Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't Come Around Here No More

Other than being lyrics to a classic Tom Petty song it's pretty much how I've been treating this blog lately.
It's not that I can't come up with a myriad of topics to talk about but more so that I'm spending less and less time in front of a computer because I'm always on the go.

Maybe things will settle down after the wedding and honeymoon and I've moved in with my fiance and I'm not constantly running back and forth between two households but who knows.

In the upcoming future for me I've got two trips to two different timeshares.  We are becoming timeshare whore's out of nowhere - but the gifts are worth it in the long run.

We went to one earlier this month which got us 3 nights and 4 days in a Hotel/Casino here in Vegas and within the next 12 months we get an additional 2 nights 3 days at a sister Hotel as well.  We used it as a nice little stay-cation for us and the kids to just get away, have fun and relax.
The first night we spent by ourselves.  Went down to Fremont Street and enjoyed some adult beverages while walking around for a couple of hours and then came back to the casino and passed out.  The 2nd and 3rd nights we picked the kids up after school and brought them over.  After they were done with their homework we all went out and enjoyed the swimming pool for a couple of hours before moving on to other things.

This coming Sunday we are going for round 2 of the same timeshare place so I'm interested to see how this works.  My fiance was the 1st who received the phone call and we booked that. About 2 weeks later I received the phone call and explained to them that we were already doing it.  A couple of days later they called me back and said that because we are not married and are not living together we could book a 2nd time.  First time she was booked and I was her "Guest" and this time I am booked and she is my "guest."
I'll find it funny if we end up with the same "tour guide" or "manager" this time around and explaining how their company booked us twice and told us over the phone that we just had to go and listen to the presentation and just so "no" so we can get our gifts.
Whatever.  It's a small price to pay for a stay-cation and another one next year.  (this will give us two extra weeks for next year).

This past weekend we went to a Foodie Fest over at the Silverton.  They had a lot of food trucks out and the only reason we really went is because my love wanted to go to the White Castle truck.   So we grabbed the kids and headed over.
White Castle was the most popular truck by far
While we were there we got sucked into another Timeshare with the offering of 2 nights and 3 days plus two adult tickets to Disney (to be used within the next 14 months) for just sitting through their boring 2 hours presentation.  After our honeymoon we wanted to plan a family vacation to include our child because he's going to feel left out not going to Hawaii with us (and has already complained that he really wants to go too).  We had thought about Legoland because he brought up after Disney that he wanted to go there, but I'm pretty sure he won't complain about another trip to Disney.  All it will cost us is a ticket for the kids (we'll probably take her sister's kid as well) and some food and gas.  Two hours of suffering is worth the price of the hotel and tickets for the adults.
And, if we want we can extend our trip by a day or two and book another Hotel so that we can get some good beach time in, though I hope to come back less sun burnt than last time.

I have off of work tomorrow but have to work an overnight on Weds.  So I'm trying to stay up as late as possible tonight so I can sleep in tomorrow so that I can stay up as late as possible Tuesday night so I can sleep in as late as possible Weds night.
Last year when I did this overnight I didn't plan it very well and woke up around 7 am Weds morning and then did the overnight not getting home until about 7 am Thurs morning.  I'm too old to be pulling 24 hours of awake time without massive quantities of booze involved.
So, to keep me up for a couple more hours tonight I plan on watching some episodes from the last season of Breaking Bad.  Hoping to finish the last 7 episodes before going into work Weds night.

Some more random pics from our activities recently.
My soon to be nephew-in-law?
Fun at the foodie fest

Received my Deadpool Costume!!

Sexy Beast
Not so Sexy Beast

Remember My Name

Old Man Monopoly is serious business


  1. Now that TBC has a place to stay, you reveal this flawless timeshare strategy...

    1. I have not kept up on the TBC saga. Glad he recovered from being down to like 600 or whatever though

  2. When on vacation I have avoided time share presentations for the bad mojo it might cause internally. Maybe I need to give it a try at least once. How do you handle the hard sell at the end of the presentation? How hard has the sell been?

    1. So far only been to one.
      When presented with the figures I said that there was no bloody way I could come up with what they wanted down.
      Then they made a second offer that I rejected.
      Then they brought over the manager who pretended he had a select few things left at half price and we rejected that.
      Then they took us to an exit interview where a 3rd person cut the lowest offer in half as a last ditch effort after a rejection we were on our way back to the hotel pool for the rest of the day.