Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fitbit Update Number 5

And it's that time of the week again to see what my Pedometer said I did.
From 9/9 - 9/15

Total Steps 96,368
Daily Average 13,767
Best day 18,336

Total Distance 44.67 Miles
Daily Average 6.38 miles
Best Day 8.63 Miles

Heaviest Day 219.6
Lightest Day 215.6

Average Sleep 5 hours 53 minutes

This was a good 7 day stretch because there was only one day where I didn't hit my goal, that was Sunday.
My two days off continue to be my true motivational issues and I have to figure out how to allow myself time to still get in some sort of exercise on the days off that I fully spend with my fiance.
I'm sure that taking a day off isn't killing me so it's not that big of a deal and by this time next year when we are living together getting in some gym time during family days won't be an issue like it is now.

This week should be my best week as during the 7 day stretch I only have one day off, Friday.  My lady works early Friday which means I should be able to hit the gym in the morning and get all my goals in before she gets out of work giving me my first 7 day stretch where I hit my goals.
I'm shooting for 100k steps and 45 miles and 20 hours of Dialbo 3!!!
I'm also shooting to make sure that my heaviest days no longer break the 220 barrier and that is a huge achievement!

It's funny to think that I get slightly annoyed when I eat too much and snack too much and weigh in at 219 and am disappointed where as early last year 219 was a dream that would never happen and my heavy day took me over 300 lol.

Life is strange, thanks for taking the journey with me.


  1. where r the yoga pant?WTF.j/k. dude, u r doing great. dont stress the small things like u said u r at 219 when u were at 300, bro. as long as u dont relapse and go crazy all in at a golden corral buffet and sit on yr ass and watch a marathon of james bond films on TNT or whatever channels does that shit for 3 days str8. u will b fine,dude.

    1. I haven't seen a Golden Corral since leaving Erie.
      Now I'm kinda hungry for it.

    2. lmao. TRUE. i thought they were out of biz till i move to cali and colorado.

  2. You have had this change in lifestyle for quite a while now. It will stick with you. I'm going to eat like a horse when I come to Vegas, but when I get back, I'll be doing the same thing I'm doing now so that I don't lose all the work I've put in the past month.

    1. October is going to have some massive periods of cheat for me.
      I'll have to make November a damned good month.

      Lots of visitors coming into town.
      Got a stay-cation planned.
      Have multiple haunted houses that we'll be going to which means bad eats and beer.
      And one of my favorite drinking buddies is coming into town at the end of the month.

      Oh, Bring It On!