Saturday, September 07, 2013

Weekly Fitbit Update

This has been sitting in my mailbox for a couple of days - But I'm determined to share to keep myself honest.

Total Steps 88,822
 - Daily average 12,689
 - Best day 17,042
Total distance 40.41 miles
 - Daily Average 5.77 miles
 - Best  Day 7.92 miles
Total Calories burned 23,065
Lightest day - 219 pounds
Heaviest Day - 222.4 pounds
Average Sleep 7 hours 24 minutes

The week I am currently in I have had two days over 20k steps and one day (yesterday) where I reached 10 miles.  I've really been hammering out it out when I hit the gym and I am trying desperately to get into a weight routine as well.

I had two guys I was going with from my last store but 3 guys working retail and trying to figure out when everyone is available to hit the gym at the same time is difficult.  Both of them are working out to get in better shape to join the navy and I'm just trying to lose a few pounds so I'm the odd man out when they are available.  But, I've gone with them a few times and I have the info of what routines they are working so that I can do them on my own.
I have found a routine that I'm going to try out.  It's 3 days a week with only two separate routines.
Routine A and B.
Week 1 goes ABA and week 2 goes BAB.
Yesterday I did Routine A.
Sunday late or Monday I'm going to be doing B.  I'm hoping I can go M/W/F at some point.  I like the way it starts off with light weights and then ramps up.
Day one, with the lightest weights, I was able to complete all my sets and reps.  I hope to say the same on day 10 haha!


  1. yeah 3 guys from the same retail store trying to do anything together is like hitting a trifecta. LMAO. retail is so brutal sometimes. is was when i worked at family dollar in bakersfield.well gl .keep up the good work and let tony sleep in yr garage .when he is finally broke.

    1. Yeah. I know it was doomed but thought it worth a try

  2. grouchie moonlightcat is only trying to get free advertising without paying for his blog links like everyone else, u should delete his post

    1. I know. I just wasn't around to get rid of it quicker

  3. You know how we senile group sit about and compare aches and pains. What that's all about is soft tissue injury/stress from earlier times pointed announcing they will be heard.

    Think elliptical or bike over walking and running. Your occupation creates enough impact to worry about for later days. Is there a Y with pool? They are great for resistance training while limiting the associated pain.

    Ignore it now and I guarantee you won't later. My back wakes me 3-5 times a night and, as such injuries go, I can work with my level. It hasn't ruined my life.

    Fellow, you need to get smarter about this or rue the bill when it comes due. Pain is telling you something and ignoring it gives it final control.

    1. I mainly do elliptical. Though I have a weird dream of running at least a 3k, maybe a 5k.
      Just once so I can say the fat boy with asthma did it.
      My golds gym has a pool and I need to learn to use it. I say I'm going to but never do.

      I'm inching towards my weight goal which is going to make more of a difference than anything else when it comes to late life struggles