Thursday, October 03, 2013

computer down again

After my brief vacation my computer wont turn on
This is a minor inconvenience but I'll take a few hundred out of my poker bankroll so that I can buy a cheap functional computer   I guess no asian massage for me this month


  1. Is it a desktop or a laptop? That sounds like the classic symptoms of a bad power supply which is ridiculously easy to replace on a desktop and only costs at most $50. Laptops still aren't impossible, but requires a little more know how and sometimes special hex tools.

  2. technology sucks. too many hot babes melted the hard drive

  3. JT I said that to him months ago. PS! PS! PS! and a rather inexpensive fix to boot. ...or not boot without one.

    1. Its not power supply. Something is messing with startup files. I have power but it hangs and then says I need to use start up repair and then that takes forever to load and then when it does it doesn't find the OS