It is the day before gluttony day and I sit here and think of what I am thankful for in my life, at least that is what I should be thinking about.

Instead I have been browsing video game and poker forums and blogs.
I have now purchased my 2nd X-mas present which should be delivered Monday.
I do find it amusing that I purchase my own gifts for other people -they just need to give me the money :).

I also splurged and bought myself a gift while I was on

1st things first - the gift that I will be receiving (though maybe I'll wait till actual xmas to give it to myself from my parents) is the Blu-Ray of Lord of the Rings Extended edition which is on sale and I have been waiting for it for a long long time.

In college I was a huge fan of the movies, watching all of them in the theater multiple times each.
I bought them on DVD when they were released and I bought the extra special extended edition box sets when they were released as well. I believe they were a Best-Buy exclusive that came with bookends and whatnot - either way I have never even opened them, though it saddened me after one of my moves noticing that the shrink wrap on one had become ripped.  Oh well.

I also traded for the Blu-Ray collectors case that Best-Buy offered up as a pre-order bonus for ordering the regular edition of LOTR on Blu when they were released.  I didn't want to buy the regular edition Blu-Ray's because I knew I would be getting the extended versions as well, so I saved some money there and now only own the movies 3 times instead of 4 times (heh).  So, yes, I am excited to get my boxed set in so that I can now place the movies into the special holder that I bought for them.
I cannot wait to spend a whole day watching all 3 movies (C'mon Hobbit - we need you).

And, while I was ordering that gift for myself from my parents I also decided to spend $5 on myself and ordered the Blu-Ray version of Terminator 2 - one of my all time favorite movies.

Tomorrow between 4:30 and 8:30 will be having a sale on Mad Men Blu-Ray's for $8.99 each and I will be picking up the 4th season as I own the other 3.

I am hoping that there are some other TV shows that get some really good Blu discounts on Black Friday and the coming weeks as I am adverse to paying the type of money that they usually cost.  I'm a $20 and under type of guy.

I have been playing much Skyrim and will continue to do so for at least 100 gaming hours.

I am going to try to dedicate myself to reading 1-2 books every month.
For December I am reading a recommendation from an old friend - The Reluctant - which I purchased for the whopping price of $0.99 instead of getting it for free as I would like the author to at least make a nickle off of my read instead of nothing.
And, the other book that I'll be reading is one written by a high school friend with whom I have recently gotten back in contact with (and am addicted to his Youtube cooking show) Strange Works of a Strange Dreamer.

And, as a final note, everyone should check out Testosteroso which is a pretty damn cool band from the York/Lancaster area of PA that I was just introduced to earlier today.  Check out the webpage and listen to the songs on there - I love the take on Duck Tails and LOVE Mail Order Bride.


  1. I'm a completionist, and also the little that I watched (maybe one or two episodes per season during your marathon sessions) I kinda enjoyed. No where near as good as something like Breaking Bad, but it was still good.

    I've never been the type to sit down and watch them like you do, the whole season all at once, and that was part of the reason that I "didn't seem interested."

  2. Mad Men? You didn't seem
    interested when I was watching.