Friday, September 27, 2013

grrouchie thoughts with tight dresses

So I'm going to start out with:
I hate GameStop exclusive Collectors Editions.
It's not so much that I hate the collectors editions it's just that I hate when only GameStop gets them.  This goes back to the Original Bioshock.
Today's game in question is BEYOND: Two Souls.
Free upgrade to a Steelbook which is nice (and the only reason I would actually pre-order) but I've got to deal with GameStop shipping which is not free and is not release day guarantee like Amazon.
Will I deal with it? Yes.  Do I like it? No.
Oh, and I hate that I don't get to pay via Paypal.  WTF.  Get with the times.

I chose pleasure over goals the last couple of days.  I had been weighing in at 215 consistently and then blammo - today shot me up to 220.  I hadn't weighed in for the past few days and knew that there would be a gain with the way I was eating and not getting to the gym.  I'm not surprised but I know I now have to re-focus my efforts to lose what I put back on so I can get back on track.

And, much like the chick above laughing at me this virtually assures me the loss of my bet with a fellow blogger about who will weigh less when he comes into town.   Damn you tasty delicious food, Damn you.

I have been putting a lot of time into Diablo 3 lately.  I went the cheesy way to get the Hardcore achievement and for my efforts I was laughed at by unholy forces.  I was about half way through Level 29 the other day when I entered a room and pretty much died within 3 seconds.  Character dead, no do-overs.  Good Day fucker.  What I figure'd out during those 29.5 levels though is that I really enjoy the shit out of playing a Monk and will be making another, non-hardcore, to play with normally.  Also, I can't wait to get one of my "main" characters back to Act 3 because that was so much bloody fun.

I'm thinking of moving a TV and Video game system to my Fiance's house so that I can play there as well when everyone is sleeping or on mornings like today when she has to be to work at 6 and I work late.  This way I can let the kid sleep a bit longer while I get in some good quality time with my systems and then take him to school.  I can't wait till he is a few years older and we can co-op some games that are a bit more mature than Lego Indiana Jones heh!

My Start-O-Matic football season has begun and I magically started out with a Victory.  I think I can start 2-0 but I do know that my team isn't good enough over the long haul (again) which will be a recurring theme for a few years I think.

I have not played poker any time recently, but October will change that.  I've got at least two planned sessions and I hope that my hot streak continues and the Poker Gods didn't decide to murder me because I stopped playing while running so good.

Just enjoy the view above.

This photo amuses the shit out of me because of the foreground and background.  Sure, boobie squeezing and biting is amazing and all, but that's just an added bonus here.

Even if you cock your head to the right and try to look up, you do NOT get a better view.
Diablo 3 has taken up most of my "free" time lately.  I am behind on my comic book reading.  I am behind on real book reading.  I am behind on pretending I even want to do anything else.
Now, I will hit publish and fire up my 360 again.
I completely forgot to update on any of the wedding going ons, but that will just have to be another post at another time.


  1. Sorry grouchie did not read just looked at the pic's, what were you babbling about?

    1. I was just saying look at these pics, over and over

  2. SWEET. plz dont talk about wedding plans .when there is BOOBIES,CLEAVAGE,and possible camel toe pics. ok. ty.if looking 4 a new author to read. try don winslow. he wrote the book SAVAGES which oliver stone made into the movie with same name.the book KINGS OF COOL is a prequel to the book.ciao. p.s. eat dessert 1st

  3. and the 1st pic. OMG. the inspiration to BABY GOT BACK. or like al pacino in the movie HEAT. BCUZ SHE HAS GOT A GREAT ASS.

  4. Don't feel bad about the slip. This weekend was horrible for me. Had Steak Dinner on Saturday, fresh donuts on Sunday. Pizza for Sunday lunch and dinner. Calories Calories Calories. The scale said 216 today. I doubt I'm going to hit my 210 now with only a couple days left. Hopefully I can leave for Vegas under 215. A run tonight and tomorrow night may cause me to weigh in a little heavier, but I feel like I should continue working towards 210 and maybe even 200 eventually.

  5. When the dress arrived, I was so amazed on how pretty it was. I did have to iron it when I received it, but that was to be expected for about any online clothing purchase.