Monday, September 02, 2013

Bad Beat Jackpot

I'm kind of annoyed that with all the time I have been putting into the tables lately the BBJ hits on a day when I'm not playing and at a place that I love to play when it has a game going.
The only saving grace was that, on that particular night, there was absolutely no way that I was going to be able to play..
But still...
I could totally use that players share.
I deserve it more than the rest of those rich bastards who play for a living.
I've got a wife and child to pay for.  A wedding, reception and honeymoon that aren't getting cheaper.

Dammit, I'm beautiful and people like me.

My legs still hurt from "leg day" and today is Chest and Triceps day.
Weds I open at work and it's Freight Day.  Already told my boss I might not be able to even lift a box to stock it properly.


Note - when searching for BBJ and your safe search is off, don't throw in an extra B.

This happens to me every time :(


  1. Good Will Hunting

    Dr Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) to Will Hunting (Matt Damon):

    "It's not your fault"
    "Look at me Son"
    "It's not your fault"
    "It's not your fault"
    "It's not your fault"

  2. On the good side, I think how you were screwed entitles you to one gas station stickup.

    On the bad side, your luck probably doesn't trump the LVPD.

    Again, the only beneficiary of bad beat jackpots is the house. Better to wish a meteor worth millions falls at your feet.

    1. BBJ or no, I play where I enjoy the games the most.
      It just so happens that Ballys and Planet Hollywood and the IP are where I enjoy playing the most. So when it gets high I've got this small hope of players share.

      It's all about having fun and enjoying life and if you can bring a little money in on the side then that's cool too